Gillette Goal Klik Safety Razor Review

Gillette Goal Klik Safety Razor Review

My recent visit to Palembang gave me a surprise. I found a Gillette Goal Klik safety razor. I almost jump because of the surprise. You see, a safety razor is not common in my country. Every major retail shop only carries modern multi-blade cartridge razors. No wonder I almost shout because of it.


Gillette Goal Klik Safety Razor

I was buying a bottle of water whenGillette Goal Klik Safety Razor Review 2 I notice a Gillette Goal Klik safety razor at the cashier. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. There it was. In the middle of other non-shaving-related items. They have 2 colors available : Red and Black.

I immediately reached out and check them out. I was thinking about getting the black safety razor but the red safety razor was calling me out. Pick me! Pick me!

So I went and paid for the red Gillette Goal Klik Safety Razor.

I went back to my hotel and resisted the temptation to use it on the spot. Why? Because I didn’t bring any shaving equipment with me. The cheap hotel where I stayed didn’t provide any amenities. Not even a toothbrush. Yup. I chose the wrong hotel for this trip. But the hotel is located in the vicinity of my office’s showroom.


Bringing the Gillette Goal Klik Safety Razor Home

After several days spent in Palembang and enjoying its famous Pempek, I finally arrived at home. No.. no.. I didn’t grab the safety razor, yet. Excited as I was, I prefer to spend time with my family first. My daughter was immediately “koala” me. She hugged real tight.

Then she dragged me to the bedroom to play with her. She didn’t stop telling me stuff. She is only 2 years old and only knows limited sentences. Those sentences were pouring out like tidal waves. Love the moment.

Finally, yes, finally. I opened the package. I was a bit surprise of how the safety razor look. It is a plastic safety razor. The more surprising part was how light the Gillette Goal Safety Razor. I thought that the weight will give me trouble later.

The package came with one blade branded Gillette Goal. I think the main reason I bought this safety razor was to test the blade.


Testing The Gillette Goal Klik Safety Razor and Blade

Here is the report of using Gillette Goal safety razor and blade for the first time. The plastic safety razor looks very cheap. Well, I got it for a very cheap price. No wonder here. It didn’t look very durable for me. Opening and closing it will deteriorate the thin plastic hinge in the long run. Not sure for how long, though. I guess for a short while. After all, they need to sell a bunch to make a profit from a cheap product.

The handle was too short for my taste. The grip was quite good when it was dry but tend to slip when wet. I didn’t like it.

Putting the blade was a bit awkward for me. The plastic safety razor was a bit hard to open and to close.Gillette Goal Klik Safety Razor Review 3

I applied my shaving soap to my face and drove the first stroke. I was taken aback. It didn’t cut. I said it again. IT DIDN’T CUT.

I was already accustomed to using no pressure when shaving. This was the problem with this light plastic safety razor. It didn’t have any weight to cut my whiskers. Arrgh!!!

I had to use pressure! Mind you. I trained so hard not to use any pressure at all. Still made mistakes but I rarely use pressure now. When you have a new habit and have to turn to the old habit, it is like learning a new thing all over again.

So.. I applied pressure when I tried it for the second time. Now the blade can cut my whiskers. I had to find the right angle for this safety razor. It wasn’t easy to find because the short handle was making it hard for me to maneuver.

The blade itself was performing quite good. It cut really nice and give a nice feedback sound. I really need to use this blade again. With another safety razor, of course.


Final Thoughts

I didn’t like the safety razor but I will keep it. I will use it as my travel safety razor. The weight is one of the factors. The second consideration is the price. It is so cheap that if I lost it, I will not cry over it.

That’s why I didn’t bring any shaving gears during my travel to Palembang. I didn’t want any chance of losing my precious safety razors.

Remember to use a bit of pressure when using this Gillette Goal Klik safety razor or else you will not shave at all. Be cautious when you are returning to your straight razor later.

So, if you need a quick shave during your travel, and willing to have a bit of “bad” shaving experience, the plastic Gillette Goal Klik safety razor and the blade can be put in your bag. Check my other safety razors review for other options!


4 Replies to “Gillette Goal Klik Safety Razor Review”

  1. Mate I always buy a new razor when travelling so I am a bit wasteful. Looking at your review for this razer I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it as it looks like a great, cheap option while travelling.

    Just curious as to how much it costs so I’m not overpaying while travelling?

    1. Hi Byron,

      I don’t know if you can get this particular razor. It was hidden among other items on the counter when I checked out my groceries. It was really cheap. With current USD-IDR conversion rate, the Gillette Goal Klik safety razor is less than $1.

  2. Great article and a gillette product i have never come across before. Im always trying different shaving products so this is something i would seriously consider trying. Interesting what you say about using it as a travel razor but i think i agree. For home comforts you would have one of gillette premium products.

    1. Yes, Lee. I would prefer a premium product when I’m at home. Shaving is a “sacred” moment for me. That’s why I only recommend this product as a travel razor. It gets the job done but not that comfortable.

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