Where to buy a straight razor

Thinking About Buying a Straight Razor?

I really don’t know how to or where to buy a straight razor. I am intrigued by a straight razor as soon as I dived into the world of wet shaving. Surely, as my country is not fond of traditional wet shaving, I couldn’t find any new straight razor available to buy. I have to search the big World Wide Web to find an affordable straight razor. Of course, because I was going cheap, I found eBay as the cheapest place to find it.

Consequently, I found not that good of a razor. I bought four straight razors to be exact. It was cheap and has “historical” values. I was sold at the first word of VINTAGE.

Big mistakes on my part. I should study more about straight razors before making any moves. Lucky for you, you found me here. This will stop you from making the same mistakes as I did. You will not buy a straight razor with regrets as the baggage.

Before You Begin

Study, study, and more study. You need to learn everything you need to know about straight razors, especially where to buy a straight razor.

First, DO NOT BUY from eBay. That is the first mistake that you should avoid if you are a total newbie in this straight razor world. You do not know anything about buying a good straight razor. The seller (on eBay) may not know anything about a straight razor. The seller just found an antique razor and just want to sell it. You will get a bad razor most of the time and you don’t know what to do with it.

You need to get it professionally honed before you can use any of the vintage straight razors. There are many chips and damages to the razors. They may have rust deep inside the blade that brittles the razor. The last thing you want is an accident because of the blade loses its sturdiness. You cannot hone the razors yourself given the bad conditions of the razors. You should consult a good master honer.

Second, you should have a starter set. You cannot and should not buy only the straight razor. You need to buy at least a starter set. Check the basic equipment below.

Third, learn everything from watching a lot of shaving videos. There is a long and steep learning curve. You just cannot expect a good shave at your first try. Many shavers will advise you to get just an acceptable shave for your first shave. Do the clean pass with your safety razor.

Fourth, learn how to strop. You need to get a good strop. This will prolong your straight razor’s life. A good stropping will maintain your razor’s sharpness to half a year.

Lastly, you need to build a muscle memory. Be really gentle. Let the weight of the razor that moves you. Do not use pressure at all as pressure will sink the blade into your face. You do not want to scar your face, don’t you? If you are not brave enough to venture into this world, you should check the safety razor page.

Basic Equipment

You just need two items for your basic equipment. Without these 2 items, you should not pursue straight razor shavings at all.

  • 1 or 2 straight razors. Once again, I warn you do not do the mistake that I did. DO NOT buy them from eBay. You really need to know where to buy a straight razor from a reputable seller. You want them to shave ready.
  • A strop. A hanging strop or a paddle strop. Just choose your own style. But you should get a strop. This will help realign the indentations without removing any material from the blade. This is different from honing. A strop can help you get your straight razor sharp enough for 4-6 months. When the straight razor starts to bite you, it is time for another honing session.

Other basic equipment

  • Get a good shaving soap or cream. A slick lather will help your shaving a lot!
  • Get a good shaving brush.
  • Get a shaving mug / bowl. But this is really optional. I prefer face lathering but you might want to learn to lather from a bowl.

Watch the Video

Part of your basic training is to watch good shaving videos. You will need to pay attention to what these people are saying. I give you 4 videos that were recommended to me by my friend, James.

Where to Buy a Straight Razor

Gold Dollar Straight Razor Set

Now that you already have the basic information (again, the B.A.S.I.C) you should choose your own razor. This is really a matter of personal preference. Nobody can make you choose what your razor should be.

There is a Gold Dollar straight razor. It is a Chinese brand. It is cheap but the quality is a bit lower than the good one. Mostly because you might end up with a not shave ready Gold Dollar. Yes. It comes out from the factory but might not shave ready. I think the problem lies within their Quality Control department.

I really recommend you to get a high-quality razor. It will come shave ready and you can use it immediately. You may want to check the top current manufacturers.

The top three current manufacturers are Dovo, Thiers-Issard, and Böker. They are well known for producing great razors for years. And I really mean years. Like over 100 years. If you like to have a different than a factory manufactured straight razor, you should check some professional straight-razor-smiths (Is that a word? I like to think so).


Dovo has been on the market since 1906. They ship to all over the world. The founders are Mr. Dorp and Mr. Voos. They first production was open razors. They expanded the production line to hair scissors. By the year 2003, Dovo returned to its root, a razor company. Shaving has become their main focus again.


Thiers-Issard was founded in 1884 by Pierre Thiers. He was a well-known blacksmith, producing straight razors of the best quality. When he created the company, he attached his wife’s name to the brand. This was to avoid confusions with other family names.


The chestnut tree logo shaving razor company has its history written since the 17th century. The company has survived WWI and WWII. It also has changed several ownerships. But the most important thing that remains to this day is they make a fine straight razor.

You can check some of the best selection from those manufacturers down below.

What is your experience? Where do you buy a straight razor from? What is your current razor? Your answers will help me and others when deciding to buy a straight razor.


22 Replies to “Where to buy a straight razor”

  1. Thats a great one ! You always explain everything so deeply even the smallest of things ! I agree that these straight blades shouldnt be bought from ebay ! Never mind, a good article and job well done 😉

  2. Its funny my husband bought back a razor kit from a Xmas party pot luck thing … He hasn’t started to use it yet. I shall definitely pass this website onto him before he starts! Thank you for all the information.

  3. I had this problem of acquiring a straight razor for shaving, actually they are very limited in my country, you have to go to those huge retail shops to get an authentic one, Well, i like the way you have explained to me all about straight razors, i feel more informed as i go to get one soon. thanks

  4. Great information and great gift idea for someone that has everything! I will come back to make sure I am getting the right straight razor! Then I can show my dad the video. I think he will love it!

  5. Great post!

    I know some guys who are interested in trying a straight razor (I’d be scared to death!), so I will certainly send this post on to them.

    Your advice is very concise and easy to follow. I’ll be sure and warn folks NOT to buy a straight razor on E-Bay! I also thought it was interesting how you described letting the weight of the blade do the shave.

    I’m sure a straight razor does an amazing job and gives the closest shave, but luckily for me, I don’t have much of a beard to begin with!

    Shave on!

    1. Don’t be scared, Roger. Just like with anything, approach it with respect and carefulness. You should be able to shave with a straight razor. Just watch the videos. They will give you an idea how to shave with a great care.

  6. What a great post. Thanks for writing and sharing this. You’ve really taught me a lot and saved me a headache too. My boyfriend has been talking about buying a straight razor and I had no idea what he was talking about. Now I understand and feel like we are on the same page. I am showing him these videos later as well. They look really useful and I think he could use them before going out and getting his own.

  7. Very interesting article. I’ve never really considered a straight razor. Do you find that the straight razor does a better job or do you have other reasons for preferring that? I can certainly understand where buying a used razor on eBay would be a problem!

    Looks like you refer to Amazon a lot. Are there other good places to buy razors like this that you have seen or have you concluded Amazon has the best deals?

    1. I found that traditional wet shaving does a better job than modern (cartridge and electric) wet shaving.

      I also found that Amazon provides good quality products. I have recommended other places, too.

  8. I’ve shared this with my husband who is now completely bald – shaving is now a massive part of his life! the whole kit looks as good as it sounds, it has the old-fashioned look. we’ve used the sandalwood shaving cream before and just love the smell – great site and awesome products, thanks

  9. Hi there. I just finished reading your article on straight razors. I really like the last video on this page with the guy shaving for the first time with a straight razor. I think that guy put me off buying one of these razors actually. For me, having a shave is something I have to do every day and I like to do it quickly! I just know that I would be nervous using a straight razor, just like the guy in this video appears to be. I am interested in the safety razors though. At the moment I just use disposable razors, but I really like the look of the gold safety razors. So I’m going to check out the rest of your site. Thanks!

    1. Hi Andrew.
      It is actually a good video from Nick. But yeah, you need to take your time when you want to use a straight razor.
      A safety razor is better than disposable razors by miles. You better convert to a traditional wet shaving. 😀

  10. Hi, a very good article. I didn’t realize there was so much information on razors. I’m the type that just go to the local store and pick up a box of razors and if they aren’t good I just move on to the next one. I don’t really have a good razor I use but i do like the mock 3s. now I have a different view on razors thank you.

  11. Thank you great information. I did not know you shouldn’t buy straight razors from eBay. I just grew a beard not to long ago and I have started to shave. This is very helpful information to me. I will apply what I have learned here. Thank you and wish me luck.

    1. If you are not a seasoned straight razor shaver, you should not buy it from eBay. You might end up buying a garbage. There are still a good amount of straight razors at eBay. You just need to find a good deal.

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