What Does Aftershave Do To Your Skin?

What is the purpose of aftershave? Isn’t it enough that you just shave your mustache and beard off? What is the point of applying aftershave? And how important is aftershave?

There is an easy answer for that. To finish up your shaving routine. Haha. Just kidding.

Actually, I was being serious. You have to finish up your shaving with an aftershave. There are so many benefits that you will receive and experience using an aftershave. I will share to you the benefits later. But first, let’s find out your skin type.

Skin Type

Your skin type will decide the what aftershave you should use. Here are some pointers for you to use as a guideline:

  • Normal skin. It looks healthy, smooth, clear, aftershave, skin typeand evenly textured. It will have barely visible pores. No spots or blemishes.
  • Dry skin. It will appear as rough, dull, or cracked with lines and wrinkles. You should use a gentle face wash before shaving. Do not use a scrubbing face wash, or if you really like it, use only once a week.
  • Oily skin. Contrary to dry skin, it will have a shiny look and an oily feeling to the touch. The forehead, cheek, and chin are the areas that will have that look. The skin will have large pores or open pores, thus, will have more blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and spots. It is recommended that you wash your face twice daily and uses facial scrubbing at least twice weekly.
  • Combination skin. Your forehead, nose, and chin will look oily, but your cheek will look dry. Try using products designated for the specific area. It is a hassle because you have to wash your face multiple times. Or just buy combination skin formula products.
  • Sensitive skin. The only way to find out if you have sensitive skin is to use a product. Skin reaction like itch and rash will immediately follow after using certain products. Do find sensitive skin formula products.

Construct Your Aftershave

You have your skin type now. Let’s find out what aftershave made out and what to look for your specific skin type.

Aftershave usually made from several ingredients. It will have a mixture of these features:

  • Moisturizer. You want to keep your skin moist after the battle with your razor blade. Especially if you have a dry skin.
  • Conditioner. They use natural oils and butters to do this job.
  • Toner. This will help the relief of minor skin irritations, like superficial cuts, rashes from allergies, and insect bites.
  • Astringent. Recommended for oily skin. It helps to minimize pores but contains alcohol that tends to dry out skin.
  • Hydrosols. You will find these names on the packaging as the sign of having hydrosols: floral water, herbal distillates, hydrolase, herbal water or essential water. They are mildly antibacterial and antiseptic. Somewhat acidic.
  • Vitamins. They will work as antioxidants. Your skin is the forefront battleground against outside elements. You want to equip them with the best arsenals. After all, you do not want to look older than you should be.
  • Alcohol. Cheaper aftershave usually uses alcohol to give you a cooling sensation. It also helps to stop bleeding from nicks and cuts.

Types of Aftershave

For your best skin protection, you also need to choose the best type of aftershave. You can choose between these three types of aftershave.

  • Balm. This kind of aftershave is suitable for dry skin. It will have more moisturizing and conditioner agents. Tends to be greasy.
  • Splash. This liquid form of aftershave contains a lot of alcohol. Usually comes with a strong perfume. Suitable for oily skin.
  • Lotion. This type is in between balm and splash. Suitable for normal and mixed skin type.

How to Use

People will usually ignore this part as they think you just need to apply the aftershave. They are right, too. So I just share what I think the best way to apply the aftershave.

The first thing you should do is to let your face moist how to use aftershave, aftershaveafter the last rinse of shaving cream. Do not dry it. Your hand too. Moist means wet but not dripping wet. Shakes those excess water from your hands. Why? Because this will help you in using less amount of product and it will cover your face more evenly.

Apply small amount of product to the palm of your hand, rub it briefly, then apply it into the face. Massage gently.

If you are applying more than one product of aftershave, apply the thinnest product first then follow it with the thicker product. (Splash first, then balm).

The Benefits

Just like the features that it has, the benefits are so many. These are the benefits of using an aftershave:

  • Stop the bleeding from cuts and nicks. Apply pressure to the wound while using aftershave.
  • Rehydrate the skins.
  • Calm and soothe the skins from razor burns.
  • Minimize the pores
  • Gives protection with its antibacterial and antiseptic features.
  • Moisturizes and conditions the skin

Find Yours

A good aftershave has moisturizers, lightweight, fast absorbing, and contains good soothing, healing, and protective agents. You should find one that suits your skin type too.

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16 Replies to “What Does Aftershave Do To Your Skin?”

  1. Thanks for this post. I’m a single mom of 4 and I’ve got identical twin boys who are now 17. This was informative for me because neither my father, brother or the twins’ dad used after shave buy my twins want to. I didn’t know what to suggest. But with the help of your post I can figure it out. I do have a question. Do you have any suggestions for what type of razor an African American should use? Thanks.

    1. Glad to know that it helps you. Aftershave is necessary for, yeah, after shave.

      I don’t think there is a specific racial razor type as we all are one race: the Human Race. The most important thing is to pay attention to your skin type. Some sensitive skins can not take the damage from a razor. The trick is only to trim the hair. A clean shave is harder for sensitive skin.

  2. You know I have to admit, I really had never even given much thought to what after shave actually does to your skin. Thank you for another very interesting and informative read!

    1. Hi, Andrew.
      I did avoid aftershave before finding out the benefits of it. I hate the “home alone” effect. But good aftershave doesn’t give the yelling effect and I just found out that too.

  3. Hey, this is really interesting, I’ve been using aftershave for over a decade now and never thought anything more then how it smelt, Its great to think I can now buy aftershave tailored to my skin. Thanks!

  4. Hi! Thank you so much for this post. If someone’s skin is too sensitive to use a rezor, what other tools can he use to trim the hair? I’m asking for my brother and my boyfriend.

    1. Hi Gin.
      I usually will suggest to avoid shaving because shaving will cut too close. Pre shave ritual will prepare the hair and the skin before shaving. Use a good shaving cream. Shave with sharp blade.

      If it still doesn’t work, you may have to find a good electric trimmer, not electric shaver/ razor.

  5. Good info Arief! I didnt actually realise there was moisturisers and all these useful things in aftershave, I’ve always thought of them a just a ‘smell-good’ thing.
    That’s also really interesting about the skin types.. male or female, it’s good stuff to know! thanks again 🙂

    1. Hi Yvette.
      I am delighted that you find this article useful. I also thought that aftershave is just perfume and alcohol. After learning the benefits, I never forget to use aftershave.

  6. Hey Arief.

    Thanks for a hugely helpful post! My skin has always been quite irritable, even with aftershave, but I have found it to be worse on the odd occasion that I do not use it.

    Currently I limit myself to shaving 1, maybe 2 times a week as a result of this, but as you can imagine, that does not go well for business… or the Mrs. 😉

    Will definitely be putting your recommendations to good use and looking into an aftershave that is more suited for my skin type.

    Marc Parsons

    1. Hi Marc.
      I know how you feel. My wife prefers my clean shaven face. If I shave every day, I will easily get razor burn. I hate it when that happens. So usually, I shave 2-3 times a week. Good aftershave helps a lot with the razor burn though.

  7. Great post, as I believe I have sensitive skin because my neck hair always seems to have ingrown hairs or a rash a few days after shaving. Do you have any good recommendations for this problem?

    1. Hi Mike,

      I will suggest you change your multi-blade razor to a single blade razor. You can check some of the razors here. It is because the main problem with ingrown hairs is the multi-blade razor. The multi-blade razors cut the hair below the skin. The hair might not grow straight out but grow inward. This causes ingrown hair.

      Change that first and tell me what’s your experience.

  8. In your article, you stated that a good aftershave has moisturizers, lightweight, fast absorbing, and contains good soothing, healing, and protective agents and you should find one that suits your skin type too. My son has reached the age where he is growing facial hair and really hates when he has to shave. I wonder if there is a certain type that might be better for younger guys to use.

    1. Hi Derek,

      I must say that if your son hates shaving, probably because he is not doing the right technique. What kind of razor and soap that he uses?

      Aftershave is for, well, after shave. Some people hates aftershave because it burns. The burn is an indication that you are doing something wrong while shaving.

      Check your blade, razor, and technique. Dull blades can scrape your skin instead of cutting the whiskers. Change the blade whenever you feel it starts tugging. After all, blades are cheap.

      I will recommend these aftershaves for your son to try.

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