How Often Should You Shave?

How Often Should You Shave?

This is a question that so many men (and women) ask. They are wondering how often should they shave. Sadly, there is no definitive answer to this question. Shaving is a very YMMV (your mileage may vary), a very personal experience.

Let’s see some aspects that may vary your mileage.


Your Hair Type

This is the key actor here. Your hair type is the one that will define your shaving habit. If you have a fine hair, then shaving daily might not be in your routine.

But if you have a coarse hair, your stubbles might give you a scruffy looking Han Solo look. (Or to be exact: Why… you stuck up… half-witted… scruffy-looking… Nerf-herder!).

You should shave your face daily. Yes. I will be judged for advising this. But here are the reasons:

  1. You will have a clean-shaven look every day.
  2. You will have no problem with ingrown hairs.
  3. You will have a good smell from your aftershaves every day.
  4. You will cycle your soaps and blades much faster. (I know you know why!)

Do you have other reasons so I can add here? 😀


Your Skin Type

Depending on your genetic coding, your skin will definitely differ from other people. Even with your parents. A father may have a normal skin and his boy may have a sensitive skin.

If you have a normal skin, you are blessed with the opportunity to have a daily shave routine.

If you have a sensitive skin, you may want to separate your shaving rituals between two-three days.

I think I have a normal to sensitive skin. In certain areas, I easily get razor burns. I have to pay extra attention to my angle and pressure when I shave.

It has been a year since I started a traditional wet shaving habit. Do you know that I still get nicks, cuts, and razor burns? Not every time, though.They happened when I didn’t pay attention to my angle and pressure.

Thankfully, I have created my own shaving soap that performs excellently. It gives a slick and protective layer that makes shaving really easy.


How Often I Shave My Face?

Understanding our own face is something that we should do. My skin type does not allow me to shave too often. Not too mentioned that my hair grows a day and a half to have a shave worthy stubbles.

That is why I only shave every 2 days or more. Even though I want to shave every day, I can’t risk my face to have too many razor burns.


How Often Should You Shave Your Bikini Area?

This question always come up when I talk about How often should you shave your bikini area- be shavedface shaving. Weird, right? Since it needs an answer, I will try to give it to you.

First of all, your bikini area is a very sensitive area. You should not use a shaving soap that has menthol in it. Menthol tends to “burn” your genital area. Use non-mentholated and non-perfumed shaving soap for this area.

Second, you need to trim your pubic hair to its shortest length possible. It will make your shaving a lot easier.

Alright. After we cover the most basic thing to do for shaving your bikini area, let’s get to the answer. The answer is every 3-4 days.

Why not every day? The answer is already stated above. Your bikini area is a very sensitive area. You do not want it to be exposed to a sharp blade every day. Let your bikini area heal for a day and let the hair grows for another 2-3 days.

3 days pubic hair growth will not make a bush. It will be short enough that you don’t have to trim it but long enough for a safety razor to cut nicely.

How Often Should You Shave Your Legs?

This question came not only How Often Should you shave your legs - Be Shavedfrom women but also from men. Yes. From MEN, too.

I think this happens because running has become a major hobby. I see a lot of my friends posting their 5K, 10K, or even a Marathon photos. They run like it is their day job.

From them, I got this question. I think the answer is very simple. If you want a smooth leg every day, please shave every day. The skin and hair on your legs are more resilient than on your face. You can “abuse” them every day. Just remember to put a plenty amount of aftershave and lotion after each shave.


How Often Should You Shave Your Armpit?

I prefer people doesn’t have hair in their armpit. Especially, for women. But my preference should not brainwash you to have a clean armpit. 😀

This area is a very tricky part. Its area is not an area that can be easily shaved.How often should you shave your armpits - Be Shaved

When you shave your armpit, remember to stretch it to the flattest surface possible. Then, with no pressure, glide your razor to cut all the hair there.

Of course, you should apply a shaving lather there. I recommend a mentholated shaving soap for this area. A cool armpit is a nice thing to have in this tropical paradise.

For the frequency, please shave every week or when your armpit hair is too visible.


Final Thoughts

When you are wondering how often should you shave, one thing to remember is this is your own body. You decide when and how you should shave.

  • If you want to grow a beard, so grow a beard.
  • If you want to have a bush, then have a bush
  • If you want to have hairy legs, then have hairy legs
  • If you want to have hairy armpits, please don’t. 😀

I need to draw a line somewhere, right?

Please take care when you are shaving. Consider all factors: your hair type, your skin type, your razor, shaving soap, shaving brush, etc. 

How often do you shave? Please share below!




20 Replies to “How Often Should You Shave?”

  1. Hi Arief,

    Great post, love your humour! I generally shave most days but there are times especially on holidays where I tend to let it go for 3 or 4 days and I don’t mind that but it does give me the uncouth look a little haha!

    Is there an organic aftershave that you know of? Have been trying to find one for a while that has no additives. Keep up the great work,


    1. Hi Kev,

      It is your face after all. You decide when you want to look sharp. 😀

      I think the term “organic” may confused some people. All I know so far, aftershave mainly consist of alcohol and antiseptics. Added perfume just that, added perfume.

  2. I actually loved reading this post and it made me chuckle. I am single, and so I shave legs when needed, especially if I am seeing someone. And I shouldn’t admit this, but when I am not, I can go a week without shaving until I realize it is feeling pretty hairy. Yep always shave the arm pits. Bikini area, yeah about once a week, and you a right a good trim first is best.

    1. Hi Matt’s Mom,

      Thank you for your honesty. I am not judging you for not shaving for a week. 😀
      It is your own body. I am glad that you are taking care of it.

      And.. Woohoo!! An agreement that armpits should be clean! Thanks!

  3. Great article, Arief! I had to chuckle at a few parts and I agree with you on the armpit part!! I enjoy having a short beard since my skin is so sensitive but if I am actively shaving then I tend to have to shave everyday since my beard grows in pretty quickly.

    1. Yes, Jamie! I couldn’t bare to see a bush on armpits. 😀

      I wish that I can shave every day, too. My skin always needs a day or two for healing. But it is alright. It makes my stubble easier to shave.

  4. Great article! ” A cool armpit is a nice thing to have in this tropical paradise.” I love it! I never really paid much attention to how often to shave but I guess it makes sense that shaving is a part of taking care of your body. I think I’m going to have my husband read this also, he’ll find this very interesting!


    1. Hi Ally,

      Thank you for stopping by. Shaving is indeed a part of taking care of your body. I hope your husband can find my website useful.

  5. Interesting article on shaving your face and areas of your body. Genetics does play a huge role in how often you should shave. My mom and sister have very little hair and rarely shave. Unfortunately I take after my dad and need to shave at least every 2-3 days! Lucky me!

    1. Hi Sandra,

      You are blessed. Shaving, while it is a chore, can be a fun hobby. I know that I am addicted to shaving. I managed to collect some razors, blades, and soaps. 😀
      Thankfully, I am in control again or else my wallet will have a bigger hole. 😀

  6. Hello Arief,
    This will be the first place I will go to once I start to shave (I’m still a “kid” FYI). I never knew that shaving could be so complicated. I also feel sort of sad because I think I have sensitive skin. I’ve learned so much about shaving. Thanks Arief.


    1. Hi Benson.

      It is great that you have found this place now. Learn early so you can have a pleasant shaving experience later. I meant, I didn’t have anyone teaching me the right way to shave.

      Explore more. Learn from my mistakes and from others’.

      Have a pleasant shaving experience!

  7. We are confounded by modern methods that reliably produce BBS, but at the cost of the stratum corneum. I would advocate not removing it in the first place, rather than waiting to heal.

    Accommodate this limit by varying the closeness rather than the interval. If I only consider the feel when stroking the beard WTG, and shave when the entire beard is palpable as stubble, that equates to daily shaving. I “take a break,” by not shaving close on a given morning. The growth only becomes socially unacceptable at night, yet there is a certain stubble length that I can bear to sleep on.

    1. Hi Thad,

      Thank you for sharing. I, too, accept a certain stubble length before I have to shave again.

      You are right that modern methods cut our dead skin cells too deep trying to produce a BBS shave. That’s why I reverted my way of shaving to a traditional wet shaving. It is better to have a good skin than a BBS full of razorburns.

  8. Pretty interesting article. It’s a good point how you bring up all the different types of people and their skin types etc. Me personally, I can’t shave every day because my skin gets too irritated and I break out. Good info

    1. Hi Jeff,

      If you have a sensitive skin, it is better to shave every 2-3 days. Give your skin a chance to heal every time. Or try having a beard. A healthy skin is a better choice.

  9. HI there,

    Great article, thanks for creating and sharing it with us. It is really appreciated, thanks.

    I tend to be very much like Barny Rubble from the flintstones and have tough leather like skin and tend to shave either daily or twice daily no soap, lather or foam just under then shower and no mirror and rarely cut or nick myself – is there any damage that I am doing to my skin?

    I tend to also shave my head (same manner as above) any indication as to how often?

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      I am not a stylist so my comment may not be taken seriously here. 😀
      Your link already shows different styles for different face types. Don’t go other ways. Your face type is the most important feature. Your mustache must complement it.

      Just take care your beard with appropriate beard oils.

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