Vintage Gillette Gold Tech Safety Razor

My first eBay-bought Vintage Gillette Gold Tech

My love for Vintage Gillette Razors

It all began with this website. I was angry with the performance of multiple blades cartridge razors. They always gave me razor burns. I really hated them. I started searching for shaving forums, to look for information on better shaving tips and tricks. Almost unanimously, people in the shaving forums hated the modern cartridge razors.

They all suggested me to try a safety razor. Of course, not all of them as in a person. I read a lot of threads to find this information. So I went and bought a Micro Touch One.

I told my happiness for this newly acquired razor on the forums. They congratulated me and gave me a warning. Yup! A warning! You can have a mild shave with this MTO razor. Be careful with the Dorco blades.

One guy even immediately sent me a private message. Saying he had a gift. He asked for my address and sent me this nice 1920s Canadian Gillette razor. You can read the whole story here.  I need to post his letter again to show how nice and perfect gentleman that he is. His name is Nick.Gillette vintage razor

The beauty of Vintage Gillette Gold Tech

The day I received the vintage Gillette razor from Nick, I was over the moon. I shaved and shaved and shaved with this magnificent razor. Truly a masterpiece. Micro Touch One is nothing compared to this razor.

The beautiful experience that I had from this newly acquired razor made me want to have some more and try them all. They have a term for this: Razor Acquisition Disorder (RAD). Apparently, I was sick. 😀

I found out that I can find vintage Gillette razors easily on eBay. I headed there at once and started to browse around. I just could not believe my eyes with the availability of them. They have treasures after treasures. And the price! It is quite cheap for a treasure.

You can have a very smooth, very shiny and in working condition vintage razor in just about USD10-20. Of course, the ones that are in a mint condition will have a higher value.

Vintage Gillette Gold Tech
The picture from eBay seller

There are different types of vintage Gillette razors. I am still learning about them. But this Gillette Gold Tech caught my eyes. It has its original case. Old but original (according to the seller). The pictures taken by the seller really captured the beauty of this razor.

I didn’t know how to bid at eBay, but I was willing to try. I had this growing RAD that kept asking me to get that razor.  So I watched the bidding and started bidding when the time hit 5 minutes left. I was entered at about USD11 and in the last second made a final bid at USD14. I won.

The shipment and the waiting

I waited and waited. Even asked the seller again if he got the right address. I noticed that I did not have a complete shipping address. I paid first but did not have a complete address. What the..? How will my razor come to me then? I fixed that and the seller responded that he got my message about the address.

Funny enough, the next day mailman brought my razor! Yay!!

My First Gillette Gold Tech

Vintage Gillette Gold Tech
My First Ever Vintage Gillette Gold Tech

It is here! It is here! I was smiling the whole day after it arrived. I immediately opened the packaged. Kind of taken aback with the run-down black case. But, hey, it is a vintage case. I opened the case and there it was! A gold beauty!

I inspected the whole aspect of it. I was really let down by the case. The inner part seemed to be covered with molds. But I had no clues how to verify it or how to clean it. It was just like an old rag.

The razor itself is a beauty. The cap had lost some of its gold layers at one edge. The base still retains its gold layer, but not on the guard bar. It had lost some of the gold colors there. Normal use of the razor could have caused that. The handle is heavy. I kind of love the total weight of it.

My First Spin with a Vintage Gillette Gold Tech

This was what I did:

My Facial Hair Before Shaving
My Facial Hair Before Shaving


  • Hot shower
  • Baby Oil on the shaving area (I still don’t have a PSO. I will try to make one later)



  • I use Astra Platinum razor blade
  • One pass WTG
  • Two passes XTG (first from the left, then from the right)
  • One pass ATG
  • Clean up passes, a lot of them


I was so excited. I was a bit shaking because of it. I have to take a deep breath and calmed myself before attempting the first pass.

I took one WTG pass and noticed that I didn’t cut much of the hair. I was confused.  The angle that I used was the same when I used the 1920s Gillette razor. But it didn’t cut much hair.

There is a learning curve for every razor after all. So I adjusted my angle and retried again with another WTG pass. Now it cut. Not as close as the 1920 but it was getting there. After all the first WTG passes, I saw that I still had much hair on my face.

I did the XTG passes. Left to right and right to left. I was still disappointed because, after three passes, I still had facial hair. I really need to work on my angle. I had not accustomed with this new vintage Gillette Gold Tech.

I re-lather again. Feeling the brush started to prick my face. The sign of having razor burns. Oh.. No.. I still had facial hair at places but already had razor burns. This was annoying.

I had to brace myself for ATG pass. I needed to clean up really good. So I came close to the mirror to see where on my face the hair had eluded my razor. I did ATG passes on those areas.  Clean up touches were a lot as I missed a lot of hair.

This vintage Gillette Gold Tech safety razor was hard to handle at the first attempt.  I finished up as I couldn’t handle additional razor burns. I cold wash everything and saw the result.

After Using Vintage Gillette Gold Tech
Can you see the razor burns?

On further inspection, I still missed some areas. Darn it. I will do my best on my second try in a couple of days or longer. My razor burns kind of bad, like using a Gillette MACH 3 bad.

What do you think? Did I do a good job? Have you ever shave with a vintage Gillette Gold Tech safety razor?


16 Replies to “Vintage Gillette Gold Tech Safety Razor”

  1. My husband would love one of these – Great post!! He’s really into things like this, kind of nostalgic 🙂 Fun to find pages like this. Great job – and best of luck to you!!

  2. Nice post even though I don’t use razors because my skin is sensitive. Im trying to get back to doing this again, do you have any tips for people with sensitive skin? Nonetheless keep up the good work.

    1. You should check on my other posts. You will see that I recommend people with sensitive skin to dive in a proper way of traditional wet shaving. Avoid multiple blades cartridge razors. They are bad for sensitive skin.

  3. Arief that is a great post! I am in the military and I hate razor burns and all due to the fact I have to have a clean shaven face every day. I really feel that I should get me one of these shavers because it looks like it gets a closer shave and my facial hair grows quick. Where and what kind do you recommend I get one of these shavers? Thank you

  4. Hey Arief,
    I enjoyed reading your experience and the part where you talk about razor burns reminded me about the first time I shaved with a safety razor. It burned like hell when I splashed some water and the after shave did not help one bit.

    I think with the point of Gillette and other cartridge razors is to avoid the cuts atleast that was the reason why I had switched to cartridge razors. There is also the fact the most people find disposable razors convenient.
    Safety and straight razors take time initially but you can a very close shave as you begin to get used to handling it.

    1. Hi Josh. I was a disposable razors user. But to find a safety razor on my journey, it was a miracle. Safety razors really do have a better shave. There is a learning curve but it will worth your while. Try it again.

  5. that’s a sweet looking razor! I have a silver one that i bought from “the art of shaving store” nearby. It took awhile to get used to the weight and shaving with a blade but now i’ll never go back to an electric razor.

    1. Finally, another traditional wet shaver. I am surprised to see that my readers don’t know that we do exist. We really try to save this last art.

      I agree with you. I will never go back to electric razors.

  6. Beshaved! lol, love it — well, this razor is absolutely stunning, I’m thinking this would be such an awesome gift for my husband who really loves anything vintage. You did a good job, I guess even IF it is hard to handle at first… gotta be worth it to be able to have a lovely looking one like that 🙂

  7. Now that you have had more practice and experience, how do you like your Gold Tech? I have one that I have not used yet and am anxious to compare it to superspeeds and the NEW.

    1. I still prefer a more aggressive razor. The Gold Tech seems too mild for my liking. I mainly use Gillette Adjustable now. I have to rotate more often. I neglect some of my good razors. 😀

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