Gillette Goall II Review – An unfair judgement

Or Gillette Good News or Gillette Blue II review.

I really wanted to give this Gillette Goal II a fair review. But I can’t.

I have been using this product since the beginning of my manhood (aka the first time me shaving). I just use what my father been using all this time.  My father was a loyal user of this product.  I never saw him use another razor.

By the way, why the different name and color? I suspect Gillette customized it for every marketing scheme on each country. Yellow in my country and Blue in another country.

I can easily say this is the beginner’s razor.  Most of my friends use these disposable shaving razors because they are easy to use and for the sake of having shaving experience.  We were a teenager and we don’t have money to buy expensive razors or even electric razors.  What would our parents say when we asked them to buy us expensive razors and we didn’t know how to use them? So we went for the cheapest available ones.


You can find these babies everywhere. I mean literally everywhere.  From small kiosk to big chain supermarket.  They are very easy to find.

These twin blade razors have the best value for money feature. They are so cheap yet they get the job done. They cut the hair so smoothly that I only do the-follow-the-grain-cut and against-the-grain-cut. Nothing fancy. Just like that and my face is clean.

And as a teenager, I (or we) tend to misplace everything.  So when I was asked what happened to the last razor, I just said it just got dulled and needed to buy a new one.  It is so cheap that my parents never ask for more information and just got me another one. (In my country you can easily buy only 1 piece).

People tend to get the expensive razors for the sake of expensiveness. But I will give these razors the credits when they due. They got the job done. Sure, if you are a beginner, you can easily get nicks and burns, but they got the job DONE.  And they give you the first best experience in shaving should you choose another razors.


I will give these razors a 7 out of 10.  I will always return to this razor when I am out of town and forget to bring my razor.

You should TRY them yourself.

Gillette Disposable Razor

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4 Replies to “Gillette Goall II Review – An unfair judgement”

  1. Hi arief, This is a faithful razor. I have tried to find better ones, the 3 4 blade one, but they just don’t do the job very well. Perhaps they are just overkill? Anyways gillette Goal II works real well for the price.

  2. I agree Gillette razor has been the one I’ve used for years. How ever in last 2 years I’ve been using electrical shaver. It’s fast and efficient. I always liked shaving with a razor because you can get such a close shave. Do you have any suggestions for electrical shavers?

    1. Hi Farshid.
      I am currently falling in love with wet shaving. I am exploring the new frontier for me. There are so much to find and be excited about.

      I will look into electrical shaver a bit later. I also use electrical shaver but a cheap one. Just sign up for my updates and you will get one.

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