My First Double Edged Safety Razor

The Transition to a Safety Razor

This is the first time I buy a safety razor. I never use one before. I always use a multiple blades razor, either cartridge razors or disposable razors. The main reason why I want to try a DE Safety Razor is because Mach 3 refill is going crazy in price. You can buy 5 meals for the price of 2 cartridge refills. Yes. It is that expensive.

Because it is that expensive, I always let my mustache grow longer than it should. I am trying to preserve the life of my disposable razors. The more you use, the faster it gets dull, the faster you have to replace and buy a new one. My indicator is my SWMBO. When she says, shave. I shave. Usually, the event repeats every 4-5 days. That’s my shaving schedule. But I still feel that buying another cartridges is too much and too expensive.

I was looking a better way to shave. Especially a better way to save my expenses on a razor. I learned that a disposable razor will give you a nightmare. What nightmare? I always felt that my shaves were good, a BBS (Baby’s Butt Smooth) good. The razor burns I got were considered normal. Then I knew better. To be exact: I knew that I knew nothing about shaving.

Every time I walked the aisle of manliness in the supermarket, I see nothing but disposable razors or cartridge razors. I had to endure razor burns for years. I thought razor burns are the norm for shaving with blades.

My late dad and my brothers were also helpless in this area. My friends were also helpless. We were the product of modern shaving advertisements. We believed that more blades mean more efficient in shaving. Faster and closer. Oh.. how deceived we were.

Micro Touch One Safety Razor

I joined several forums on shaving. All of them agreed that disposable razors should not be an option at all. Most of the members recommended me to switch immediately to, at least, a safety razor. A small group of members still see the benefits of disposable razors.double edged safety razor

So, I embarked on a mission to search a safety razor that is available in my country. Surprise, surprise. It is easier to find a needle in the haystack. The shelves are always full with disposable razors. No other types were seen.

I asked and asked. Nobody seemed to know where to get one. I finally resort to online shopping. Indonesia is a bit late in accepting online shopping. Manipulative vendors are always prowling the internet, looking for helpless buyers.

Finally, I found one online shopping portal that has a selection of China made safety razors. I cross checked the brands and found only Micro Touch One safety razor that has credentials. For the other brands, even Google could not find them.

So I bought one Micro Touch One Classic Razor.

First Impression

I was excited to receive the package. I opened it to see the clear plastic box. It seemed the box had a quite long life in the warehouse. The plastic box seemed to collect dust a bit. I guessed a safety razor is not a popular item.MicroTouch 300-3 BeShaved

Still, I was excited. I was moving to the next step of shaving.

I opened the box and found:

  • 1 chrome plated DE safety razor
  • 12 Dorco blades
  • 1 chrome plated razor stand
  • 1 instruction manual

The safety razor is made from metal and chrome plated. Surprisingly light weight. I thought it was made from plastic, but it was not.

The razor stand looked all plasticky too. Tried the stand and it seemed to hold the razor just fine. It will help to dry out the razor and prevent the blade to touch other surfaces.

I have not tried it so I don’t know if Dorco blades will do a good job or not. I will tell you later after I try it. I am skeptical for these blades. People in the forums warned me that Dorco blades are bad. I should try a sample pack and find what suit me. But avoid Dorco, they said.

Dorco Pace Double Edge Blades (10 Pack), (STD301)

Did I Buy The Wrong Razor?

I saw love and hate for this product on shaving forums.

People who hated it says:

  • a cheap knock off of Gillette razor
  • too lightweight
  • too short
  • too mild
  • the bundled Dorco blades are horrible

People who loved it says:

  • a good entry level
  • it does a good job
  • perfect for learning
  • cheap

I guess I will find out later when I try this razor for myself. So far the impression is good enough for me. I still need to learn how to use it, though.

Give me your opinion on this razor below! Do you like it or do you hate it?




16 Replies to “My First Double Edged Safety Razor”

  1. Awesome review on the shaving razor. I am a fan of the safety razor. It is such a good one to start with, like the reviews mention it is lightweight and not overwhelming in anyway. I love your candid review and will definitely give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are welcome.
      I really love to try various kind of safety razors. This is my first safety razors. Many will come as I am starting to fall in love with it. The signs of RAD are showing up. 😀

  2. I never knew safety razors existed, interesting! I would buy one to try it, I don’t know if it will better than the ordinary razors for my sensitive skin, but I think it would do the job since some people mentioned that it’s mild.

    1. It is almost a lost art to use a safety razor. I remembered my late dad used one when I was a little boy. Now in my 40, I just found this beautiful art.

      Beware, though, if you are trying for the first time. There are steps that you need to do for an enjoyable shave.
      Try reading this post first.

  3. Buy 5 meals with one cartridge refill is just crazy when it comes to the cost. I personally use Gillete at the moment.

    I have never used a Dorco blade before, but I know that they are extremely sharp and very durable. I just wonder why it is double edged because one edge would work just fine for me.

    1. Hi Viljoen.

      It is extremely expensive now to buy Mach 3 disposable razors. That is the main reason why I started to look elsewhere for shaving my mustache.

      That is an interesting point you make about the edges. I think it is because of the first design of safety razor that had not changed since its birth.

  4. Thanks Arief! I’m just wondering how difficult it is to learn to use such a razor? I have used disposable razors forever but recently converted into a Mach 3. I’m always wary about changing again as there is always a learning curve! Let me know your thoughts.

    1. Hi, Shaz.

      Of course, there is a learning curve. I am on that curve now. It is not as easy as I thought but I am enjoying it. So far it has been a bloodbath. 😀 I am improving, though. I hope I don’t hinder you from trying a safety razor.

  5. Sounds like you’ll save some money! I always use electric razors. Some of them aren’t very good but some will give you a very close shave. What’s the benefits of a manual safety razor vs an electric one?

  6. awesome article, I never knew that these type of shavers existed. I never have used one of these before but this article really enticed me and I think i am going to have to purchase one! Seems pretty cool, and I like the fact that it is lightweight

    Thanks for the article

    1. Hi Dyl.

      It has been around for years. Yes, the popularity was diminished by modern disposable razors, but it has made its comeback because of the better user experience. You should get one and try it. Be warned! It will have a learning curve!.

  7. Great Review, Arief! Glad you are learning the lost Art of Shaving. Double Edge, or DE razors have all but been replaced by disposables that cost more and shave worse. Post more Pictures!!

  8. It’s funny, as we get older we tend to look for things that make us happy and get obsessed with doing it (just an expression) and then we become experts. I never thought about using another razor, I just except the results because I don’t like to shave.

    But I think you now have my obsession gear in motion. 😉 Thanks for the great info Arief, I’ll be looking into a new razor soon.

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