Meet The Bunny Razor Creator – An Interview

Meet The Man Behind The Bunny Razor

We should meet The Bunny Razor creator because I have been enjoying reports of great shaves from the Beta Testers. Even though The Bunny Razor is already version 3, it is still at its beta stage.

There has been one interview done by Matt from I will not ask the same questions because we really want to know more about Tom White and his creation.

The Interview of The Bunny Razor CreatorTom White The Bunny Razor creator

Tom’s words will be in italic.

  1. There were people asking me about details about The Bunny Razors. They thought I was you. How should I direct them to you? Or how can people contact you?

           The easiest way to contact me would be thru The Shave Den Forum. I am on there almost every day.

  1. I know that there are several Bunnies that are currently travelling around the world. How many to be exact? And where are they now? Where can we see them?

          Good question I had to stop and think about that one.  There are 11 Bunny V-3’s and 2 Bunny V-2’s. I have one of each myself, along with my initial Bunny. So there are 16 total Bunnies in the world.

  1. Can people volunteer to be your beta testers? What are the requirements? How long do you expect this Beta Testing period?

            There are sign ups going on 2 Forums right now. The Shave Den and The Shaving Room. The latter is mainly members from the UK and Europe. There is also one floating around Australia right now. That is on a very limited pass around. So if somebody is interested I suggest checking the appropriate Forum. I have Bunny Reps doing the pass arounds. I have no sway in the pass arounds.The Bunny Razor BV3

  1. What are the results so far? From the beta testers? Are they enjoying your Bunny Razor?

         Overall the feedback has been pretty positive. To be honest it is going much better than I expected it to. As you all may know by now. I only made the razor to begin with for myself.

Most of the testers seem to like how they shave. Lots of fof people comment on how smooth it is. Almost like it is not cutting, when it is.

  1. What are the unexpected results? How are you going to deal with them?

        That is a tough question too. The really unexpected result is that people seem to like it. I am pretty pleased with that. As for things that need to be addressed, Tightening up the mainspring is a thing to be dealt with. I intentionally left a .1 mm gap for ease of loading blade. In hindsight, that was not a wise decision. Luckily it is an easy fix with existing Bunnies. Easy fix if I move forward.

That is the main thing. Other things are more on a personal level for people. Like changing head angle to make it more like other razors. Possible grooves for better grip. This is not an issue for myself and others. Some would like to see it.

  1. What will be the major change for BV-4, if you are going to make one right now?

       That would be the spring modification. I am waiting for more feedback to make other decisions.The Bunny Razor BV3

  1. You said this is going to be just a hobby. You were a bit reluctant about making this a business. Has this change?

          As I have stated before, I had no intentions of making razors for sale. Others have been very excited about a new injector for the market. At this time I am still checking my options. This is a very difficult decision to make.

  1. If you are going to sell the Bunny Razor now, what is the price range you have in mind?

       I cannot even venture a guess on that. It will not be a $50 razor I can tell you that. It takes me several hours to make each one. They are all handmade basically. That does not lend itself to mass production.

  1. Again, another if, what is going to be inside the package? Will you include the injector blade? Maybe a TSD soap? Or make it an optional?

         I have not even considered that far down the road. A razor stand would be included for sure.

  1. I know people use Kickstarter to fund their projects. Will you consider this and start to produce them for the future backers? Hopefully in the near future.

        This is one of the many things that I have to consider.

Final thoughtsThe Bunny Razor BV-3

I am blown away by the interest of the Forum people. I am humbled by all of the positive feedback. If nothing ever comes from this, I am very pleased that I created a fine shaving tool. YMMV.

I am so impressed by the work of Tom White. Sadly, my current living location is in Asia, which does not have a Beta Tester region. I just can’t wait to see it goes into production. So I can buy and use the Bunny.

Or Tom can PIF the Australian Bunny to me as it is the closest place. *hint hint* I know the Australian people will not easily let this bunny go, though.

Do spread this news to the world. Tom’s work needs more global recognitions. This will help Tom when he decided to make it a business.

If you are interested in becoming a Beta Tester, visit The Shave Den Forum or The Shaving Room. You have to follow the rules given there. Tom has already given the authority to each of Bunny representatives. Introduce yourself to them. Hurry up! It is based on first come first serve rule.

For US West Coast Beta Tester, sign up here. (Mississippi is the middle point)

For US East Coast Beta Tester, sign up here.

For Canada Beta Tester, sign up here.

For UK Beta Tester, sign up here.

For Europe Beta Tester, sign up here.The Bunny Razor BV-3

The Bunny Razor uses an injector blade. Get your blade here before you receive The Bunny Razor.

If you have never read the history this man made, please check The Bunny Razor Project – Part One, Part Two, and Part Three. After reading all of those reports, you will definitely want to be a beta tester.

If you have questions that you want to ask Tom, the Bunny Razor Creator, please leave them down below.



22 Replies to “Meet The Bunny Razor Creator – An Interview”

  1. Hi, is the bunny razor just for men? I’m always looking for better razors to shave my legs. Also, I enjoyed the opportunity to hear from someone who is in the beginning successful stages of starting a business. It’s nice to hear how things develop organically. I wish Tom the best of luck with the bunny razor. Thanks for the good info. Alyssa

    1. The Bunny Razor is not limited to men. It had been tried by a woman. She was satisfied by the performance. If you are interested, go to the appropriate thread and sign up to be a beta tester. Tom will definitely want more female point of views.

  2. Hi, Arief. I am always looking for better razors! So I take it this isn’t disposable? I never know how long to keep the ones that aren’t disposable. lol I am glad to see there is a version for women. Nice Post.

  3. Hi Arief, Thanks for this information! When I first opened this post, I thought, “What?! A razor to shave rabbits!”, now I know it’s a razor for humans. What makes the Bunny razor, better or different from your standard razor? Can you purchase it in a store or is it still being tested?

  4. Hi,

    That is a really nice and interesting razor. If they are cheap and effective I might consider trying them out. I was looking to change my razor type because I am not so pleased with the results.


    1. The Bunny Razor is still not available for market yet. You have to be a beta tester to try it out. It is so simple to apply. You just need to sign up according to the closest region to where you live.

  5. What an interesting idea! This would make a great gift too. Are the razors available in Belgium? I noticed that the beta razors are available in Europe. Also, are they specifically for men? Ladies need a good shave too 😉

    1. They are not for sale at the moment, Liz. You can sign up to be a beta tester in Europe. This Bunny Razor is for every gender, just like every razor is. Go ahead and try it.

  6. I think that this bunny razor is going to please many people. It seems to be a great product as many people who shave, loves a great shave, including me and not to mention my husband. But I didn’t see in the post where it talks about how good or how close it shaves. Is there information in this post on that subject? My husband won’t buy a razor that doesn’t include this information. I know that it handles well, but are there reviews from actual people who have tried the bunny razor? If so, it would be greatly helpful to mention it’s great performance in this post. I like the way it’s made and how it looks, very sleek and well made. Great invention!

  7. I’ve never heard of the bunny razor before now, but it sounds really cool! I think this is something my husband would really like and be into doing. I wonder if it’s just for men or if they make these for women too? The product looks really nice, and the review of the razor itself is very informative!

    1. The Bunny razor is not gender related. So any female wants to use it is always welcomed. Go ahead and register yourself as a beta tester.

  8. What can I say Arief, you definitely bought me with the idea of the Bunny Razor. I should join the Bunny Uk forum to find out more. And I can’t believe how much there is out there to learn about the art of shaving, for both men and, unfortunately, women! I found your website really interesting, and I’ll certainly keep visiting it. Well done! Giulia 🙂

    1. There are definitely more to learn. I am glad that you are willing to find out more about The Bunny Razor. You are going to enjoy your findings.

  9. That is incredible that this handmade razor is constructed so meticulously. With the amount of work that goes into it, it is more like a work of art. How does this razor work differently than others and what makes it better than others? This is an exciting glimpse at a potentially awesome product!

    1. Hi Christina,

      Most beta tester would say that they have found the angle of approach is way different than any other razors on the market. They also found that the Bunny Razor seemed not to cut the whiskers but actually it did. It cut so smoothly that they have a hard time feeling the cut.

      You should check the journey of the Bunny Razor.

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