The Body Shop Shaving Brush Review

Product : The Body Shop Shaving BrushThe Body Shop Shaving Brush

Price : $12 USD

My Rating : 8/10

This is my first brush on my wet shaving experience.  I never use one before. The journey that I started leads my feet to The Body Shop store at my nearest mall. Yes, the mall! The privilege of having to see the product and feel them in my hands, so rare in this fast pace online shopping age. I remember they have the shaving brush that I need to step up my shaving journey. So this is my review after using The Body Shop Shaving Brush.

The Experience

The first thing that I see before buying anything is the price.  I always have a budget on the mind. Luxury items usually are out of the question. The reasonable price made me picked the brush and examine it further.

The Body Shop Shaving Brush is made with synthetic bristles Soak shaving brushand wooden handle. The handle is easy to grip and to move around for my rather small Asian hand. It doesn’t slip. The bristles’ tip is soft, but the bristles themselves are stiff. They don’t use animal hair (following the company’s policy of ‘no animal testing’). The main problem for synthetic bristles is its difficulty in holding water. You can make your way around this by soaking the brush first for a few minutes. This is to make sure that the brush holds enough water for lathering.

The density of the hair and the stiffness of it made a lathering process a tiny workout. You have to whisk with enough force to make a creamy rich lather. The workout, though, will make the brush short lived.  Bristles come out bit by bit. But hey, it does provide a good creamy rich lather. On my first attempt!

Despite all of that, I love the stiffness of the brush. Rich Lather from The Body Shop Shaving BrushI can scrub my face a little bit. Scrubbing helps to exfoliate dead skins. The Body Shop Shaving Brush also  helps to lift the facial hair off the face. This is the favorite part for me. I almost scrub all part of my face.  Mind you, this is the first time I am scrubbing with a shaving brush. I can not help to feel how great it exfoliates my face. I never have this sensation before, even when I am using a face wash with scrubbing beads in it.

The good thing about the synthetic brush is: it is easy to dry it out. You need this feature if you are travelling a lot. You do not want to store moist brush. It will ruin your brush and might get mildew inside. Always store away your brush when it is dry.

Product Description

A shaving brush with a wooden handle that enhances the lather from your shaving cream. It is made with Community Trade Russian birch wood and animal-free super-soft synthetic hairs. Its short, rounded handle makes it comfortable to hold in your palm.

Price and Size

$12 USD for 1 piece. (May varies depending on promotion)

Who is This Product For?

The Body Shop Shaving Brush is a starter brush that is so affordable. It is so easy to use and maintain. Everyone can and should try it. Literally everyone that shaves!

How Well Does It Work?

Even though you need a bit of workout, the brush makes a good, creamy, rich lather. It works really well.The Body Shop Shaving Brush

The Pros

  • Affordable starter brush
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Animal friendly
  • Soft tip
  • Dry fast
  • Good for travelling kit

The Cons

  • Stiff
  • Hold little water
  • Need a bit workout
  • Might have a short life

My Rating

I give this product 8 out of 10. I love the easy use and the performance given considering the affordable price. You should grab this if you are thinking to get your first shaving brush.


The Body Shop Shaving Brush


8 Replies to “The Body Shop Shaving Brush Review”

  1. This is a great Christmas stocking stuffer for the man in your life. Thank you for giving me a great idea of what to get my husband for Christmas.

  2. Hi Arief,
    I enjoyed your review on The Body Shop Shaving Brush.
    I have always been curious about shaving with a brush such as this but, I didn’t really know what to do, how to do it or what type of brush to get.
    I also love that no animals are harmed in the making of this product.
    Now, I am considering to give this a try thanks to your review.
    What type of shaving cream is used for lathering with a brush?

  3. This is a great brush. I don’t use them myself as I have a electric shaver but this would make a brilliant present for my grandfather. What I like the most about this product is the fact that it was made without harming any animals. I am connected to nature very closely and I believe we should protect it at all times so that’s a big pro for this product. Thanks for sharing such a great information. It helped me a lot!

    1. Hi Lukas.
      I am so glad that you found my review helpful. One of the reason that I bought this product is the company’s policy of no animal testing.
      Thank you for stopping by.


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