Van Der Hagen Safety Razor Review

Van Der Hagen Safety Razor
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The Van Der Hagen safety razor is a heavy duty, chrome plated brass, short handled safety razor. It is a good starter safety razor for a beginner. The mild setting will help you prevent razor bumps and razor burns.

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I am a bit reluctant to give Van Der Hagen safety razor a review. It is a mass produce safety razor that has been branded by many names. Another name for this safety razor is branded by Micro Touch One.

I have a rather so so experience with Micro Touch One. It was my first safety razor and I had no clues on how to traditional wet shave. I had several mishaps learning wet shaving with MTO safety razor. It should not hinders you to get a safety razor and dive in the beautiful world of traditional wet shaving.

The Van Der Hagen Safety Razor Review

This is a perfect example of how a traditional double edge safety razor look like. Every traditional wet shaver prefers a one blade safety razor just like this one.

One blade safety razor gives you the smoothest shave without razor burns or razor bumps.

Now let’s have a look on Van Der Hagen safety razor.

What is TTO Safety Razor?

TTO stands for Twist To Open. It refers to the head of the safety razor. You twist the knob to open the head. The opening will look like a butterfly that is spreading its wings. That’s why a TTO safety razor also called a butterfly safety razor.

The design of TTO head makes it easy for you to load and unload the single razor blade.There will be no mistakes when doing it compare to the 3 pieces safety razor. I saw some people made this honest mistake all the time. They put the base in the wrong way making it impossible to get the smoothest or the comfortable shave.

This feature also helps you to easily clean the safety razor. You just open the head, take the blade out, and brush the safety razor with soap. Use the softest toothbrush when you are cleaning any safety razor.

The Handle Of Van Der Hagen Safety Razor

Although the all chromed safety razor should be slippery when wet, it is not. The handle of the razor is designed for people to have the firmest grip. It is the most important feature for the handle. You do not want to have a slippery sharp edge running loose from your hand, do you?

I rather dislike the short length of the handle. I have a small hand but I still prefer a longer handle. This is not a big problem, though. I tend to grab near the head to have a more control grip. A bit of a problem for the ladies (or men) when they want to shave their legs. A longer handle will be more of a help when reaching out to the farthest place. Or, of course, if you have a bigger hand.

The Single Edge Razor Blade

The safety razor comes with a pack of 5 Ice-Tempered razor blades. There are mixed reviews for these blades. Van Der Hagen also rebranded these blades as their own. Curious people said that these blades are probably from Merkur or Timor.

I read the positive reviews saying that you need to put respect to the sharpness of this blade. Pair this blade with a mild safety razor and you will have the perfect combo.

The negative reviews are also saying about the sharpness of this blade. They felt too harsh on the skin and gave razor burns.

Razor blades’ performances are definitely depend on your skin and your shaving technique. I hated my first try of Dorco razor blades but now I can have a good shave from them.

My suggestion is that you buy a sample of mixed razor blades. That will give you a broader insight of how different each razor blade is. I found myself prefer Wilkinson blade.

But first, I will let you try the Van Der Hagen razor blade. After all, they come with the safety razor.


Like its brothers, Micro Touch One and Weishi, Van Der Hagen safety razor is a mild razor. You can’t expect a BBS shave. Be careful when doing multiple passes. You might end up having major razor burns.

I prefer a more aggressive razor. I grab my Gillette slim adjustable almost daily. I set it at dial 9. The most aggressive setting. That’s why I only need to do 1 pass and some touch ups. Clean and efficient. With a mild razor, I have to do 3 passes before I cut every whisker to my liking and receive mild razor burns. (Remember, skill and technique will improve).


The Van Der Hagen safety razor is a heavy duty, chrome plated brass, short handled safety razor. It is a good starter safety razor for a beginner. Do not use pressure when you just converted from a multi-blade cartridge razor (or ever!).

You should consider grabbing some blade samples. Each person has different preference. You have to find yours. Remember to get your shaving brush and shaving soap, too.

Do you have a Van Der Hagen safety razor? Can you share your review with us?



10 Replies to “Van Der Hagen Safety Razor Review”

  1. Well done Arief. You have gone into incredible detail about aspects that most of us would rarely consider. Still, men have to shave a lot and the better the razor suits them, the more comfortable they will be. Very informative.

    1. Hi Mike,

      This razor is suitable for a beginner. For me, I love the most aggressive razor that I have: Gillette Slim Adjustable at its highest dial setting.

      At first, a mild razor is good enough for me. But as I progress, I prefer a closer shave. That’s why I chose Gillette Slim Adjustable for my weapon against whiskers.

  2. I like these types of Razors and Van Der Hagen razor, I am one of those guys who are afraid of razor blades, it just freaks me out when I see blood so I prefer trimmer and then any beginner level razor like this one, so thank you for the suggestion 🙂

    1. Hi Hari,

      I think you should try this safety razor. After all it is a SAFETY razor. If you never use pressure, I can guarantee that you will have a convenient shave without any nicks or cuts. Enjoy your shave!

  3. Hey Arief,
    This was Avery interesting piece, I didn’t realise there were so many different razors available and different shaving techniques. I just use a wilkinson sword mass produced razor. Guess I should have a look around at what else is out there .

    1. Hi Paul,
      You should try getting a good quality razor. It will improve your shaving experience. Mass produce plastic safety razors tend to wear down quickly. They are just good for travel razors where you don’t mind not having a quite moment with shaving rituals. 😀

  4. My nephew is just getting into shaving and was looking around to get him started in wet shaving for his birthday. I find that wet shaving is more old school than using electric shavers. Do you recommend this for teenage boys? He has only experienced with those cheap shavers, like the ones a little better than disposal ones but this one seems even better than what he has.

    Any suggestions you may have for my nephew would be awesome, thanks!

    1. Hi Grace,

      I wish that I have an aunt like you. If somebody introduced me to a proper wet shaving kit, I would have experienced a better shave sooner. 😀

      So, yes… I will definitely recommend this to teenage boys.

      Cheap disposable razors are cheap. They do not provide a close shave at all. So it is better to have a good starter kit from the beginning.

  5. I remember my dad shaving back when I was a child. He only had to shave once a day to get that ‘smooth as a baby skin’ shave. I assume he also had it set on aggressive shaving. I also remember how thin the blades were, very flimsy but extremely sharp! I did not know that these razors were still available. I thought they were all decommissioned when Gilette started producing electric shavers. I’m glad I found that they are still available. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Kenneth,

      The flimsy razor blades are still alive. They are the best tool for shaving, second to a straight razor. Electric razors can not provide a close shave. You just can’t get the “BBS (Baby Butt Smooth)” with an electric razor. The only way to go is for the blade to touch the skin gently and cut the whiskers.

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