The Bunny Razor Project – Part One

Have you ever heard the Bunny Razor?

First time I heard of the Bunny Razor was from 2ndThe Shave Den Raffle. It was one of the prizes. Being a newbie in a shaving environment, I have no clue at all what the Bunny Razor was. I was  incredibly shocked of the enthusiasm shown by one of the raffle entrées.

Here I quoted him saying “HOLY BAMOLY!! A BUNNY RAZOR!!!!! YaBaDaYaBaDaYaBaDaYaBaDaHolyCowIGottaBuySomeMoreTickets!!!!”

That was exactly what he wrote. I was perplexed by his eagerness. I searched Google and found nothing as this was still in a conceptual phase. I even asked the forum for some illuminations. I was redirected to the “birth thread”.

While I am still learning to use my double edged safety razor, this concept of a single edged safety razor really captured my imagination.

The Concept of The Bunny Razor

Tom aka The Bunny, was suddenly struck with a blinding bright idea to make a razor after his own design. He loves injector razors. (Up to this point, I have never touched one). So he tried to make a new injector razor. The first recorded steps were on January 2nd, 2016.

The head design inspiration was taken from “Schick injectors model F looks from the top, that mid-century Art Deco industrial type look”. Tom is a machinist, not a designer. But looking at his design, I say he is quite a designer.

The next order of things is to figure out the mechanism of the spring and injection part. He bought another Schick injector, a Lady Schick. Yup. It is the lovely model H. From it, he managed to figure out the best spring mechanism for his razor.

Here are the first draft images. He used MasterCam X9 to render these images.Concept of Razor Bunny

The First Prototype

Tom did the programming and made the head components first. He used aluminum as it was readily available in his workshop. It is also easier to handle than stainless steel.

You will not believe your eyes on this first prototype.razor bunny head

Tom preferred this design because he always finds trouble when cleaning his injectors. Many injector owners will concur to his statement. He wanted his razor to be easily cared and maintained for.

How are you loving it so far? I am just amazed of the skill of his. He can make something from his mind and made it a reality.

The Bunny Version 1

Now you have to see how the complete product of the first BV-1 aka Bunny Version 1.

Razor Bunny Version 1

Razor Bunny Version 1

Looking at the Bunny Razor side by side with PAL and Schick, I can safely say that Bunny Razor is way sexier than those two.

The weight came in at 66 grams. That PAL weighs 27 grams and that slim weighs 70. So it is heavier than old school injectors but not too heavy.

The first tried out was with Tom’s arm hair. It did well.

How do you load the blade?

For a clueless person about injectors like me, this is my ultimate question. I know how to use a DE safety razor, but injectors? I am totally oblivious.

I am glad that Tom even posted on how to load the blade. This was an eye-opener for me. Come on! I just turned DE wet shaving not so long ago. I am still learning how to do it the right way.

load razor bunny

For the injector blades: Schick Plus Injector Blades-7 ct (Quantity of 5)

Seeing how it loads the blade made me question my knowledge of shaving world. Like in old HongKong kungfu movies, I screamed “Teach me, Master!!”

Why is it called Bunny Razor?

Like all the cartoon movies, I really hoped that this was related to a long ear animal that hops. I was let down by my own high hope. But the story itself is a bit first grader when you picked or given a nickname.

There was a Schick Repeating razor on eBay that had somebody’s name engraved on it. It was Bunny Kelman. Tom won it on a make offer so the Repeater gang called him Bunny now as he has his razor.

Using the nickname, he named the razor.

There were discussions about naming the razor after the Bunny Razor was introduced. The name itself seems to have no masculinity in it. But after the commotion cooled down, people agreed that it should stay with its original name: Bunny Razor.

The Project is still ongoing

I just can’t wait to see how this razor works in action. Stay tuned for more progress on this project. This will be huge as people are already lining up to order this razor, even though it is still on prototype stage.

Will you buy this? Leave your comment down here and I can forward your order to Tom.


35 Replies to “The Bunny Razor Project – Part One”

  1. The Bunny Razor sounds just fine. It’s one of those names that’s easy to remember and has a rampant rabbit viral feel.
    As for the razor itself – I agree that it does look quite good. It’s bound to be weighty given that the main section is aluminium, but I think that’s a feature that some will want.
    It shouldn’t be that difficult to remodel that main section in plastic if they Tom wants to resolve the weight issue. He should be able to find a some local manufacturer to do it once they have the prototype to do it. They could probably do it in China really cheaply.
    However, I reckon if a time comes when they move over to a plastic model, people will want the aluminium version even more.
    Good article.

  2. Wow, I don´t even know how I landed in this website… This is something I literally have never heard, but… the Bunny Razor Project sound awesome… first because it comes from something I admire… The human imagination… second of all because, I don´t know why, I´m intrigued be Razors, lol.
    Well, I really liked to read this article and I will love to see how the Project goes.
    Keep me posted man,

  3. The bunny sounds extraordinary. I love all the background details that led to its design and I like the personal connection feel. Like I know a guy who knows the guy that developed it. 🙂

    1. I followed this project from the beginning. Actually in the middle of first testing.

      Yeah. It really felt like I was there beside him watching Tom have birth to this amazing razor.

  4. I like the idea of the Bunny name. Do I love it? Not really, but I fully believe from a marketing stand point it will be a hit! Especially if they can come up with quirky sayings and comments in ads that are goofy like old spice does, only goofy things regarding Bunnies.
    I like most of the design, I don’t like the screws. But, I’m a woman so maybe men would actually like this.
    I love seeing new gadgets, thank you!

  5. This is very interesting. I never heard of a bunny razor as well. I have used blades and clippers to shave my facial hair and this catches my attention. Hit me up for the next post!

    1. Roger,

      This all stated as a little project for myself. All I wanted to do is see if I could make an injector razor. They are my favorite razors to use.
      I decided to post on the forum my exploits, thinking it would be a nice read good for a few laughs. As I honestly thought that the shave would be horrible. To my surprise it gave me a fantastic shave. So for me I accomplished what I was after. A razor of my own creation that didn’t maim me. Others on the forum wanted to give it a go, so I made more for a pass-around.

      Others seemed to really like the shave.

      So long story short. There is no claimed advantage. It is just a creation of mine that a few others have taken an interest in.


  6. The Bunny Razor?
    The ideal behind this invention sounds great. I want to believe this piece will have massive advantage over the regulars Razors across the streets.
    I have great allergen for Razor blade, and I know I am not alone in this, my likes are constantly looking out for an alternative, just hope this will be the answer.
    I am going to check back for more updates.

  7. Oh, I definitely would want one of those! At first I was thinking it was a razor shaped like a bunny haha. If that were the case, I’d get 20 of them. But I think this is an awesome idea and can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

  8. Hi Arief! You just made me decide to look afresh into my own shaving tools through this Bunny Razor. There are a lot of things with the shaving tools I use that I’ve always taken for granted – until today.
    I just wanna ask, though: what precautions would one take to keep this Bunny razor completely rust free?

    1. Like all metal, you should keep your razor clean and dry. It will keep out the rust. I use a drop of mineral oil on my showcase razors to drive the water away.

  9. Tom, your workmanship and imagination are great. So nice to see such talent. I saw a recent review of your razor on and was impressed.

  10. I would be very interested in buying one when possible, love the look, love the name, please keep me posted if at all possible. Thankyou

    1. Hi Paul,

      At this stage, the Bunny Razor is still in its beta testing. We really hope that it will go into mass production as the reviews are always positive. Some minor changes might be incorporated into the market version.

  11. The Bunny V2 & V3 SE Razor by Tom White.
    Who would be interested in owning one at a reasonable price? If so speak up!!!

    BTW this is NOT a selling thread

    I am thinking of doing a Kickstarter to bring them to the general market at a reasonable price. I have an agreement with Tom himself and indeed I have his personal razors with me.

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