Get Rid of Razor Burn

What is a razor burn?

You know you have to get rid of razor burn. Razor burn is a rash condition on the skin after shaving with a wrong technique, wrong shaving cream, wrong equipment, or the combination of all that. It can give you severe itchiness that makes you uncomfortable for days. Not to mention people keep asking what happened.

Why does it happen?

You may be looking for a close shave that comes too close. The tricky part, of course, is to get a close shave without removing too many layers of skin. Shaving can remove two layers of skin. Sensitive skins will complicate the matter even more.

Your technique of pushing too hard on the skin while gliding the razor will lead to irritation. People who just started shaving are very prone to this problem. They, also, usually overuse a razor. Dull razors increase the risk of getting a razor burn. Throw away your old and inconvenient razor. Please find your comfortable razor.

Not using a lubricant while shaving definitely will also cause irritation. That’s why shaving cream is way too important not to use. Do not use ordinary soap too. Soap usually removes oil making skin even drier. Use a really good quality shaving cream.

Care and Healing

Should you experience razor burn, please do some of this:

– Apply aloe vera. Aloe Vera has analgesic qualities such as soothe irritation, reduce swelling and gives a layer of protection from infection and supports healing process. Please apply generously.

Razor Burn TreatmentRazor Burn Treatment

– Apply lotion that contains glycolic acid. People using glycolic acid claims that it reduces lesion and allows daily shaving with minimal irritation.

Razor Burn Treatmentamazon

– Apply lotion that contains salicylic acid. Usually found in acne treatment products, it also shows razor burn treatment quality.

Razor Burn TreatmentRazor Burn Treatment

– Avoid products containing alcohol. Some aftershaves usually use alcohol. Avoid them. Alcohol tends to dry skin out hence worsen the situation you try to improve.

Razor Burn TreatmentRazor Burn Treatment

– Apply ice pack or cool water. It will definitely cool your inflammation and soothe your skin.

– Avoid shaving the area for some time. Allow your skin to repair themselves. Let the hair grow, keep your skin clean and moisturize it.

– Consult your dermatologist. If the problem persisted or even worsen, please immediately consult your dermatologist.

I hope you can avoid razor burn with proper technique and proper equipment. And for you, my young Padawan, practice more! Yes, it will be more razor burn if you keep doing the wrong things. But like all things that seem perfect and successful, they all have gone through the mishaps of life.  Keep shaving!


4 Replies to “Get Rid of Razor Burn”

  1. Great recommendations Arief, I think the aloe one would work best! Might have to try it out. Thanks for this.

    P.S. here is a link for my maze runner series books (just scroll down and you will see it)

    1. Hi, Rashaad.

      I agree that Aloe gives a good comforting layer of protection. It cools down the inflammation pretty fast. You just have to put a generous amount.

      Thank you for the link.

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