Why Do Men Not Shave in November?

Why Do Men Not Shave in November?

It is November again. It is a month that has been widely known for No Shaving November. You may wonder why? It is a movement that started in 2003 by two Australian guys. By 2015, the movement has raised USD $710 million.

History of Movember

No Shaving November – Movember Campaign began with a very humble beginning. Travis Garone and Luke Slattery were having a beer and jokingly tried to bring the moustache trend back. The joke turned into a bit serious when they decided to “dare” their friends to grow a moustache, too. 30 people joined the wagon.

They were inspired by a friend’s mother who was fundraising for breast cancer, they decided to make the campaign about men’s health and prostate cancer. The rule is simple. Donate $10 and keep a moustache for a month.


What is No Shave November Supporting?

Moustache November (Movember) grew in numbers. In 2004, the guys researched men’s health issues and agreed to formally support prostate cancer as their cause. They approached the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA). PCFA was not the official partner until 2005. Beyond Blue became a partner in 2006.

By 2007, Prostate Cancer Foundation in the US, Prostate Cancer Canada in Canada, The Prostate Cancer Charity in the UK, and FEFOC in Spain have established a partnership with the Movember Foundation.

The Irish Cancer Society, The Cancer Society of NZ and Mental Health Foundation of NZ became the newest partner in 2008.

LiveStrong Foundation became the second health partner in the US in 2009. CANSA from South Africa joined in 2010.

In 2011, through Movember funding, the world’s first Prostate Cancer Genome Mapping Project is completed, expanding the understanding of how prostate cancer works.

Some of The Countries that Participate in this Movember Movement

Why You Should Do Movember

Cancer is one of the deadliest killers that can be prevented if diagnosed early. By doing Movember, you will raise awareness for Prostate Cancer and other men’s health issues.

Mo Bro and Mo Sis are welcome to join a huge group of 5,232,625 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas since 2003.

Movember Rules

  • Sign up
  • Get ready for a hairy month
  • Get growing
  • Grow and groom your moustache for 30 days
  • Put out the call
  • Raise funds for men’s health


While growing a moustache, you may face some trouble with your facial hair. Check my other articles, like how to grow a beard and how to care for it.

Prostate Cancer Movember – A Thought For All

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s grow a moustache and support men’s health.

Visit the Movember website. We have one goal: to stop men dying too young.

Tell me if you are joining or not.



4 Replies to “Why Do Men Not Shave in November?”

  1. We are actually doing this at a kickboxing studio I work at and people are really into this. The funny thing is this is the first time I have heard of this no shave november, but i like it. Anything to help bring awareness to any type of cancer is important so thanks for helping bring more awareness to a very serious cause.

    1. Hey Ralph,

      I am glad that you are riding this train. We really need to tell a lot of people so that they are aware, men are prone to cancer, too.

      Thank you so much!

  2. Wow, that is quite a Movement! At first I thought, I wouldn’t grow facial hair if I could, so how can I participate? I read on to discover 5,232,625 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas have participated since this started in 2004. At a donation of $10/ that’s >$52 Mil US! Quite a nice sum for two good causes, breast and prostate cancer. Thanks for your great reporting. I have a new-found respect for men with facial hair!!
    I looked around your site and see you offer some great info about shaving, and some great related products that every guy and gal needs, so I’ll be ordering some things before I run out of what I have.
    Oh, and your article and photo about the shaving cream bikini was great fun, too!

    1. Hi Rori,

      The Movember Foundation has donated a great amount of money to help fight cancer. Men and women will benefit from this great movement.

      We need to spread the word even further.

      Thank you for loving my site. I am trying to give the best information regarding shaving-related issues.

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