Where Is This Shaving Addiction Coming From?

What Is an Addiction?

Addiction is a state where people are willing to do certain actions because of the rewarding stimuli, despite all the consequences. It might be considered as a disease. The problems about addictive stimuli are that they are strengthening (they increase the probability that a person will seek repeated exposure to them) and essentially rewarding (perceived as being positive or desirable).

Shaving Addiction

It’s been only a couple of months since I have converted to traditional wet shaving. I am already developing a case of shaving addiction. I just can’t wait to shave my face again. I can’t wait to grab my brush and build a lather. I can’t wait to get a hot towel on my face. I can’t wait to put a new blade in my razor. I can’t wait to start shaving again. I JUST CAN’T WAIT.waiting

The experience was so great. Be it a nice shave or a bad shave, I am looking forward to it. I really believe I have a shaving addiction. As I contemplate why I have this, I noticed that several things have been changed. My techniques and my shaving kits.

I am seeking a chance to shave again. Where is this addiction coming from?

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Better Technique

Do you know if you are using a multi blades disposable razor, you probably developed a wrong shaving technique? I did not know that. I was told it is so by the loving people of shaving communities.

Forget everything you know about shaving and re-learn a new technique. The right way of shaving by way of traditional wet shaving

I was learning that to have a great shave you have to wash your face with a warm water. Right after a hot shower is preferable. If you prefer to shave without showering, use a hot towel. The temperature should be as hot as your skin can take. Leave it on your skin for 5 minutes with dipping your towel in hot water every now and then. This will help moisten and soften your hair prior to shaving.

I was learning to build a lather. This was the first time I needed a proper shaving cream. No. I am not talking those gooey shaving creams that come in a can of thing. Yes. I was using the canned one for years. Those commercials really made me believe that these gooey shaving creams can help you shave better.” Avoid a can if you can. (Pun intended).

You should get a proper brush and a proper shaving cream. Learn to build a lather. There are stages that you can see when you are building your lather. The first stage is a bubbly stage. Your lather is full of bubbles. It needs more swirling around. The second stage is when your lather is rising to a foam. Nope. This is not the final form. You need to keep whisking around. The final stage is when your lather turns to a more stable creamy thick foam. This is where you apply the lather to your face.shaving your beard

You also can try face lathering. You build your lather directly on your face. The process is basically the same with lathering inside a bowl. The difference is how long you are scrubbing your face. I love the feeling that it gives and the sensation of having dirt scrubbed off your face.

The most important thing that I am still learning is how to properly use a safety razor. NO PRESSURE. I can not stress that enough. Find your angle and glide the razor over your skin. This was the mistake that I made.

My arm is still learning to remember a new trick on shaving. I have years of experience on using a disposable cartridge razor. I always use pressure to get a BBS shave. I had no problems with that style of shaving. But when it comes to a safety razor, I am in trouble.

Pressure means you are planting a single blade into your skin. It will CUT you.

Better Gear

I have never used a safety razor before this addiction hits me. I always use a Mach 3 or any available disposable cartridge razors. These razors give a decent shave. A BBS can happen with the accompanying razor burns. 😀

The razor burns are what made me dread the shaving sessions. You just can’t help it. I shaved between 3-4 days. That’s the time that my skin needed to heal itself.

I also got myself a decent shaving brush. The Body Shop Shaving Brush. This was an amazing weapon in my newly upgraded arsenal. I learned how to load the shaving cream into a slick, fine and smooth lather.

The whole process of lathering is a mesmerizing moment for me. I was sucked into it. There is no way of coming back to a can of gooey shaving cream.

Better Shave

Yes. The better result in shaving is what makes my addiction worse. The initial shave is not a BBS one. I have to admit that. Even several shaves after that are also not a BBS one. But I was getting a better and better shave after each practice.

The most noticeable progress was the razor burn. I got it to a minimal level. I still got it because I insisted on going several passes instead of just one pass. Bad moves. But that was what my memory muscle did. I have to keep reminding myself of not doing the old habits. The old habits of using a disposable multi-blades razor.

How to Beat a Shaving Addiction

  1. Give in to it. You will have a better shave. Why are you fighting it?
  2. Keep checking your beard. You will feel your hair is growing.
  3. Clean up your gears. You Lets beat a shaving addictionneed to prepare your razors, blades, brushes, soaps, and creams. If the time comes to shave again, you will be ready.
  4. Check shaving forums. You will meet people with the same addiction. Birds of a feather flock together. Why are you flying alone?
  5. Keep checking your beard. Again? Yes, again. You should check it again and again.

Why are you giving me that look and smile? I know. I know. I am a shave-o-holic. (Is that a word?). Of course, I am not qualified to give advice on how to beat this addiction. In fact, I am indulging myself in this addiction. I can feel being pulled to RAD (Razor Acquisition Disorder). I will not let anybody to cure me.

Please Join My Addiction

You should convert yourself to a traditional wet shaving. Buy your starter kit now. Do not let me be alone in this shaving addiction. You should join ASAP.

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Those are just a list of what is available on Amazon. Just browse for what you need there.

If you are joining me, please let me know in the comments section. Or if you are trying to cure me, let me know, too. I believe I will do better jobs on converting you than you curing me. 😀


18 Replies to “Where Is This Shaving Addiction Coming From?”

  1. This is a really original website|! I didn’t even realise that there could be so much technique to shaving. I am certainly going to take some of your advise in to consideration. Which is your best shaving cream and the one that you would recommend?

    1. I have been using the one and only shaving cream from The Body Shop. I love it. You should try it, Gary. It gives a good cushion and protection from the blade. It lathers perfectly.

  2. I thought that shaving was a drag. I’ve already read some of your posts and you really have a passion for shaving man! I should try with building my own lather. The trick with hot towel is new to me, cool one. I agree that after hot shower everything glides better.


    1. You are right, Damir. After a hot shower, it will give you a better shaving experience. You will love making a perfect lather for yourself. Just remember that foamy doesn’t necessary a good one. You will need to build a slick lather.

  3. I must say that this is a remarkably unusual addiction/obsession!
    I know that it is a daily ritual for some. I don’t particularly like wet shaving that’s why I have a triple head shaver which I think is safer given my shaving skills.

    1. LOL. It is a healthy obsession, Drew! It makes my face so clean shaven and bright. You should try a traditional wet shaving. It will give you a better shaving experience. I promise. 😀

  4. Very interesting post! I need to have my fiancee look at your site. You have some good tips here for shaving. Being an esthetician, I see many men with irritations from shaving. I think I will write an article on that with a link back to your site for them to get more advice, if you don’t mind! You have some very useful information on here!
    Thank you,

  5. Very great post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I
    have truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing
    to your feed and I am hoping you write once more very soon!

    In your opinion what is the best Shaving Razors?

    1. I just got a 1920s Gillette shaving razor. It is by far the best razor that I use. But YMMV. The combination of razor, blade, pre shave, shaving cream, and your technique make every shaving is different and very personal. Thanks for stopping by, Emanuel.

  6. Um I think my husband would like me to join you, once again not for a beard… sometimes he has to beg me to shave my legs LOL
    I know I’m bad but I barely find the time to shave anymore what with my small kids… although I have to admit when I ask him if he will look after the kids on the weekend so I can shave he does look very pleased!

    Great post and yes I think that is a good word shave-o-holic- LOL.

    1. Please, do join me in this marvelous addiction! You will have more of me-time as you ask your husband more often to watch the kids. 😀
      I think I need to patent that word: Shave-o-holic. LOL.

  7. Your post makes me want to consider giving up the disposal. The down side is that sounds like a lot do work!

    I’m trying to picture how the shave would be worth the extra effort.

  8. You are from indonesia right arief?
    It seems i cant find a good razor here in my neighbourhood. Do you sell online? And is gillette goal and a soap is a bad choice?

    1. Hi Jaka,

      Yes, I’m from Indonesia. Jakarta to be exact. I can vouch for an ordinary soap is a bad choice for shaving. I crafted my own shaving soap and sell it online through Tokopedia. You can check it here.

      For the razor, you should find a good safety razor. This is the hard part. We can find some blades but couldn’t find a good quality razor. We can find plastic safety razor, though. Just like this one.

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