Do You Use Beard Oils? Benefits and How To Use

Fashionable Facial Hair – Use Beard Oils

There is a growing trend that people grow fashionable facial hair. Beards are more common to be seen nowadays. So the question “Do you use beard oils?” is often thrown.

A couple of decades ago people prefers a clean-shaven face. In the working environment, it was advisable that you don’t grow facial hairs. looking-good-with-beard-use-beard-oils-how-toEspecially, in the military. A well-groomed face is a clean shaven face.

Today, it is a bit different. Maybe it was because of the hipster movement. It brought back Abraham Lincoln facial hair style to the modern world. I’m glad that they focus on having a well groomed facial hair.


Why Do You Use Beard Oils?

The most obvious factor why to use beard oils is Beard Dandruff. Yes, beards can have dandruff (or beardruff). Beardruff occurs because your skin produces a fixed amount of sebum. When your beard grows, some of the sebum will move to your beard,  leaving the skin with less moisture. The result: dry skin.

Dry skin will itch. You will unconsciously scratch the itch. Your scratching will scrap the dry skin and the white flake will be tangled inside your beard. Voila! You have beardruff!

Beard oils can help you moisturize your skin and facial hair. This will prevent itchiness and, of course, beardruff.

How to Use Beard Oils

The best time to use a beard oil is right after you wash your face. Your face (and your beard) will be clean. This is how you use beard oils:

  • Put a small drop of oil onto your palm
  • Spread evenly between your palms
  • Apply it to your beard like you are applying gel to your hair
  • Massage some of the oils to your skin (remember the reason why beardruff exist?)
  • Repeat the whole process until all your beards are oiled.

I can’t stress it enough. You need to massage your skin while applying the beard oil. Healthy beard comes from a healthy skin. After all, the beard grows because of the skin, right?

Oh, right! If you have a long beard, please use beard comb to evenly apply the oil. It will be easier than just rubbing your oily palms onto your beard.

Get a beard brush, too. Brushing your beard regularly will help it stay clean and evenly oiled.

Benefits of Beard Oils

There are several benefits of using beard oils:

  1. Your beard becomes more manageable and less tangle
  2. Prevent split ends
  3. Shinier and healthier beard
  4. Prevent beardruff
  5. Makes your beard smells nice.

What to Look For in Beard Oils

Basically, in the beauty what-to-look-for-in-beard-oils-how-to-benefitsindustry, any oil “cosmetics” will have base oils and essential oils. Base oils (or courier oils) are the major ingredients. People use jojoba oils, grapeseed oils, sweet almond oils, and other oils. They can mix base oils or just use one base oil.

Essential oils are the main factors why beauty products have nice fragrances. My favorites are Sandalwood, Peppermint, and Lemongrass.

Some people choose to apply jojoba oil only. Just grab a bottle and put the oil onto their beard. They think essential oils are for fragrance only.

They are wrong.

Essential oils have many benefits. For example, tea tree oil has a natural antiseptic property. It helps to soothe and prevent acne.

I will avoid any citrus essential oils. They are well known as phototoxic essential oils. It means when they get an ultraviolet exposure (The Sun is the main source), they will turn into a toxic substance. Your skin will experience inflammation, blistering and reddening/burning of the skin.

Where To Buy Beard Oils.

Amazon is where you buy beard oils. Why? First, I am an Amazon Affiliate. Second, because you can find a great number of beard oils.

It is easy to see and compare beard oils on Amazon. I will list some of the best seller beard oils here:

  1. Art Naturals® Organic Beard Oil & Leave-In Conditioner 2 oz. This beard oil is 100% natural. Jojoba oil, argan oil, and Vitamin E will definitely help your beard growth. With a dropper top, you can’t accidentally over-poured the oil.
  2. Honest Amish – Classic Beard Oil – 2oz. This beard oil contains Jojoba oil, argan oil, and several other oils. They even mentioned they put 7 kinds of essential oils. All that to improve, maintain and care for your beard and skin.
  3. Leven Rose Fragrance-Free Beard Oil and Leave-In Conditioner, 1 fl. Oz. This beard oil is fragrance-free. No essential oils here. If your skin is sensitive to essential oils then this product is for you. Vegan-friendly. Only Jojoba oil and argan oil. Nothing else.
  4. Beard Grow XL. Facial Hair Supplement.  #1 Men’s Hair Growth Vitamins. For Thicker and Fuller Beard. This is the product that you need for the upcoming Movember event. Start growing your beard now. Beards don’t grow overnight.
  5. Beardsmen Spirit Beard Oil – 4 Oz. This premium beard oil and conditioner is no joke. It comes with a BIG bottle. It contains jojoba oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil, PLUS three essential oils. This is the best value with its big volume.


Final Thoughts

Beard is arguably a male enhancement feature. Some female prefer men with beard. It shows that the man has enough male hormone. Thus, a potential fertile partner.

I still prefer a clean shaven face. Mostly because I can’t grow a beard but I also love my safety razors and straight razors. If you choose to have a groomed facial hair, do you use beard oils? What is your beard oil?

How has the beard helps in finding a female partner?



12 Replies to “Do You Use Beard Oils? Benefits and How To Use”

  1. Is beard oil helpful when you just have a short beard, or just for longer beards? I’ve don’t remember ever hearing about beard oil, but it makes good sense when you think about it. I haven’t had a beard for years, but I remember when I had one, it was pretty dry. But my hair has always been dry also, so I guess that would just be logical that my beard would be dry too. Since I haven’t had a beard for so long, maybe it’s time for a change. I’ll have to give that some thought. I remember your post about shaving soaps, and telling you that I just use ordinary soap. I guess there’s all sorts of products for beards and for shaving aren’t there? I learn every time I read something. Thanks for the good site to learn from.

    1. Hi Jim,

      It definitely helps any length of beards. Maybe you can stock up on beard oils if you are going Movember this year. Hope you will have a fabulous beard.
      For shaving soap, please do buy one. Ordinary soaps can’t protect you from the sharp edge of a razor blade.

    1. Hi Uwais,

      I think Amla oil and Vatika oil are not directly targeting beards. They have properties that help and improve your hair. I think you may try them. Share your experience here if you do.

  2. Interesting thoughts about beard.
    I have a male partner and he has no beard, and I am truly glad he hasn’t. I don’t like a beard on a man because when I kiss him, it tickles me and I find it just annoying. Thank God, he doesn’t like beard himself. I may choose partner lol.


    1. Hi Tove,

      A beard is really a matter of personal choice. I’m glad that you and your partner have the same view when it comes to beard. 😀
      I just hope that you can share this article with your bearded friends.

  3. Beards are nice if taken care of, and of course beard oil would take part in that I’d think. I have grown a beard a few times but have never used any beard oil. I was wondering what the benefits of beard oil was and was glad to see you had it listed, I never knew it could be so beneficial. Taking care of your beard for men is probably the equivalent to taking care of your hair for a woman no? good informative post!

    1. Hi Narcis,

      Beards are like any other parts of the body, they need to be taken care of. Men tend to forget this. They thought it is too girly if they use moisturizers or conditioners on their beards. But if you want to have a healthy beard, you need to take a good care of it. Beard oil is the first step to take.

  4. Arief,
    I have grown a beard in the past and have loved it. My wife also in favor of it as well because of the manly look it brings.

    I have never known of the beard oils and benefits it carries. The reason I stop maintaining my beard because of constant itching as you explain.

    I will try those oils you recommended and start to grow my beard all over again. Thank you for this enlightenment, and all the best to you with your Amazon business.


    1. Hi Bishop,

      It will be November soon. You may have to stock some beard oils from now and start growing your beard. Movember is always a good reason to support a cause and grow a beard.

  5. It seems to me that we are seeing lots more beards these days. I like this trend since the right type of beard on the right type of face looks very masculine. I also see a lot of soul patches. I would think men would like beards if they live in a cold climate! Beard oil sounds like smart grooming to me. Hair and skin both need to be moisturized to keep looking healthy. I am a big fan of coconut oil. Do you know if this will work for beards too?

    1. Hi Erin,

      You can use coconut oil for any hair, that includes beard. The most important thing is to care for the beard. Do not let it grow wild without a proper nourishment.

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