Proraso Red Shaving Soap Review

Proraso Red Shaving Soap Review
  • Lather
  • Slickness
  • Protection
  • Smell


I have been looking for this Proraso Red for quite some times. When I finally got it, I was thrilled. I can see why so many people put this shaving soap in high regard. The first thing that I noticed is the nice Sandalwood smell. Not too strong nor too weak. Just right.

It was easy to build the lather abundantly. Sadly, the lather was a bit dry. Hence I gave less in regard to protection and slickness. I add a tiny bit of water to help the slickness.

Proraso Red Shaving Soap Review


Finally, I got my hands on Proraso Red shaving soap. This Sandalwood scented soap is one amongst my have-to-get list. There are numerous reports that I have read about the soap. I have to try it myself.


How I Get It

It is a wonder that Indonesia is a big country but has no shaving specialty shops. There are no shaving soaps around. I have to buy it from outside from Indonesia. To make it worse, our government doesn’t allow cosmetics to be imported for personal use. I have to be a licensed importer to import cosmetics. Oh yes, soaps are considered cosmetics.Proraso Red Shaving Soap Sandalwood Be Shaved

That’s why I can’t buy shaving soaps from Amazon and send them to Indonesia. Customs will not allow it. I already have a case against them and they won. I have to return the soaps to the sender.

Lucky for me, I have met with a great singer, Franky Sihombing. He opened a barbershop + coffee shop in Bali. We talked about the shaving soap problems. I have sent him my shaving soap sample and received his feedback. He recommended me to benchmark my product to Proraso shaving soap.

One day, I asked him when he will buy my shaving soap, especially after I enhanced the formula. He said he just replenish his Proraso stocks and will get back to me later. Then I braved myself to ask to buy one of his Proraso stocks. Kindly, Franky said yes and immediately asked for my address.

I sent the money for the product and the shipping fee. I was so elated. I can try another shaving soap product to compare it with mine.


Proraso Red Shaving Soap Performance Test

I kind of forget that I bought it from Franky because of the day after I talked to him, I went to another city for almost a week. When I returned to my office, I saw a package sitting on my desk. I wondered what it is. I thought I didn’t buy anything from online stores.

Then I read who the sender was. It was from Franky. I almost yell because I was so happy. I immediately knew the package contained Proraso Red shaving soap. On top of that, I had not shave for almost a week.

When I reached home and prepared to shower and shave, I immediately grabbed my The Body Shop shaving brush. The synthetic brush has stolen my heart. I love it.

I always shave after a shower. It makes my whiskers damp enough. I swirled the shaving brush a couple of times and face-lathered. I do not like to build my lather in a bowl. It is just my preference.

The first thing that I noticed about this Proraso Red shaving soap was the scent. It was there. Not too mild or too strong. Just enough. I love the sandalwood smell. I stood in front of the mirror for a couple of minutes just to smell the scent. So relaxing.

The hard soap was a bit hard to swirl on. I had to wet it first and swirl for a minute or so. It was a bit fun when I finally did the face lather. The foam was easy enough and the smell.. Oh.. the sandalwood smell… Did I say it is so relaxing?


Now… it was the moment of truth. Does Proraso Red shaving soap has it all?

I reached out to my Gillette slim adjustable safety razor. I really love this razor. It has been my number one choice so far. I equipped it with a Gillette blade that I got from Gillette Goal Klik.Proraso Red Sandalwood Shaving Soap Cream Be Shaved

The moment the blade came into contact with my skin, I immediately noticed that the lather was not slick enough. I added a bit more of water to help with the slickness, it didn’t help that much. It was slick but not slick enough. My own handcrafted shaving soap is much better in this area.

I felt that Proraso Red shaving soap has a good amount of cushioning. I put a thin layer of lather on my face and it did a good job of protecting my skin against the blade, hence preventing razor bumps.

I just had to be mindful that the slickness was not what I accustomed to. If I glided the razor too fast, it tended to drag a bit. A slow steady gliding will do the job well.

When I did the second pass, it really showed that Proraso has a stable foam and the smell was still there.


Proraso Red Shaving Soap Video Review



Final Thoughts

I will recommend you to get this Proraso Red shaving soap. A conclusion for this review is:

  • Lather           : 4 / 5. I love the lather. Not as good as my own shaving soap but love it.
  • Slickness      : 3.7 / 5. The slickness is quite good. Still, mine is better. 😀
  • Protection    : 4 / 5. I felt really protected.
  • Smell             : 5 / 5. The perfect smell for me. It is not too strong or too mild. I love Sandalwood smell.

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Have you tried Proraso Red shaving soap? What do you think of it?



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