The Bunny Razor Project – Part Two

The Bunny Razor Project so far

The Bunny Razor Project needs its test subjects. The first guinea pig or you can say guinea rabbit (is there such creature?) is the Bunny himself, Tom. He is one of the highly watched person in The Shave Den forum now.

We are entering the test area so everyone prepare your first aid kit. We never know what could happen. Luckily, we have no photos to shown how the Bunny Razor did its damages. But we will.

By the way, if you have not read The Buny Razor Project – Part One, you should. If not, you might not understand why people are cheering for this amazing little bunny.

I am still unable to get my hands on this beauty because I am still learning to use my double edged safety razor. I am still a beginner after all.

First Shave Report

Here is the first report from Tom:

First shave report.

Obviously, razor used was my Bunny injector. (For now)
Brand new chick blade
Pure Black Badger brush
Haslinger Sandalwood Soap. This gives me the best lubricity of the soaps I have.
AS VIBR This lets me know if I abused my face instantaneously.

Tonight I decided to go with just a 2 pass shave. This is for 2 reasons. Last night I had a fantastic BBS with my E2 and Feather AC blade combo. Second as I have no idea how this was going to perform I did not want to overdo it.

To start things off I took my normal HOT shower and washed my face with Dove soap. Just the regular bar stuff. I find this works great on my face. When I got out I proceeded to whip up a nice thick creamy lather, trying to keep it on the moist side. I then proceeded lathering up my face. My first pass was all N to S.

Initial impressions with blade gap set full forward. Mild as it will go. .003 blade exposure. It was very smooth. I will compare it to The G with a chick blade. There was no tugging what so ever. The angle was easy to find. It is akin to the B and C repeaters. As those only have the spring and the comb touching your face. This I believe rates less drag on your face as compared to DE and SE razors. You are able to get a nice audible feedback. I would put it in the middle of the road for sound level shall we say. The first pass went without issue. Once I wet my hands and checked the reduction I found it on par with my repeaters. That being a little better than my G but not as much as the PAL or E type.

Lathered up for my second pass and did all side to side from ears to nose. I found it was smooth in this direction also. When cutting thru the heavier beard on my neck, it was louder on feedback. You could really hear the whiskers being cut. I did no cleanup and finished with what I would consider a CCS to DFS.

Things I noticed about the razor.
1. The handle feels good in my hands. The textured finish provides some grip but I feel it could slip.
(I will make another handle with some groves going around it along with the bead blast.)
2. The razor feels very smooth on my face and I like the balance. I would say it is neutral in its balance. No pressure needed to shave. The weight felt fine.
3. Cleanup of razor. I was able to rinse the razor out and get all of the lather and hair from it. (This kind of bugs me in injectors.) So I am happy with this part of it.

I will wait 2 days before I use it again. I will then have 2 days of growth and I will dial it up a bit to .006 exposure and see how that goes. I will also try to do my normal 3 pass shave.

Overall VERY happy with my first shave. But that could just be my bias.


That was the first shave report. What do you think of the performance now?

I am beginning to take an interest in trying this new injector. Heck! I am going to hunt for Schick Injectors first. There is something that makes me afraid of immediately using a Bunny Razor.

I don’t know why. Maybe because injectors are unknown to me. Or maybe because the incredibly smooth shave it gave on its maiden voyage. I really don’t know. But I have this excitement that took control of my mind. I MUST TRY A BUNNY RAZOR!

Get your Schick Injector Blades, 7-Count Boxes (Pack of 4)

People Are Gathering

The first shave report was meant for personal research for fine tuning. But oh man… it did more than just a report. It was an explosion of cheers! People were amazed and started to volunteers as guinea pigs or rabbits, I don’t know. The term with this people and razor are puzzling.

Everyone started to say, Put me on the list. I’m in for whatever you are doing. Even started a rumor that this razor will be in mass production in May 2016 or March 2016? I will keep you posted on the actual launching date.

One thing that I can confirm was that there were some prototypes. Those prototypes would be sent out to the test rabbits. They would enjoy this Bunny Razor or would be slaughtered by it. Of course, Tom would prefer the first option. He needed feedbacks to improve his design.

One major thing that Tom was thinking about was Bunny Razor’s ability to take a twin blade. He would have to adjust the main spring to accommodate this.

Here are some of the shaving results from BV1. The result was an amazingly clean shave.

Bunny Razor Version 1 Shave result

Bunny Razor Version 2

But before he sent out the prototypes, he already released the second version for our eyes’ enjoyment.Bunny Razor Version 2

The uproar was still blazing. A fan (Darkbulb) already made a dream Bunny Razor image. He called it The Playboy. “The limited edition release of the retro-inspired “Playboy” had wet shavers all over the world fight over a spot on the coveted ‘twhite-waiting-list’.The Playboy of Bunny Razor

That itself just fueled the big fire surrounding this razor into a big bonfire party. The name Playboy and its trademark were there because out of the respect of the brand, not to infringe any trademark laws.

Back to The Drawing Board

Tom was still not sure about the design. There were too many parts. So he simplified the design.

He went with a one piece handle. Inspired by Schick Injector Type F. Even though he hated to polish stuff, he went and made a polish one piece handle later.Bunny Version 2 Concept

The screws were also a problem in functionality and aesthetically. Functionality: You still need a screwdriver to open the head. This will be a problem because you might not have a screwdriver ready at your bathroom. Aesthetically: It made the razor looks very cheaply made. 😀 Sorry Tom. That was my personal opinion.

The spring is the main part for this razor. (I might be wrong, but that’s my observation). Tom was concern about its ability to adjust the aggressiveness and would be looking into it. He was thinking about shortening the comb, too. To make a room to move the head for adjusting purposes.

Get your Schick Injector Blades, 7-Count Boxes (Pack of 4)

Then it hit Tom. He thought it was better to have 3 different combs rather than an adjustable spring. All one would need to do is remove 1 screw and replace the comb.  Yes, the screws were changed to 1 screw.

Most of the people welcomed the idea. A few others threw some ideas, too. Tom chose to go with the 3 combs design as it would be easier for people to interchange them. The Bunny Razor Project had moved to another dimension!! YAY!

Bunny Razor Version 2 Finish

By the way, if you noticed the images on the concept of BV2, the handle is different. Tom will use the design on BV3 later. I will report it on the next part. The Bunny Razor Project – Part Three.

Now, don’t you really want it? Please help me push Tom to a mass production by leaving comments down here!


6 Replies to “The Bunny Razor Project – Part Two”

  1. Hi Arief,
    I do not have a thick facial hair, but i really love a clean shave.
    Most shaver i used, done its job, but i don’t really satisfied with the results,
    It is kinda interesting to see a nice design of a shaver.
    I’m intrigued, maybe need to get me a set of that bunny razor 2..
    looking forward for the Bunny Razor 3 project.

  2. Interesting read i personally do not like to clean shave as i used to get a rash and look to young. Even though im 32! I just keep it at about 2-4 mm as i dont have it to long as it goes well ginger! Maybe its worth me having a clean shave once in a while if im using the right products.

  3. I don’t know if the Bunny razor is for me, I really don’t like to shave often but I do need to find a razor that would work for my soft facial hairs. It seem no matter what razor I use I always find little hairs that get missed. Do you have any suggestions for that?

    1. You should try a mild razor for a starter. Read my recommendation for it! It should help with your muscle memory! Then move to a more aggressive one! Or just buy an adjustable razor. You can adjust the aggressiveness of the razor: from mild to aggressive.

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