How to Grow a Long Beard

How to Grow a Long Beard (or a Short Beard) – Can I?

The simplest way on how to grow a long beard is just let it grow. Put away your shaver and your razor.

But wait… there’s more to it than you (or most men) think. You may want to maintain your beard and style it.


Can I Grow A Beard?

Let’s tackle the first and most important issue: can I grow a beard? For most men, yes. If you have facial hair then the answer is yes.

Genetics is the main reason for the answer. No matter how hard you try, buy some “beard grower” etc, if you have a clean face, you will not grow a beard.

Genetics will also play a big part on which style suit your face. A long beard for one person may not be suitable for the other. You may want to trim your beard so you have a short beard.


Can I Grow My Beard Faster?

Patience. It is the key to can-i-grow-a-beard-faster-be-shavedgrowing your beard. Beard is not measure in length. It measures in months. So you will say I have a 1 month beard or 3 months beard or a yeard (year old beard). You may not exceed your maximum length your genetics allow.


How to Grow a Long Beard?

Like I said, patience is the key. Put off your razors and shavers. Have in mind for what kind of beard style that you want. Each month length presents its own challenge.

The first two weeks will give your best itch ever. The reason for this is your facial hair is long enough to curl back and poke your skin. After all, the hair has a spearhead because of the last cut.

Be brave and be a man! The poking will last for another week. Use a lot of moisturiser like beard oil. It will help to soften the beard and make it more kissable.

At a month old beard, you will notice that your beard itch less. It is a bit wild looking, though. You may want to trim it a bit.

Make sure that you only trim your neckline, upper cheek, and your upper lip mustache. Be careful. Your hand might have a muscle memory. Yes, you might end up shaving your beard off.

You shouldn’t look to style your beard at this stage. After all, the stubble is too short anyway. Just trim it.

I recommend you to use scissors when trimming your mustache. It will give you full control. Avoid using a clipper. A clipper may accidentally clip a lot more than you are willing to do.

With the cheek line, just trim away some rogue stubbles that are out of your cheek line.


After 2 Months – Fun in Growing a Beard

This is really where the fun having-fun-how-to-grow-a-beard-be-shavedbegins. You will start noticing that your straight beard start to curl or becomes wavy. It all depends on your DNA code. You may think that your beard has gone wild.

You need to wash your beard thoroughly. This is like hair on your head. I have heard that you need to wash your beard weekly, but I prefer to wash it daily. Just use a mild shampoo.

The reason why I recommend to wash it daily is because you expose your beard to a lot of elements. One thing for sure is food. Food is the ultimate pollutant for your beard. Food crumbs can easily entangle inside your beard.

Daily washing and combing are the appropriate ways to maintain your beard. Add beard oil or beard balm when you are combing. Apply it when your beard is still damp. You can blow dry it when needed.


Long Beard VS Short Beard

Corporate people might allow you to have a short nicely trimmed beard. It will give you a professional look rather than a scruffy untamed look. You may have this look up to 2 months length beard. You will need to trim your beard weekly to maintain this look.

If you choose to have a long beard, you have to make sure that your working environment allows this look. Some companies will allow some facial hair present but some other will prohibit any at all. Check your Human Resource Department before you plan on growing a long beard. You do not want to get a warning letter because of your chosen look.

But, hey… It is your face and it is your life. You may choose whatever look that you want. A long beard has its perks. Of course, you may need to change work if your company does not allow a long beard.


First Time Growing A Beard

You will have a lot of question about your beard when you hit the two weeks growth. People will start asking if you are growing it. Especially from your closest and loved ones. They are the ones that will notice first.

A change of look will always draw attention. You should be prepared for it. The easiest way is simply to answer them: “Yeah, I’m growing it now.” Then ask them for their support.

If they insist on having your how-to-grow-a-short-beard-for-the-first-time-be-shavedold beardless look, please explain nicely to them that you really want to try a new look. You are changing some aspects to your life. If they do not support it, illuminate them that they might make it to those “some aspects”. 😀

Oh.. I have to remind you that growing a long beard is a physical activity. It means that you need to eat well and sleep well. You do not want to grow a bad beard because you neglect its nourishment. Actually, just eat well and sleep well whether you grow a beard or not.


Final Words on How To Grow A Long Beard

You should follow this if you want to grow a long beard:

  1. Put away your razors and clippers for at least a month
  2. Keep your beard clean and healthy. Use beard oil or beard balm.
  3. Trim as necessary.
  4. Eat well and sleep well.


Do you (or for your loved one) want to grow a beard? What makes the decision?




6 Replies to “How to Grow a Long Beard”

  1. I have struggling to grow long beards because my religion demands men to be with long beards, but due to maybe my genetic formation, I have not managed to see my beards growing.

    But three weeks ago when I came across your edition, I quickly thought of securing myself beards oil and today after three weeks my beards have grown about 10cm.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Jose,

      I am glad that you have found this website useful. It definitely is in our DNA whether or not we can grow a beard. I think in your case it is the nourishment issue. After you use a beard oil, you can see that your beard is growing nicely.

      Congratulations! I hope that you can have the beard that you dream of!

  2. I did not know the genetics factor about growing a beard. However I want to ask my friend cuts his bear little bit in a month, he says it grows faster. Do you think is that accurate. If it is true I will do the same:)

  3. Great article on growing a beard. I come from a place where beards are common due to religious preferences and I’ve never known my dad to be without one. I don’t mind growing a beard but my wife does, so ultimately I don’t usually get past the one week stage. Actually, I prefer growing a beard because I’m a lazy shaver.
    I never knew about beard oil but it stood out because of the “kissable” aspect. I might have to give it a try 🙂

    1. Many people grow beards because of religious preferences. That’s why a lot of people do not know how to care for their beard properly. They just know that they have to grow beards. I just hope that you can convey this article’s message and start telling them to use beard oils.

      Isn’t it taking care of oneself an act of praise to God?

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