Rapira, Wilkinson Sword Classic, and SuperMax Platinum Double Edged Blades Review

Rapira, Wilkinson Sword Classic, and SuperMax Platinum Double Edged Blades Review

These 3 double edged blades were given to me by another member of The Shave Den forum, Linuxguile. I was a bit disappointed because I only got one for each blade. LOL. I thought I need at least 2 blades of each brand to give a proper review. (You really ought to be grateful for this chance, Arief).

This review is about me getting the right blade for my stubble and my skin. I was using my Gillette Slim Adjustable. The setting was on 5 for all the 3 blades. Yes, I need more aggressive setting to cut all the stubble.

All the review will be based on the ranking between them. So I will only use number 1, 2, and 3. For 1 is being the best. I will be using sharpness, smoothness, and endurance as my points of comparison.

I prepared everything the same. Cold shower. Put a homemade pre shave oil consist of Castor Oil, Olive Oil, and glycerin. My shaving cream is The Body Shop Maca Root For Men Shaving Cream.


SuperMax Platinum Double Edged First Try

I have tried this brand before. SuperMax Platinum will give you a good cut. It is a bit harsh for me. I suspect that the edge is sharp but not smooth.

I tried it again and the result was the same. It is a good blade. Maybe I should put my Gillette Slim Adjustable setting to a lower one.

I had to do 3 passes with this SuperMax Platinum. Somehow, I missed certain parts. I still have stubbles all over the place. Yes, even after 3 passes.

After all the shaving, my alum told me that I had razor burns all over the place. It was confirmed again by my aftershave.

SuperMax Platinum Double Edged Second Try

Maybe you are wondering why I kept on SuperMax Platinum Double Edge Bladesusing this blade even after a bit of “nightmare” experience. Well, it is because I need to know how long the blade is going to last.

The second try was better than the first one. I will give it credit to my cautiousness.

I was using an even milder pressure than the first try. The blade was still cutting aggressively. I only need 2 passes now and a finishing touch. But I sensed that my skin already sustained some razor burns.

It was confirmed again by alum and aftershave. But the burn was milder compared to the first try.


Do I recommend SuperMax Platinum Double Edged blade?

Yes. I love an aggressive blade. But I have to remind myself to set the aggressive level of my razor to a milder one. Maybe I will put a 3 or 4 on my Gillette Slim Adjustable aggressive setting.

The endurance of this blade is amazing. I even tried it until the fourth attempt. But I have to toss it midway during the shave. 3 shavings are the most for this blade.

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Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edged Blade First Try

I was so happy to receive a new blade that I haven’t tried. Wilkinson Sword blade is something that I really want to try for a long time. I have read that this brand is one of the preferred blades out there. I know why now.

The made by Gillette stamp on the blade surprised me. I really thought that Gillette already abandoned making “traditional” blades. All the advertisements by Gillette are pushing their “modern” shaving gears.

After unwrapping the blade, I immediately use it. My preparation was the same. Cold shower and pre shave.

I was amazed by how smooth the blade was. I didn’t even feel the blade. I thought it wasn’t cutting but my stubble was gone. Only by first pass.

I thought that this is the dream blade that I’m looking for so far. It was sharp and smooth. I might need only 2 passes with this blade but I went and did 3 passes. Stupid choice of action.

I ended up with a razor burn, again. I should stop with 2 passes.

Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edged Blade Second Try

The second try was definitely the best. I Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edged bladesonly did 2 passes and touch ups. I started to feel the smoothness had gone from the blade, though.

By the end of touch ups, I nicked a couple of spots. I think I have a bad habit of using too much pressure.

My alum only reacted on that nicked area. I think I have found my love on this beautiful double edge blade. I get almost a BBS with this second try


Do I Recommend Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Blade?

Most definitely a YES. This is a very smooth blade. Very sharp and very smooth. I have to stock this blade. How long a 100 blades pack will last?

Considering I use a blade for 3-4 shaves. If I order a 100 pack double edge blade, I might end up with a 2 years supply. Not bad.

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Rapira Double Edge Blade First Try

I have long heard of this Russian blade. They said it was very sharp and smooth, too. I had to try it when it was offered to me.

I have no expectation though when I unwrapped this Rapira blade. I had already fallen in love with Wilkinson Sword Classic double edge blade. So, I went using it with a meh attitude.

To my surprise, Rapira double edge blade was astonishingly smooth, too. A little bit harsh compared to Wilkinson Sword Classic, but still smooth.

I was so happy to know that I have two brands that I love now.

My preparation for the first try was still the same. Cold shower, pre shave oil, and Gillette Slim Adjustable at level 5 setting.

The shave was beautifully smooth. Learned from the experience with Wilkinson Sword Classic, I went only with 2 passes and touch ups.

This was another almost BBS shave. I was ecstatic. My alum gave a little feedback. I really need to learn to use less pressure.

Rapira Double Edge Blade Second Try

I expected to have another good shave Rapira double edged bladeswith this blade again. That didn’t happen.

The blade already showed signs of dullness. I felt the blade really harsh now. My preparation was still the same but the result was totally different.

I think Rapira Double Edge Blade endurance was short lived. I continued to finish the shave. I ended up with record high nicks.

This was really terrible considering the successful event on the first try.


Do I Recommend Rapira Double Edge Blade?

Still a YES. If I can only use once or maybe twice per blade, this is still cheaper than any modern disposable cartridges. With a 100 blades pack, I can have a year supply.

It will be a smooth shave for a year. Nothing can replace that enjoyment.

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Comparing All The Brands

Smoothness Sharpness Endurance
SuperMax Platinum




Wilkinson Sword Classic









With all that experiences that I went through, I think I will definitely have a stock of Wilkinson Sword Classic double edge blades and some of Rapira double edge blades. I still have some of SuperMax Platinum double edge blades in my shave den that might get use later.


I have been told by linuxguille that Gillette Wilkinson Sword is not the same as Wilkinson Sword Classic. Apparently, I made a mistake thinking they are the same.

Wilkinson Sword Classic is made in Germany. The Gillette Wilkinson Sword is made in India. What I have been reviewing above is The Gillette Wilkinson Sword.

Get your Gillette Wilkinson Sword here.


Have you tried all three brands above? How do you find your experience using them? Good or Bad? Tell me down below.


8 Replies to “Rapira, Wilkinson Sword Classic, and SuperMax Platinum Double Edged Blades Review”

  1. Excellent triple review Arief! You really know your blades. These 3 products all look like quality buys. Your rating system is different and very effective, since you compare the blades to each other. The Wilkinson Sword looks like it’s the best though. It has the coolest name as well. It seems you value smoothness over the other qualities. Is that something I should be doing too? I could see why.

    1. Hi Makki,

      I prefer smoothness because I tend to have razor burns with “quality” blades. Some blades are really sharp but they are not smooth. At least not according to my skin. If I may hyperbole, it is like shaving with a saw that has too many teeth.

      That’s why I prefer smoothness over anything else.

  2. Thanks for the reviews on razor blades. It is hard to find a good razor that will provide a close shave without creating razor burns and nicks. Thank you for also providing the links to purchase the razor brands you completed reviews on. This will make it easy to purchase.

    1. You are welcome, Calvin.

      Wet shaving is an art. You really need to find your own gear. I’m glad that you have found my review beneficial.

  3. Wow, I didn’t know that so much consideration goes into a smooth shave for men. You’re in a good market, as many people complain about the price of disposable razors, and I can see where your products will save a lot of money overtime. Your experience with each blade shaving is an extremely interesting read. I am surprised you gave the Super Max blade a “yes” recommendation, sounded like an extremely bad experience. Will you really use the rest of those blades?

    1. Hi Gindy,

      I’m comparing SuperMax only with Rapira and Wilkinson Sword Classic here. SuperMax is still a better choice than some other brands that I have used. I will use the rest of my SuperMax stock. I just have to remind myself that its endurance is really short.

  4. Thanks for the review, I have been using an electric razor for the past few months, as I didn’t like the cost and waste with disposable ends, but I have found I can’ get a smooth shave, think i’ll have a look Wilkinson blades…cheers

    1. Hi Cambell,

      I abandoned my electric razor since I started traditional wet shaving. It has saved me a lot of money. Or is it?

      It has been a great shave after another great shave. I believe you are going to have a wonderful shave with a Wilkinson Sword Classic blade.

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