Get Bevel Shaving System Reviews

Get Bevel shaving system is a subscription for shaving supplies. Bevel is owned by Walker and Company. Bevel is the flagship brand. A shaving line with sleek, vintage-inspired products that combat razor burn, a particular problem for black men.

What Is A Razor Burn?

Razor burn happens when you shave with repeated passes that in the end your razor “scrapes” your skin. A modern safety razor that has multiple blades in its head tends to give you razor burns.

3 blades in a single pass are actually 3 passes with a double-edged safety razor. And I know that a lot of people can’t do a single pass with the modern multiple blade cartridge razors. Using those modern razors you will shave with (equal to) 10+ passes. No wonder you have a razor burn, right?

How About Razor Bumps?

This also happens when you shave way too close. A cartridge multiple blade razor will pull your hair and cut it below the skin. That’s why when your hair grows back, it might not grow in the way it should be. Especially for people with curly hair. Your hair will curl immediately and you have ingrown hairs.

What Is Get Bevel Offering?

Bevel shaving system is trying to get people in the right way of traditional wet shaving. They are targeting people that experience razor burns and razor bumps. With Bevel, you can have a journey for a better shaving experience.

What Do You Get From Bevel Shaving System?

When you pay $89.95 for Bevel shave starter kit you get:

  • A Safety Razor
  • A Shaving Brush
  • 20 blades
  • Bevel Shave Cream
  • Bevel Priming Oil
  • Bevel Restoring Balm

This starter kit will last you for 3 months.

You will get another package in the next month and the following month. Each will consist of:

  • 20 blades
  • Bevel Shave Cream
  • Bevel Priming Oil
  • Bevel Restoring Balm

You will have to pay a monthly subscription for $29.95 (exclude shipping) for month 4 and afterward.

How Is The Performance?

Let’s check each component’s performance. We will start with the safety razor.

Get Bevel Safety Razor. This safety razor is well designed. You can see that the razor has a modern metal look but still has that classic feeling to it. The Bevel safety razor is a three pieces safety razor. It means you can disassemble it into three pieces for changing blades and easy cleaning.


It feels a little bit unbalanced compared to my other classic safety razors. But after founding the right angle for you, you can easily have the best shave ever.

Bevel safety razor shave system be shaved
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Get Bevel Shaving Brush. For matching the metal look of the safety razor, the shaving brush also has the same color tone. The badger hair has some backbones. Just like any good quality badger hair, this shaving brush will shed a little bit of hair and need some times to break in. The Bevel shaving brush will help you build a good lather. Some practices may be needed if you have never used one.

Bevel shave brush shaving system
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Get Bevel Blades. The blades come unbranded. I am a bit skeptical when I see an unbranded blade. They might choose cheap blades that perform badly. To my surprise, a lot of people who tried them said they are good. Sharp and smooth.

Image from


Get Bevel Priming Oil.

I am not a native English speaker. This is a bit tricky term. It is a pre-shave oil. Simple as that. To follow the marketing ploy, this oil is to prime your skin and hair before shaving. Castor and Olive Oil help protect against nicks and cuts.

Bevel Priming Oil Shave System Be Shaved
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Get Bevel Shave Cream. This works well. You can build a good lather with it. Of course, balancing the water and shave cream ratio will need some practicing. Always load the soap with less water. Add drops of water if needed. The instruction is to build face lather. This is my preferred method. Of course, if you preferred bowl lathered, you can do that, too.

bevel shave cream be shaved
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Get Bevel Restoring Balm. Again. I don’t understand the term restoring here. How bad are you going to “destroy” your face that it will need a “restoring” balm? Hahaha… It is an aftershave. With a bit of cooling effect from menthol, this aftershave works wonderfully. It is not greasy. This aftershave contains no alcohol.

Bevel Restoring balm
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Get Bevel Shave System Video Review



Should You Get Bevel Shave System?

Get Bevel specifically targets black men. I think the reason is because the founder is a black man. He faced several issues when he shaved and found the way he can enjoy shaving. He created Bevel and spread the gospel.

Why black men? It is just a marketing strategy. He made the target so small that it is a niche. It also helps him to differentiate from other brands.

For me, any person that want to shave (despite genders and colors) can benefit from Get Bevel shave system. The most important thing is the right shaving technique. This is why I love the Get Bevel helpline, tips, and videos. They went all out to help you shave better.

You are also being helped with the subscription method. You will have commitment. You will have to learn the right way of traditional wet shaving and use the right gears. You need to prime your skin, build the lather, shave with the right angle, and “restore” your skin.


Bevel Shave System Be Shaved
Get Your Bevel Shave System from Click the image to get the Starter Kit with immediate installments!

Start Your Bevel Shave System Subscription Now!

What shave system are you using now? Can you share it with me down in the comments?


8 Replies to “Get Bevel Shaving System Reviews”

  1. You do not have to sell me. As soon as I can get my wifey on board I will be to this to place my order. Rarely do I see a product like this that caters to black men. thanks for sharing

  2. A useful informative article for males like myself who prefer using the safety razor each day rather than an electric shaver. Having used both I soon discovered that I got a cleaner closer shave using the safety razor. The Bevel Shave System is obviously a good quality product package but what would put me off is the requirement to be on a monthly subscription basis from month 4 onwards. Is that mandatory as it seems to me that the products you get for $29.95 would last me far longer than 1 month?

    1. Well, you can unsubscribe at any moment. The product itself will be shipped to you monthly while you are subscribed. The one thing that will definitely be overstock is the blade. I can use one blade for several shaves. If I use one blade for a week, I will have 16 unused blades.

  3. thanks for sharing this article. If I am careless, the might be a little of blood on the face. I hate it when you are in hurry, yet need to clean up the mess.

    1. Hey Jamin,
      I think shaving can never be done in a rush. You should always give enough time to prep and do it slowly and nicely. After all, you are handling a sharp object.

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