Merkur 37C HD Slant Bar Safety Razor Review

Merkur 37C HD Slant Bar Safety Razor Review
  • Quality
  • Handling
  • Weight and Balance
  • Aggressiveness
  • User Friendliness
  • Blade Replacement Easiness
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This Merkur 37C Slant Bar safety razor is not your average safety razor. Its slant bar makes it an efficient safety razor. It just needs 1 pass to clean your face. Be careful when you are loading the blade. Make sure that the blade is aligned properly before using it.

A suitable razor for people that is always in a rush.

Merkur 37C Slant Bar Safety Razor What Is A Slant Bar Safety Razor?

Before we review Merkur 37C HD slant bar, we should address what is a slant bar. A slant bar safety razor is a razor that has a head that is leaning toward one direction. The razor blade is not leveled. No. This is not an error. It is specifically designed with a tilted razor blade position.

Why A Slant Bar Safety Razor?

I am one amongst the people that raised their eyebrows when I heard there is a slant bar safety razor. I thought why ruin a good leveled bar designed. Did they do it on purpose? Or was it an accidental flaw in the production? We are never going to find out.

But slant bar safety razor makers are claiming that this type of razor performs better than the conventional ones. At least in the efficiency area.

And their claim had some backups. A lot of people love using a slant bar because they feel it is very efficient. You just need a single pass to mow down every single hair.

Merkur 37C HD Slant Bar Safety Razor

This another product from Merkur, Solingen, Germany. The Merkur razor company is actually owned by Dovo. Merkur 37C just look almost the same like Merkur 34C. The difference is with the slant bar. This is another good product from Merkur.


The Weight of Merkur 37C Slant Bar Safety Razor

I always consider the weight of a safety razor important. I came from a modern cartridge razor which has no weight at all. All plastic components make the razor so light that I have to use pressure when I shaved. This is a bad practice if you are using Merkur 37C Slant Bar. It will cut deep into your skin if you have a bad habit of using extra force.

The weight of 80 grams will definitely help you to use no pressure at all. The weight of the Merkur 37C slant bar will be sufficient as a pressure. You do not need to put extra force. Just let the razor glides.


The Body of Merkur 37C Slant Bar Safety Razor

Just like Merkur 34C, this razor is made from brass and plated with chrome. The handle is about 8.5 cm (3.25″). It gives enough room to hold the razor properly.

If you have large hands, this razor may not suit you well. I love the “rather short” handle because it gives me more control. I usually hold the razor very near to the head. That’s why I prefer a rather short handle. A longer handle doesn’t change how I use the razor and is not necessary for me.

The knurling of the handle helps you grip properly in the wet environment. It is quite gritty.


The Performance of Merkur 37C Slant Bar Safety Razor

You are going to love this razor. It performs like a magic. Somehow, the slant head gives a more efficient cut than a regular head.

A lot of customers are praising its ability to cut all the hair in just one single pass. If you are in a hurry, this razor will help you save a lot of time. No need for a second pass. All you need is to properly hold the razor and shave away.

You may find that this razor is too aggressive. If you do, the main problem is the technique that you use. Check your angle of approach. An efficient razor is not equal to an aggressive razor.

You may also need to check the blade alignment. You may think that because it is a slant bar, Merkur 37C doesn’t need an aligned blade. But it does! You have to make sure that the blade is aligned properly to the head before using it.

I will recommend you to get this razor as your second razor. A slant bar will need an extra attention. You may cut yourself if you are careless. A lot of people DO NOT recommend you use a Feather blade. You should try using other blades. Get a sample pack for this razor to find a suitable match.

Get your 37C HD Slant Bar Safety Razor here.


The Price of Merkur 37C HD Slant Bar Safety Razor

Merkur is producing high-quality razors. With that in mind, I can safely say that Merkur razors are not cheap. Yet, they are not too expensive, too. After all, these kinds of razors are built to last a lifetime. Heck, I even have a razor that was born in the 1920s. An (almost) century razor I named it. Way older than me.


Pros and Cons of Merkur 37C HD Slant Bar Safety Razor


  • A very efficient safety razor. This razor just needs one pass to shave all those whiskers.
  • Heavy razor. The weight of the razor is sufficient to produce the necessary pressure.
  • Chrome finish. It gives the razor a beautiful sparkle and a smooth surface.
  • Good knurling. It gives a good grip with the perfect grit design.
  • A long history. Produced by one of the best shaving tool companies.
  • A single blade razor. You should know that multiple blades can cause skin irritations.


  • Some people find that this razor is too aggressive.
  • You might have a rather steep learning curve. You need time to accustomed yourself with the slant angle and have a good shave.
  • Not cheap


Even though it is considered a rather expensive razor, you should get this razor for yourself. It is a very efficient razor. A good thing to have when you are in a rush and expect a very clean shave. You just need one pass to have a very acceptable shave.

Just remember that you are using a Merkur 37C HD Slant Bar safety razor. Not an ordinary bar safety razor. You may need to adjust your angle and technique for a while.

Get your 37C HD Slant Bar Safety Razor here.

Do you already have Merkur 37C Heavy Duty Slant Bar Safety Razor?

What is your opinion on this safety razor?

Has it helped you in your journey to find a better shaving experience?

Please give me your comments below!



10 Replies to “Merkur 37C HD Slant Bar Safety Razor Review”

  1. Great post! Very informative. I’ve been using a subscription service for my multi-blades plastic razor. I keep going back-and-forth on moving forward with getting safety razor. What would you recommend for someone who has no experience whatsoever with a safety razor, is interested in seeing what it’s like, but doesn’t want to invest a lot of money just to try it out? Thanks!

  2. Hello this is pretty interesting – I have been shaving a long time and just come to know about this product. Normally I prefer the most used ones Gillette which we all are aware of, But from your review and the videos I saw in the post I’m gonna buy and try it. Also some few questions how Much does it weigh as it looks like a solid steel and are the blades replaceable?

    1. Hi Manasir,
      You can see the post again for the weight. For the blades, they are very cheap. You can even get 100 blades at ridiculously cheap (around $10) at Amazon. You can check my reviews on those blades here.

    1. Well.. I am here to provide alternatives to a specific brand. I am willing to try other products to share their pros and cons so men can have a better shaving experience.

  3. Great review, I really like the Merkur 37c but it is a little out of my price range for a razor, are there any other razors out there that are more affordable? Thanks.

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