Micro Touch One and Dorco Blade

The Experience From Using Them Together

As you may already know by following my journey so far, I am using a Micro Touch One and Dorco blades for my initial step to the safety razor world. People congratulated me on having a mild razor for a start but immediately gave a warning on Dorco blade.

The Micro Touch One Razordouble edged safety razor

I was really excited at getting my first safety razor. Everyone said it is a mild one but I still have no comparison yet. This is the first and only one so far. I love how easy it is to handle, to use, and to clean. You can read the whole first experience in here.

I continue using this razor and now build some sort of addiction to shaving. I thought it was strange at first. You got cuts and nicks by using this razor but now you have a strange feeling that you want to do it again and again. I really am looking forward to shaving again.

I can’t wait for my mustache to grow again. Friends that I met in a shaving forum gave great suggestions. To make mustache grow faster, you need to do these steps:

  1. Stand on your head. Your mustache will grow faster as the hairs will receive more oxygen from the blood rushing to your head.
  2. Rub salt on your shaving area.
    • This will make the hair dry and thirsty.
    • Hold a glass of cold beer in front of your face, close to the shaving area.
    • The hairs will reach out to the glass to get it.
    • *Very* quickly tie a knot in each hair so it can’t retreat
    • BAM! You get a newly grown mustache!

I just can’t stop laughing after reading those suggestions. Can you imagine if it is that easy to grow a mustache? I will spend hours and hours of shaving and regrowing mustache. Maybe I will stop after having a razor burn.

Jokes aside. I found that this MTO razor is really easy to handle. I really have to remember not to use any pressure. One moment I forgot all about the pressure thing, the next thing I cut myself pretty deep. Using a safety razor is totally different from using a disposable multi blades razor.

One thing that I love about this mild razor is: it really is suitable for my rather sensitive skin.

The Dorco Blade

Micro Touch One came with Dorco blades. Dorco is a Korean based company that produce blades and razors. Not only those, but they also produce kitchen knives and cutters.

I had no other supplies for the blades. So I used them. Dorco blades gave mixed reviews. Most people kind of rejecting this brand while others support it.Dorco blades

Squire gave fantastic reviews on two of Dorco blades:

  • The Dorco ST300 (review in here)
  • The Dorco ST301 (review in here)

After using the Dorco blades supplied by MTO, I have to agree with Squire that these blades gave a decent shave. They are mild and forgiving. Not sharp enough for my style. They tug a bit every now and then. But for a beginner like me, these babies are enough for now. Like I said, I still cut myself using a mild blade.

I love the crispy sound when this blade cut my mustache. I don’t know if the sound came from just the cutting process or because the blade is not sharp enough. But the sound just increased my addiction to shaving even more.

The Two Together

The MTO razor is a mild razor and Dorco blade is a mild blade. The two combined together gave a very, very mild shave. This is good for a first timer in wet shaving. You will not get a BBS shave but it is a good enough shave.

You will improve your technique. I just did a really great shave with these two combined. I had no nicks. I did WTG and XTG passes. I stretched my skin during those passes. The razor just glided through my mustache cutting everything on its path. It was the smoothest shave since I learned to shave with a double edge safety razor.

A friend suggested me to change the blade with a sharp one. Change the brand. Find a more aggressive blade. A mild razor plus an aggressive blade will give me a better shaving experience. I think I will take on his advice.

Have you tried them?

Please give me your honest opinions below.  What do you think about these two combined? What razor and blade combination that you would suggest me to get?

If you want to find them at Amazon:

  • Micro Touch One, click here.
  • Dorco blade ST300, click here.
  • Dorco blade ST301, click here.


30 Replies to “Micro Touch One and Dorco Blade”

  1. Hi Arief.
    I was very interested to hear about your experience with this razor. My husband has been looking at them for some time and can’t decide if he wants to get one or not. It seems that you like this razor though, and I am going to pass this info on to him about it. I am glad you mentioned getting cut by it because you have to shave differently. Thanks for the insight. Have a great day.

    1. Hi, Jeni.

      Yes, please do pass the info to your husband. I assumed he used to shaving with a multiple blades razor. He will need all the information regarding a safety razor. This is truly a beginner’s razor. More aggressive razor will have to wait for a later stage. Your husband needs to forget everything about shaving and re-learn again with a safety razor.

    1. Hi, Peter.

      Yes, I agree. Everyone should try a safety razor for a more convenient shave. Find one that suits your technique. A mild razor is certainly suitable for a beginner.

  2. Hi Arief

    Oh my I had a good laugh about how to grow a mustache quicker. I am sure that holding a beer next to your skin would truly work knowing some men!
    I came across your post not because I have or want a mustache but just because I am intrigued by all the shaving options for men. My husband uses an electric shaver and my father always did a wet shave… now my husbands electric shaver is on its last legs and I want to buy him something new.
    So I am just looking around for now. Do you have any information on electric shavers too?
    I’m a little hesitant to get him anything different as a surprise as I have never known him to shave any other way…

    What do you think?

    1. Hi Lynne.

      I am glad that you had a good laugh. I did, too.
      As for electric shaver, I still have no answer to that. It is because deep down in my heart, I am really grown into a traditional wet shaver. I abandoned my electric shaver the first time I tried wet shaving.

      I know that electric shaver is hassle free. You just need to turn it on and shave. But I really recommend you to get your husband a wet shaving kit. This will improve his shaving experience. I promise.

  3. I was interested to hear about your knowledge with this razor. I have been examining them and looking at them in trying to decide if they would be a good gift idea.

  4. Hey Arief, great to hear your own insight on the micro touch one and the Dorco Blade, If someone’s in need of a shaver these two together are hard to go past, I know what I’m getting when my current shaver hits the dust!

  5. I had no idea shaving your face could be so complex! What do you think about using this razor or one like it on a woman’s legs? Too much ground to cover? I go through the disposables like crazy!
    Thanks for a fun, but useful, review!

    1. Yes, it is that complex. But very rewarding.
      You can use this razor for legs, too. But remember that there is a learning curve. The most important thing is not using any pressure at all.
      This is totally different from disposable cartridge razors, where you can apply strong pressure to your skin. If you use just a slight pressure with a safety razor, I will guarantee that you will draw blood.

      Get one for yourself and have fun shaving.

  6. I had been looking at these for a while and haven’t decided to get one yet. I was happy to read your review on it.

    What other brands are there besides the Doro brand? I think this would be a cheaper alternative to the Mach 3 Turbo I currently use. Those blades are high. They also tell you to switch your blades out once the green safety strip dissolves. How convenient that it dissolves before the first shave is even done! lol

    I also liked reading about the tips. They were awesome.Thanks

    1. Hi Jason.

      There are many blades available on the market. Such Astra, Voskhods, 7 O’Clock, Gillette Blue, Wilkinson Swords, etc. I have not the privilege to use other brands, yet.

      The safety strip is nonsense. I am also surprised on how easy it is to disappear. You should get yourself a safety razor. You will love it.

  7. My husband has been using two methods of shaving he go over with the electric shaver first then got onto the blades type shaver just so he can have a shave. But what you are recommended looks far must better. Is it available on Amazon UK?

  8. You seem to have developed a true passion in shaving. Which is great because I could use some suggestion for a problem that my brother and husband are dealing with. Shaving causes skin irritation. Do you have any advice on how to minimize this condition while shaving every day?

    1. Hi, Carolyn.

      Every time you shave, you will always give your skin an irritation. You are dealing with a sharp blade. To reduce the irritation, you have to prepare your shave very well. You have to do the pre-shave: a hot towel for 5 minutes and pre-shave oil, use a proper shaving cream (not the canned one), use a new blade, and always finishes with an aftershave.

      And if your skin is too sensitive, I recommend you to shave every other day. Let the skin heals first.

  9. This is awesome and as a “bearded bro,” I love trying new razors and have been looking for new ones to check out. These sound like two really great options that I am going to have to check out and with a recent Amazon gift card given to me over the holidays, it may make the perfect personal gift. Thanks for the great and humorous review!

    1. Hi, Howie.

      I love how you find the review enjoyable. I try to share what I experienced myself. I will not cover anything.
      You should check them out. But before you buy, please check other razors, too.

  10. Interesting article Arief. I’ve never seen this style of razor before, it seems to have a real authentic ‘old style’ shave look to it. As a girl, I wouldn’t mind giving it a try on my legs, but I do worry about cuts as it looks like there’s quite a technique to it! I tend to spend a bit on my razors to make sure I get ones that glide well and don’t nick. Interesting read, thanks!

    1. Hi, Yvette.

      It is based on the ‘old style’. The double edged safety razor needs a special technique to use, which is NO PRESSURE. You can not use pressure at all. Just remember this and you will be fine.
      Do use a proper shaving cream that gives you a slickness that you need. A canned shaving cream is a no no.

  11. Hi Arief!
    Very good article! I have been interested in trying this blade. I have a beard
    but keep it close cropped and trim it to a style. I am going to give the Dorca a try and I will post back my results.

    1. Hi, Dave.

      Dorco blade is considered a mild blade. If you really want to try this blade, find the ST301 ones. They are sharper than the ST300. But again, this is a YMMV experience. The choice is yours.

  12. I laughed at the beer and the mustache thing; I don’t use razors but this doesn’t seem like a regular razor though. If your not careful with razors you can really hurt yourself haha that’s why I just use a regular shaver. I bookmarked the site so keep it coming.

    Neat stuff!


    1. Actually, this should be a regular razor. Modern multiple blades razors are so bad in performing their intended purposes. Thank you for doing by, Chris.

  13. It is interesting how the safety razor is making a come back after all the “convenience” of disposable razors and electric shavers. I have heard people I know discussing the benefits and such. Some one brought up the good old barbers straight razor. Do you have any thoughts on those. I think that would require lots of practice and could be a bit dangerous.

    1. It does require you to practice before you use a straight razor on your face. I have not try a straight razor. I am currently learning a safety razor. After mastering it, I will move on to a straight razor.

  14. I bought the MTO razor at a Pilot truck stop for about $20 plus tax. Been trying electric shavers most of my 30 shaving years and never had a good one. Used Mach 3, couldn’t afford blades. Got this and used the 15 blades that came with it. Got about 4 good shaves per blade with minor nicks.Blades were Dorco 300s. Changed to Van Der Hagen blades and get a slightly smoother shave with fewer nicks. Dorcos are not bad, just be sure to use plenty of good shave soap or cream. Otherwise you will open some weepers.

    1. Micro Touch One is my first bought DE safety razor, William. I had bad experience with the Dorco blades. I tried the blade with other razor and still, it was not performing as good as I wanted it.

      As for Micro Touch One safety razor, it is a mild razor. I prefer an aggressive one. MTO will be a good beginner razor.

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