How to Shave

I really don’t know how to shave. The first time I shaved, I used disposable cartridge razor. That was an unpleasant experience that I have to endure for several years. I use this for a couple of years. GilletteGoal

Hey! I don’t know any better and my late father was using this all the time! And as manly as he was, he never uses soap nor any other shaving cream. Can you imagine I follow the same footsteps?


How to Shave

Finally, I learned how to shave by experiences!

(Girls! You can also use this tips on shaving! Yeah I know, not your face, but maybe on your legs!)

1. Wash your face

You really need to prepare your face for shaving. Wash your face with WARM water but I prefer hot water. Not the burning kinda hot, just hot enough. I find it the hot temperature make your hair soften faster than just warm water. Also, it is because my face is a bit oily and hot water takes the oil away better. Your choice, yeah?

2. Put a lathering soap / shaving cream

You really need to put shaving cream. It will help your razor to glide and cut your beard smoothly. Dry shaving will eventually nick and cut you. Not a great picture!

3. Shave your face

This is a bit tricky. You need to stretch your skin a bit to give a “flat” surface. Start shaving with the grain of your hair. (What?) It means that you follow where the flow of your hair grows. Usually, it follows gravity. So you start from top to the bottom.

Let your razor glides smoothly. Do NOT use pressure. Shave all your hair in this first attempt.

After that, put another layer of shaving cream. This is to accommodate the second attempt. For this attempt, you need to glide your razor sideway. From left to right or from right to left. Depend on which side of your face.

For third attempt and final move, put shaving cream again. This move will give you the smooth face you are searching for. You have to glide your shave ACROSS the grain. Remember what grain is? OK. It means you are going from bottom to the top.

4. Aftershave

Clean your face with cold water. It will help to close your pores. Use after shave lotion or cream afterward. (Please do the Home Alone scream!)

Home Alone Scream

5. Go with confidence

You have your very smooth and clean face now. Why don’t you show it to the world?

If you are wondering how exactly to do all that and need the video tutoring, I will give you a video from Gillette down here.



4 Replies to “How to Shave”

  1. Disposable razors are tough. What is your recommendation for an electric razor. My skin is very weak and I cut easily. I would love to hear your reco’s for electrics, Please.
    Thanks, Peter

    1. Hi Peter,

      I am so sorry that I couldn’t give you a straight answer. I will give you an update on that topic when I finish reviewing electric razors.
      Thank you for reaching us!

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