Dovo Straight Razor Review

Dovo Full Hollow Straight Razor Review
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This is a beautiful straight razor that comes from one of the best straight razor makers in the world. It is shave ready but some experienced wet shavers prefer additional honing. Each design is so beautiful that you want to collect all of them. Just remember to practice before using the sharp edge. It may takes some times to get used to it. But it will worth your while.

If you are thinking about shaving with a straight razor, you should get a Dovo. Dovo is one of the best straight razor makers that is highly respected. Its history can be traced back as far as 1906. The name derives from the last names of the original founders Carl Dorp + Carl Arthur Voos.

Solingen is a city in German. This city is well known for its steel. A lot of knives, scissors, and razors companies build their factories here.

Why Choose A Dovo Straight Razor?

A cut throat razor is something that you should consider of owning. Dovo is a good choice. Dovo has crafted series of beautiful straight razors. You can choose what kind of steel, hollow, point and handle.

Dovo long history in this craftsmanship is also another thing you should consider. You may have a Dovo straight razor that keeps its sharp edge for a long period of time before you need to hone it.

How to Choose a Dovo Straight Razor?

Dovo Straight Razor Steel Blade

The main focus is the steel. There are two types of steel that Dovo use:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel

Most of the series that Dovo made are carbon steel straight razor. Why?

Carbon Steel is harder than stainless steel. It means that carbon steel can hold its sharpness longer. The funny thing is, even though it is harder, carbon steel is easier to sharpen than stainless steel.

Stainless steel is stainless. Your carbon steel will hold stains. Making your straight razor “age”. But not with stainless steel. With proper care, you can have a gleaming straight razor for eternity.

Mentioning about the stain, you need to oil your carbon steel straight razor after every cleaning. Stain can invite rust. Carbon steel is very prone to rust. Stainless steel doesn’t rust. Remember to dry your straight razor properly before storing it away!

Check mineral (baby) oil for straight razor here!


The Straight Razor Hollow

People are “arguing” what hollow that you should use. Some people recommend that you use half hollow while others prefer a full hollow.

For me, there is no difference. The purpose is to shave your mustache with a straight razor and have the best shaving experience.

If you are thinking about honing your straight razor yourself, the full hollow is your straight razor. It is easier to hone than the half hollow. The half hollow is thicker and harder to sharpen.

I will buy half hollow and full hollow because they both are beautiful. It is a matter how you shave with a straight razor.


Shaving With A Straight Razor

You can read my first experience shaving with a straight razor here. It wasn’t easy. I was scared but I did it. I now enjoy my straight razor to almost its fullest potential. Yes, I still have nicks and cuts every now and then. Mainly because I was too tired and insist on handling a sharp object. A full focus is needed when you decide to grab your straight razor.

The next thing to do is to watch some shaving with a straight razor videos. You need to know how to stretch your skin to make the flattest skin surface possible. It will make your shaving very smooth and prevent nicks and cuts.

Use a proper shaving lather. I do not recommend ready-made foam that comes from the gel in a can. They are dry and do not give any protections. Find the right shaving soaps and creams.

Most of all, when you shave with a cut throat razor, DO NOT USE PRESSURE. Let the weight of the razor be the only pressure that you use. You don’t want to accidentally cut your throat with a razor, do you? Yes, it is a very graphic image but I can’t stress that enough. The lightest touch possible has to be used.


Where To Buy Straight Razors?

The obvious places are Amazon and eBay.

If you want to buy a brand new straight razor, I will recommend you get it from Amazon. Amazon has a great selection of straight razors. You can find a lot of Dovo straight razors easily. It is shave ready from the factory.

I have found that the wider the width, the harder for me to maneuver under the nose. Your experience may differ. 5/8 width is the common width amongst straight razors.

eBay is the perfect place to find some antique straight razors. I couldn’t help how World War straight razors are still available. But I will give you a warning here. If you find a cheap antique straight razor, please ignore it. It is a strong indication that the straight razor unusable. Or if it is usable, you will need to hone it professionally before you can use it.

Do not fall for the shave ready marketing tagline. Unless you are a veteran in the straight razor world, you might end up being tricked. Find a seller that has positive reviews.

My first straight razor is from a hone master. This is the best place where you can get an antique straight razor. Hone masters usually have a collection of straight razors that definitely shave ready.


Best Price Dovo Straight Razor, Set, and Kits.

Dovo Straight Razor Shavette
This is actually not a real straight razor. It is a razor blade with a straight razor like handle. You can experience the sensation of straight razor shaving without having to think about honing. You just need to change the blade when it becomes dull. So easy and practical. You may consider this as a stepping stone to a real straight razor.


Dovo 5/8 Classic Half Hollow Straight Razor

This Dovo 5/8 Half Hollow Straight Razor is the choice for the beginner straight razor shaver. The handmade razor is ideal for daily shaving. The half hollow grind gives the user maximum control and a very forgiving shave.


Dovo Full Hollow Straight Razor 
This Dovo Full Hollow Straight Razor, like every other Dovo straight razor, comes shave ready. The scales are made from plastic that made it very durable.


Dovo Straight Razor Set and Kit 
If you are looking for a complete straight razor set, this one is for you. It has:

  • 1 Dovo Straight Razor
  • 1 Badger Hair Shaving Brush and Stand
  • 1 Strop and Strop Paste
  • 1 Alum Block
  • 1 Shaving Soap with Wooden Bowl


Dovo Straight Razor Shaving Video



Final Words

Congratulations! You have made the right decision to find out what is the best straight razor for you. There are sellers that claim they have the best straight razors at a bargain. Do not fall for this crap! Cheap stuff is… cheap.

A quality product like Dovo straight razor has a long history. It has been proven again and again as one of the best. You will get what you are paying for: a quality razor, a close and comfortable shave, and probably a family heirloom.

I really recommend you to try shaving with a straight razor. Dovo straight razor, a full hollow or a half hollow, is a good start. Every Dovo straight razor comes shave ready. Granted that there are people who would love to hone it first but it is their preference. Honestly, I think you can get at least a month shaving without needing another honing session.

Read my experience when shaving with a straight razor here.

Can you share with us? How is your experience with a Dovo straight razor?


20 Replies to “Dovo Straight Razor Review”

  1. Hello there,

    it is true that for us, men, a good razor is a must.
    Dovo straight razor seems like a great present for every man.
    I have never used it but my brother has a birthday soon and I will get him one.
    Thanks for the thorough review!

  2. This is a good review. I have never heard of Dovo, but this post gave me an overview of Dovo. Sounds like a very good product to use to shave. Will definitely check it out..

    Thank you

    1. Hi Jonathan,

      You never heard of Dovo? You missed a lot of things. You better get this beautiful razor and get the best shave in your life. Just take your precautions when you start with a straight razor!

  3. Yes, a good old-fashioned, well-made razor is the best thing to use, even if you only bring it out for special occasions. Best to shave sober and in front of the mirror. I like your recommendations.

    1. Hi Mike,

      I agree with you. Sober is the best way. I once tried to shave when I was already too tired. Thinking that I could go straight to bed after shaving. It was a poor decision. I nicked myself rather bad that time.

  4. Straight razors scare me!! But i guess with the right training(thank you youtube!!) anything is possible. I do think that using a straight razor is a fine art and pretty cool to know. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Brent,
      You should see how scared I was when handling the straight razor for the first time. A Sweeney Todd scene was replaying over and over again in my mind. But I braved myself and.. hey.. I did it. You should get a Dovo straight razor and learn how to use it. You will love it!

  5. I must say your review was thorough and well-written, great job! I like the differences you mentioned about stainless steel and carbon steel. I’d have to choose carbon steel, for the simple fact that it can hold its sharpness for longer!

    Although I do like the benefits that the stainless steel razor offers as well. It’s a tough choice, what’s your personal opinion on the two? Thanks for the great review BTW.


    1. Hi Brandon,

      Like I said above, I prefer functionality. Both steels are working just fine. If you insist, I will choose Carbon Steel. Just because it is more readily available. 😀

  6. Hi Arief,

    You gave a good review of the Dovo Straight Razor. This could be something my husband could use. As you recommended to use the razor with a light weight while shaving, this should be a good razor for him. He has a tough beard.

    And you recommended best to shave when you’re not tired…good to keep in mind.

    Thank you for sharing this post.

    1. Hi Rosa,

      Actually, when you are shaving, do not use any pressure regardless what kind of razor that you use. This is the right method to shave. I hope your husband will love his Dovo straight razor.

  7. I have always been a shaver person myself as I never really got on well with razors. But after reading your post I am quite tempted by I give it a go, especially this make as Germans are well known for their superior products.

    I will though have to check out how to use it properly before I go ahead and purchase one. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Owain,

      You just can’t go wrong when deciding to purchase a Dovo straight razor. But, remember, it is a fine quality product that needs time to master. A great product needs its respect. 😀

  8. I’ve never used a straight razor in my life, I’d often wonder how could you use a razor like this and not get cut? It seems as though these razors are durable and lasts a very long time. So, maybe I can try one in days to come

    1. Hi Desron,

      You should get this Dovo straight razor. It can be an heirloom pass down to your future generations! Seriously. I have a burning desire to collect some of the “antique” straight razor.

  9. I’ve personally never shaved with a straight razor, though I’ve been considering it. Well that’s somewhat obvious isn’t it? Otherwise I wouldn’t be here. 🙂

    Your information has helped me a great deal. It jives with what I’ve read elsewhere and I really like the brand (Dovo) based on what I’ve seen here and the way you’ve described it.

    If I’m being honest, the idea of using a straight razor scares me to death. I keep having these fantasies where I’m shaving and then I slip and slit my throat!

    Let me ask you this; as a current avid user of typical disposable razors…does a straight razor REALLY give you a closer shave?


    1. Hi Jack,

      You should get one straight razor right away. Your “nightmare” is exactly what I imagined before trying a straight razor.

      A straight razor definitely gives you a closer shave. I always use it on weekends. A proper setup and a good undisturbed time will give you the most excellence shaving experience. Saturday morning is a zen morning with a straight razor for me.

  10. For 6 years now I have never been able to get my dovo best half hollow sharp. I have no problems with my two new whackers and my 4 old vintage straightsrusted or not they shave well. The. Dovo Best steel doesn’t hold an edge.

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