Nina Agdal wears a shaving cream bikini

A Shaving Cream BikiniNina Agdal wears a shaving cream bikini

Wow! And another Wow! Nina Agdal did another wacky project. She wore only a shaving cream bikini. Yes! She was basically nude.

Or should I say Sports Illustrated did a marvelous job? This idea is really crazy.

I came across this news because I set up a Google trend keyword about shaving cream and Nina Agdal showed up in my email. I thought I would only come across about shaving cream products, not a hot girl parading her flawless figure. I think I need to check my Google trend settings to see if I included Nina Agdal in the search parameters.

Click here to see the full behind the scenes video

Sports Illustrated

This is a great USA sports magazine. It covers (may vary from issue to issue) the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, College Football, College Basketball, NASCAR, Golf, Boxing, Horse Racing, Soccer, and Tennis.

It will address the latest news and rumors in their respective fields. But sadly, it has moved away from true journalism. It avoids major controversies such as drugs, violence, and commercialisms. It is just an entertainment magazine in Sports.

Let’s get back to Nina Agdal

She is a former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl. Nina Agdal, 23, has already posed in bikinis. Even body paints. But wearing a swimsuit made 100% of shaving cream? This is the first one.

For this year’s new Swimsuit issue, Nina goes where no model has gone before by posing completely nude. She wore nothing aside from well-placed shaving cream that’s been strategically placed into a bikini top and string bottoms.

Sports Illustrated Nina Agdal Shaving Cream Bikini
Nina Agdal – Sports Illustrated – Swim Daily


Sports Illustrated Swimsuit franchise usually portrays only bikinis and body paints. This year’s issue will break that tradition. Nina will be seen flaunting her body with the product in hand, Edge Shave Gel. The shaving cream will try its best to cover her need-to-be-covered during the photo shoot. Yes, it’s her naked body.

“Sports Illustrated has asked me to do a few crazy things in my life, but people are going to be shocked,” said photographer James Macari in a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot.

“When all you’re wearing is a bikini made from Edge Shave Gel, it’s really important that it stays in place,” explains Nina in the video. “It gave me a layer of protection I needed on set.”

Yeah? But will it give a layer of protection during shaving? Will it give a smooth slick glide? Maybe someone should run a razor over that foamy thing on Nina’s body. See if she will stay true on her saying “it’s really important that it stays in place”?

Edge Shave Gel

Now, I have been using a shave gel every now and then. This is before I knew anything about traditional wet shaving. After I converted to a traditional wet shaving, I knew better than using a can shaving gel.

Here is what I learned using a shave gel (mainly Gillette’s)

  • It does not give you protection
  • It does not hold long. It disappears too fast
  • It is not slick. My razor is always tugging.
  • It does not give you cushion

I suspect that Edge Shave Gel will have the same problem. No, I have not tried it, yet. No, you cannot offer me to try it. No, you cannot make me use it.

Here is what Edge Shave Gel saying about their own products (I recap from all the product lines):

  • Our blend of moisturizers and lubricants provides excellent razor glide
  • Special moisturizers and lubricants provide unbeatable razor glide
  • Outstanding razor glide, thanks to a blend of moisturizers and lubricants
  • Contains extra lubricants to help prevent nicks, cuts and razor burns
  • Contains Allantoin and no dyes to help reduce shaving irritation
  • Contains Aloe and is formulated to be non-irritating
  • Protects your skin and leaves your face feeling smooth, refreshed and conditioned

Do you believe those marketing ploys? I certainly don’t. By looking at the behind the scenes video, I noticed that the foam really stays in place. Even after Nina bounces her breasts, it stays. This is exactly what makes the decision.

My Conclusion

The conclusion for me, if it stays on her breasts, it is not slick. If it is not slick, my razor will tug. When my razor tugs, I tend to use force. Force and pressure always give me cuts. I don’t like being cut. I don’t want to draw blood. Like I said in the previous post, I want to draw a magnificent dragon.

Somebody should really clean up her foams use a razor blade. Her smooth (not hairy) body should be an ideal test platform. If the razor leaves no razor burns at all, especially at her bikini area, I will use this Edge Shave Gel. Do you agree?

I just love that I come across this advertisement. Besides seeing a happy beautiful Scandinavian girl, I can resonate what DaltonGang said “Finally, a proper, rational use, for a “Canned Goo”. Two thumbs up.”

I really recommend you to get a proper shave cream. There are tons of them. Just not a can of shaving gel. Here are some of my recommendation on shaving creams and soaps:


18 Replies to “Nina Agdal wears a shaving cream bikini”

  1. Well this isn’t to shabby of an article. It’s never a bad thing to see a hot girl in nothing but shaving cream. I had no idea that this happened in SI’s new edition. I will definitely have to check that out. I also didn’t know that this was the first nude girl in any Sports Illustrated before. Thanks for the information!

  2. I would like a shaving product for the bikini area. I surely so not want to be tugging in that area. Shaver burn is really bad and I want to avoid redness obviously. I do not want to use a chemical remover cause it burns me up. What do you suggest for the bikini area?

    1. Now. This will likely seem odd to you. But you can use olive oil. Yes, that oil you find in the kitchen.

      It will not lather but will give a slick smooth glide.

      If you are looking for a shaving cream or soap, they all do just fine. As long as you don’t have a weird reaction to any of their ingredients.

      Olive oil is usually very neutral and easily wash off after that. Repeated soaping to was off the oil residue is considered easy. 😀

  3. Oh wow! She has guts! But I mean with a body like that, who wouldn’t secretly want to show it off? =)
    I have been using soap or coconut oil for a while now. Oil does get annoying to clean in the razor, but that is the main ingredient that make it so I get absolutely no razor burns, and a rare occurrence of ingrown hairs.

    Thanks for the review! I am even more encouraged to stay away from shaving creams (and before it was just the price, heheh).


    1. LOL. Yes, the high price is always the main culprit. I am glad that you are using a coconut oil. It will give a good protection to the skin. If you are using a multi-blades razor, cleaning oil is a pain in the ass. Try converting to a DE razor.

  4. What an interesting article! What will SI think of next?!!
    I hate to admit that I use shave gels but have not been happy with them for all the reasons you mentioned! Do you have any recommendations for women’s shaving products?

    I will be following your advice to stay away from gels! 🙂


    1. Actually, all shaving products are unisex. All that make the difference is the scent and the color of the products. People have their own preferences.
      Also, watch out for the ingredients that you are allergic to.

  5. Well, it has to be said, I’m more of a “clippers once a month” kind of guy when it comes to shaving, but this has definitely put me in a mind to get some shaving a can…and put it…somewhere. Anyway, great article, great read, and very stimulating. Website looks great too!

    1. You might consider whipped cream or cream cheese to put it “somewhere”. They are edible. 😀

      I can go that long without shaving. My SWMBO already telling me to shave every other day. She loves my clean shaven face.

  6. I definitely have never heard of a women posing in Sports Illustrated wearing shaving cream as a bathing suit outline. They definitely get point for some creativity there! I have always leaned toward the household brand of Gillette, but after reading your article and seeing what the benefits of edge are, I may have to consider a possible brand change down the road. Thank you for providing this information! Definitely an interesting read. Besides, you can’t pass up a model with a shaving cream string bikini!

  7. Hi Arief,

    Well I’ve never heard of Nina Agdal before but after seeing that it’s safe to say I’ll be adding her to my search parameters?

    Can’t say I’ve ever tried edge but doubt it’s any worse than Gillette!

  8. Good article and another great publicity stunt in SI. I’m happy I came across this article and read the comment. I didn’t know olive oil was good for shaving and avoiding irritation! I will certainly try this, thanks for the tip!
    Concerning this ad, everyone will remember the daring picture. The sad thing is that no one will remember what shaving cream brand Nina Agdal was wearing. I guess people from Edge were aware of that. Some companies really have too much money to spend in marketing…

    1. You really made a good point there. No one will remember what shaving gel Nina promoted in a couple of months(?). Olive oil and coconut oil are what most people use to hydrate their skins. Body lotions have gone “natural’ with these oils. It is really safe to use on skin, Carolyn.

  9. Hey there, great article…its funny how they seem to use hot models to sell products. Personally I don’t use shaving gels for the reasons you mentioned…you can’t beat an a good razor 🙂

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