First Time Using A Shaving Brush

I really enjoy doing this manly thing a little bit too late. I am already an adult, married, and have a little baby girl, but I still don’t know much about shaving. Reading articles after articles recommending that I need to have a shaving brush, made me go to the nearest Body Shop counter. Hey! This is my first time using any shaving brush anyway. Don’t judge me too harshly. 😀

The Journey to Get a Shaving Brush

At least, I have the privilege to see the item for myself. I can check how it feels, how it looks, and how to handle it. The sales promotion girls and boys at the shop kept coming back at me asking if I needed any help. It seems I took forever examining my soon to be shaving brush. I kind of afraid that the bristles will be too hard for my face and scratching my face like I’ve been in a fight with a cat. But later I found that I have fallen in love with the stiffness of the brush.

I never use a shaving brush before. I never knew there was such thing as a shaving brush. Made you wonder why in this big metropolitan city, Jakarta, I never find one, right?  Maybe because I can only blame the modern lifestyle that surrounds me.  The fast pace of everything makes even shaving like a chore. I usually hinder shaving until the last minutes of a big event or until my wife told me to. And she just did!

To think I have to buy and use a shaving brush is never cross my mind. Why would I buy one? I use modern foam from Gillette aerosol can every time. Squish the bottle and out come the gel. Put the gel on face and magically it turns to foam. Lather my face manually with my palm and then shave. Seems everything is working just fine. Again, why would I buy a shaving brush?

Shaving sites all recommend the shaving ritual that includes a shaving brush. This news really blew my mind. There is such thing as a shaving brush.  You know what? They even have different types of shaving brush.

So far I found 4 types of shaving brush:

  1. Badger brushes
  2. Horsehair brushes
  3. Boar brushes
  4. Synthetic brushes

What are those? I have no idea at all.  I will dive into it later. (edit: I dove and here is the link)

The Experience

So, yeah! I finally bought a Body Shop Shaving Brush for my first and initial try. I think this one falls into the synthetic brush as the company policy that against animal testing or using any kind of animal parts. I also bought The Body Shop Maca Root Shave Cream with it.

The Body Shop Shaving BrushThe Body Shop Shaving Brush

Following the manly men before me that have been on the better road of shaving, I will use this newly found toy as following (using the wet brush technique):

  1. Soak my brush so all the bristle get wet.
  2. Give the brush one or two good shakes to get rid of excess water. You don’t want a dripping brush. I actually squish the brush to get the water out.
  3. Get an almond size shaving cream into a bowl.A bit of shaving cream
  4. Start building a lather. Get good swirls around the bowl.
  5. Put some drops of water if too dry. Remember. Just drops of water!
  6. Keep building lather until it is a good consistency of bubbly and rich lather.
  7. Apply lather to the skin.good lather
  8. Use your brush as a scrubbing tool as you apply lather.
  9. Keep brushing until you have a slick, shiny and lubricated lather.
  10. Add drops of water to the brush if you need.

I Love It

After I get a slick, shiny and lubricated lather, I can start shaving. Wow! This is certainly a new experience. I never have a lather that is so smooth and let my razor moves with ease. I am so amazed.  I usually get nicks and cuts using my cheap disposable razor. This time, I didn’t get any. I have smooth shaving experience. All thanks to the shaving brush that gives creamy lather.


8 Replies to “First Time Using A Shaving Brush”

  1. Not that I shave my face, but I did rather enjoy your instruction for the first time using a shaving brush. I know that many men prefer shaving cream and brush application better than the old can of cream or a dry shave. Do you know why that is. is it based on nostalgia, the better shave or simply having it done at a barber shop and feeling pampered?

    1. Hi, Debra.
      This is the first time I ever use a shaving brush. I can safely say that it is a better shaving experience. The rich and creamy foam is way better than instant shaving cream from a can. Well, if you do shave (not on your face, of course) I really recommend doing the routine that I did.

  2. It was fun reading your first encounter with the shaving brush, kind of like Shaving Brush 101. Many old-timers in America use the shaving brush, even now. Like you, they say the get a smoother shave with fewer knicks.

    Does using the brush give you a nice facial massage too?

    1. It does give you a nice facial massage. But I didn’t do my whole face. 😀
      The scrubbing gives you a good massage and really cleans your face well.

      Glad you enjoyed my experience.

  3. Hi Arief, a very interesting post! Who knew there was so much to learn about shaving!! You’re right when you talk about the modern world, and everything being such a rush. I should imagine there would be something rather peaceful and calming if shaving was looked at as a ritual, rather than something to be dreaded. I do remember my grandfather using a shaving brush. So I guess you’re a believer now?

  4. I recently joined a growing list of bearded men so I can’t say much about shaving these days 🙂 However, occasionally I do enjoy shaving parts of my face that are not covered by my beard. You are right when you say that shaving (or even trimming a beard) is a ritual that needs to be enjoyed. Are you planning to write about trimming or is it always going to be about shaving?

    1. Hi Shaz.
      It is a ritual that I love so much now.

      I have not touch the trimming subject yet. Stay tune for it.
      Do you have any questions on trimming? I would love to discuss it.

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