Muhle R89 Safety Razor Review

Muhle R89 Safety Razor Review
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Muhle R89 safety razor has 3 variants. Choose one for your own or have all three of them. It is a great razor.

Its head design comes with a closed comb. It means that the razor might be considered a mild razor.

It is easy to use. Loading and unloading a razor blade need you to pay attention a little bit. You may accidentally touch the sharp edge of the blade. Do not shave if you are still sleepy or going into sleep mode.

Muhle is another German company that produces shaving products. We are going to review Muhle R89 Safety Razor Traditional, Twist, and Grande. Yes, Muhle R89 has 3 variants.

Muhle R89 Traditional Safety Razor

Dimension: 41 mm x 94 mm
Weight: 64 g

This is one of the perfect examples of a classic safety razor. It has 3 pieces. It means you have to dismantle the razor to 3 pieces before you can load a razor blade. It will fit a standard razor blade.

With the weight of 64 grams, this safety razor is considered light. The bulky look of its handle is a bit deceiving.

But the “light” weight has its advantage. It makes this razor a perfect transition from those plastic cartridge safety razors.

The biggest problem when you just transferred from the modern cartridge razor to a traditional wet shaving is balancing the pressure. You tend to overpressure your skin with modern cartridge razors and still have no nicks or cuts. It will be a different story with this safety razor. Overpressure will draw blood.

The full chrome plated razor is easy to take care for. All you need to do after using it is wipe it dry. (Be careful if a razor blade is still inside!) Of course for weekly or monthly maintenance, you will need a soft toothbrush and a mild soap. Brush all 3 pieces lightly with a mild soap. After rinsing, remember to completely dry it off with a towel. I never air dry a completely wet safety razor.

The handle knurling is a bit tricky. It mainly has vertical lines. No deep horizontal lines existed. It means when you are shaving from north to south, the razor may slip from your hand. You must remember this. Slippery when wet! 😀

You will need a short period of learning when you are new to this razor. Transitioning from a modern cartridge razor, all you need to remember is to use less pressure.

Get your Muhle R89 TRADITIONAL safety razor!


Muhle R89 Grande Safety Razor

Dimension: 41 mm x 107 mm
Weight: 80 g

I prefer this one in the weight category. It is significantly heavier than the traditional Muhle R89 safety razor.
Why? Because heavier razor uses its own weight as pressure onto your skin. All you need to do is glide the razor (without using additional force) to cut all your whiskers.

This version has longer handle. The longer handle is suitable for people with larger palms. It is 13mm longer. But for smaller hands like mine, the long handle is a bit difficult to maneuver.

Even though the handle is longer, the knurling style is still the same. Because of additional weight, the risk of slippery has increased. Just be careful not to drop loaded safety razor to any body parts.

This version is also full chrome plated. It will make the razor last a very long time. Just remember to dry the razor after every use. Do not wipe a loaded safety razor. The razor blade will easily cut you!

Muhle R89 Grande safety razor also has 3 pieces. All 3 pieces safety razors are a bit tricky when you are loading a blade. Not complicated, though. You just have to handle them on the holding side, not the sharp edge side. The advantage of having 3 pieces is it is easier to clean.

You will need a longer time for this learning curve if you just come from a cartridge razor. The weight of Muhle R89 Grande might throw you off. Just like any other traditional safety razor, do not use pressure when you are shaving. I just can’t stress that enough.

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Muhle R89 Twist Safety Razor

Dimension: 41 mm x 107 mm
Weight: 90 g

This version is different from its brothers. It has only 2 pieces. The base cap is adjoined with the handle. It has a release mechanism by twisting the handle at the bottom.

The Muhle R89 Twist safety razor is easier to use when you are loading/unloading the blade. You just need to put the blade on the base, cover it with the top cap, and twist the handle. Do it backward when you are unloading the blade.

The additional mechanism adds more weight to the razor. I am not too fond of this “heavy” weight. You will find the heavier the razor, the faster your arm and wrist get tired. I am not joking. Somehow, shaving can be a tiring session.
Lucky for me, my facial hairs are limited only on the mustache and small chin area.

Cleaning Muhle R89 Twist safety razor can be difficult at times. Mainly because you can have water inside the handle. The water can be trapped inside and starts a corrosion process to the open-close mechanism. I will advise you to add a small amount of mineral oil inside the handle after every cleaning process. (Baby oil will do just fine).
I always put a bit of mineral oil on every razor that I have. Especially my straight razor. If you plan to rotate your razors, you should oil each one of them. Because you don’t know how long before you are reaching for your current in use razor.

I love how my straight razor performs. You should try shaving with a straight razor. Check here for additional information on how to shave with a straight razor.

Get your Muhle R89 TWIST safety razor!


Conclusion for Muhle R89 Safety Razor Review

Muhle R89 safety razor has 3 variants. Choose one for your own or have all three of them. It is a great razor.

Its head design comes with a closed comb. It means that the razor might be considered as a mild razor.

It is easy to use. Loading and unloading a razor blade need you to pay attention a little bit. You may accidentally touch the sharp edge of the blade. Do not shave if you are still sleepy or going into sleep mode.

If you are still considering whether or not to buy Muhle R89 safety razor, just go ahead and buy one already! You will not be disappointed!


16 Replies to “Muhle R89 Safety Razor Review”

  1. I believe that Muhle R89 Traditional Safety Razor was exactly what I was looking as I transition to these models.
    Everything you said made a lot of sense and answered a few questions i had.

    1. Hi Marcelo,

      I am glad that you have decided to move to the more traditional way of wet shaving. Your decision will lead you to a better shaving experience. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask me.

    1. Hi William,

      If you like the barber experience, I will recommend you to get a straight razor.
      But for some people, it will be too scary. Just get this Muhle R89 for your first safety razor. It will not fail you to give a better shaving experience!

  2. Your reviews are always very informative! I love the idea of the lighter weight razor being a good transition to the heavier if coming from the plastic razors. Do you think these would be suitable for women’s legs?! I usually steal my partners razor (shhhhh!) – they just shave the hairs so much closer than women’s ones!

    1. Hi Angela,
      You should get this razor for your own. Safety razor has no gender preferences. It is just a razor. If you like a closer shave, this Muhle R89 safety razor is a perfect choice. Your “women” razor must be one of those plastic razors. They are performing rather poorly. You should stay away from them from now on. 😀

    1. Hi Daniel,
      I hope you are converting yourself to the traditional way of wet shaving. The journey to a better shaving experience is a never-ending one but it surely is fun!

  3. Thanks Arief for great review. I have been thinking about getting rid of my stubble and going clean shave but onlything that stopped me was the quality of disposable safety blades. Hence thinking about wet shave, I personally give Muhle R89 Grande Safety Razor a try to see how it goes, as you said its heavy and exerts its own pressure. What do think about my selection?

  4. Great reviewI will keep it in mind when I am ready to shave. I just don’t grow much facial hair, kind of sucks but its ok. However, I am still growing so I might need it in the future, thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Arief, I have always been a shaver person but after reading this I think I will change things up a bit and go for a razor. I like the style of it but I am concerned about drawing blood. I feel that no matter how safe I will try to be I will still get some blood.

    I think that I will go with your Grande recommendation. But do you have any further tips on using this particular variant? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Hi Owain,

      It is great to meet a fellow shaver. To change the game to the traditional wet shaving, you have to have a great starter razor. Muhle R89 Grande will be a great choice. I think for a start, you have to remember NOT to use any pressure. I just can’t stress that enough. Pressure and bad angle are the most common reasons why you draw blood.

      Just take it easy and let the razor glide. If the razor tugs, it means you are not using a sharp razor blade or your lather is too thick. Glide. Do not drag.

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