My First Baby Butt Smooth Clean Shaven Face

How to Get a Baby Butt Smooth (BBS) Shave

It is really hard to get a baby butt smooth clean shaven face. After so many shaving moments, good ones and mishaps ones, I finally have one. This is overdue.

You could not imagine the happiness that I experienced. I was overjoyed that I kept smiling all day long.

Without further ado, here is my baby butt smooth clean shaven face. Yay!

Baby Butt Smooth

I finally found a good blade in the form of Astra Platinum. Yes, I only tried 2 brands so far. But I’m loving it. The blade just went surfing on my face with ease.  Cutting everything without any troubles.

I reapplied lather again for XTG pass and again for ATG pass. The holy ATG pass. I finally did it without injuring myself.

How to get a clean shaven face

This is the ritual that I did resulting in my baby butt smooth clean shaven face:

  1. Wash your face with a mild face wash. You need to clean baby butt smooththe obstacles for your blade.
  2. Warm your shaving area. A hot shower or a hot towel will do a fine job. I am still amazed at how I easily forget this step. A bad habit is really hard to break. Even my friends don’t do this step when they are shaving. So many people are wondering why they need to do this troublesome and watery step. Trust me! You will love your shave after this.
  3. Build up your lather. I was using a face lathering technique for the first time. I had no idea how to do it. I just followed the steps provided by my beloved friends at I was hooked instantly. Face lathering is much better than bowl lathering. I think I will never need to buy a lathering bowl. The part that I loved the most was the warm water in the brush. It kept the lather warm long enough on my face. Even for a re-applying session. Heck… It maintained heat for the whole shaving session.
  4. Use a new blade. I just opened a new blade. Astra Platinum. The fresh and the sharp new blade had done its wonder. It is a very sharp blade. It cut close, very close to the skin.
  5. Warm your blade. I don’t know if this was a crucial part or not. But I left my blade soaked in warm water. The water that I used for hot-toweling. I loved the feeling of the warm blade that did not cool down my lather. Before this, I always clean my razor in cold water. Warm lather was diminished immediately after the cold razor touched my skin.
  6. Do short passes. Ha-ha… I did remember to do short passes now. A very short pass. I had to force my hand to stop moving after each short pass. I did not want another face-ruining-incident.
  7. Across The Grain (XTG). I carefully did the second pass with XTG pass. My razor ate the remaining hair with a crunchy sound that I love. Yes. Razor makes a good crunchy sound when it does its job.
  8. Against The Grain (ATG). I did ATG only for finishing touches. I still miss some areas with WTG and XTG passes. I was so afraid of ATG. But the result was amazing. This ATG pass was the one responsible for the baby butt smooth shaven face I had. Be warned: ATG passes should only be done after you have become accustomed to WTG and XTG.
  9. Cold water wash. I washed the remaining shave cream away with cold water. This seals my pores and reduces the inflammation.
  10. Use an aftershave. You should always use an aftershave. I already posted the benefits of using an aftershave. You should read it here.

You should see how happy I was. It wasn’t shown, was it? I did not smile because I wanted to show how BBS my shave was.

A happy face

Benefits of a clean shaven face

  • It is clean. What? It is clean, right? You washed your face, scrubbing it with a shaving brush, removed dead skin cells by shaving and washed it again. It has to be clean.
  • You look younger. This is arguable but I do think that people with beards are looking older than their actual age. On the other side, people are always wrong when they are guessing my age. I am looking a lot younger than my actual age.
  • You look professional. A clean shave face somehow gives an impression that you pay attention to details. Of course, if you missed one or two hair, it will be sore to the eye of the beholder.
  • You look friendly. I always have a bit of scare when dealing with bearded people. I never know what inhabits the beard. I am afraid that a small alien head (Sigourney Weaver’s version) will pop up from there. Hey… Santa is included here.
  • You look more honest and believable. Have you seen any businessmen or politicians that wear a beard? If you know one businessman or politician that go with a beard on a daily basis, please let me know. I will have him (or her?) read this post. 😀 Do not mention George Washington era, please. They did not have the chance of reading this post!
  • Attracts women. With all the traits above, do you think a female will object? I think women will welcome a young, friendly, honest, professional and clean man.

How to keep a clean shaven face


Oh, come on. You know I am going to say that. There is nothing else that you can do about it. If you want a baby butt smooth shaven face, you need to shave. Daily if you must. Every other day is recommended for a sensitive skin person. You need to give your skin time to heal, too.

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18 Replies to “My First Baby Butt Smooth Clean Shaven Face”

  1. Hey there man!

    You make a lot of good points and I agree that I don’t think a women would object to a clean and shaven man. I think this is a lot of guys problem. They don’t pay attention enough to taking care of them selves and it reflects negatively towards who they are trying to attract. Every single day is the best policy. Thanks for the great read!


  2. Thanks for sharing your article. I will pass it on to my hubby. I didn’t know there were so many steps to shaving! I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but a clean shaven person does look more honest and believable.

    1. Great point, Yvonne. Yes, we should not judge a book by its cover but that is our first instinct. We could not help it. It is part of our hard written DNA to assess the situation of danger. 😀
      (No Alien, please)

  3. Hahaha. Loved the keep a shaving schedule bit. That’s totally true.
    I believe the secret is having your skin and blade warm. It always helped me with my BBS. Thanks for the additional great tips.

    1. You are most welcomed, Marcelo. I didn’t have a schedule before. Now, because I am addicted to shaving, I also don’t have a schedule. LOL.
      I want to shave the first moment I am able to shave. Mustache, please grow faster!!

  4. Hi Arief. Good job again on this page. I like the points you made about the benefits of a clean shave. I think you are right, people with beards do tend to look a little older!

  5. Hii Arief,
    That’s really a nice ritual you have used to get a baby butt smooth shave,I never have tried for a shave like that but at times you need them especially when you want to look much young then your true age isn’t it..nice post!

  6. I loved this post Arief. I totally agree with you, I trust a clean shaven face more, it is just a fact.

    I love nothing better than when my husband has just shaved and I can rub my face against him… too much info? Looking great, it looks like you’ve recovered from your little incident?

  7. Great tips and I just love the BBS reference. It really reflects the word smooth. How smooth? – baby butt smooth, lol! I need to work on that too but I’ve decided to go with a goatee now. I look so much older but my wife likes it. What can I say?
    If I was single I would do this all the time for sure. Really well done, thanks.

    1. I can’t grow my mustache or goatee. My wife prefers me clean shaven.

      Luckily, I love shaving so much now. Starting this journey on finding a better shaving experience really gives me tips and tricks on shaving.

      Thank you so much for stopping by, Peter.

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to get a shave that smooth. In fact, it annoys me so much that i often just grow out a beard. I have to agree with you about how people react to the beard though. I get little kids lookin at me all weird all the time when it’s grown out a bit. Next time I shave, I’m gonna try using this method. Thanks for the lesson Arief

  9. Fortunately for me, I don’t have to shave my face. I never realized that there was so much work involved! My boyfriend is Italian and has very course body hair as a result.

    I will definitely be sharing this article with him if you think it will help with his shaving too? Does this razor help with very coarse hair, do you think?

    I love the point you made about keeping a shaving schedule. We all should be taking care of ourselves or it may detract from many areas of our lives.

    Great article!

    1. Shaving differs from one person to another. You should find your own settings. I really recommend you and your boyfriend to try the traditional wet shaving. Yes, it involves so much work but it will be worth it. Just remember to find a nice razor and a blade that suit you.

      Happy shaving!!

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