Dorco Prime Safety Razor Set

Dorco Prime Safety Razor Set

Today, I am going to discuss Dorco Prime Safety Razor Set. This is another wet shaving beginner set that worth your consideration.

Dorco Prime Safety Razor

The safety razor is a butterfly opening type. It means you twist the bottom of the razor to open the razor head. The open razor head will look like a butterfly that spreads its wings.

The safety razor is plated with chrome. I love how shiny the chrome is. It also helps with cleaning the razor.

I love the knurling on this Dorco Prime safety razor. It helps with the grip. You know how slippery water and soap are. They can make you lose your grip on the sharpest object in your palm. A lot of knurling will definitely help you have a better grip on the handle.

The performance is quite good. It is considered as a mild safety razor. You may want to pair this safety razor with an aggressive blade like Feather.

Dorco Prime Razor Blade

This set comes with 30 Dorco Prime razor blades. A huge number that can last you half a year. Or for me, a year.

Yes, you read that right. 30 blades can last me a year. Here is the calculation. I shave twice a week. Three times at most. And one blade can give me 10 shaves which roughly last 3 weeks. A year has 52 weeks. If I divided those weeks with the blade usage it will give me (52:3) 17 blades.

So I will use only 17 blades for the whole year. So, if I change blade every two weeks, not every three weeks, I only consume 26 blades. At the end of the year, I will still have 4 fresh blades.

This is why I love traditional wet shaving compare to modern cartridge safety razors. It is more economical. (50 blades of Dorco Prime is around $5.75 = $0.115 per blade). How can modern cartridge refills beat that?
The performance is quite good, too. Most people will have a good shave with this blade. Not aggressive but not mild, either. Not the smoothest blade out there, but it will do a good job cutting the whiskers away.

Dorco Prime Travel Case

The case is beautiful. It is equipped with a small mirror. It will be very handy in your travel. The case can carry your Dorco Prime safety razor and a pack of your razor blade.

This case is lined with velvet. Don’t get it wet. Always clean and dry your safety razor before storing it inside this case. Wet velvet will eventually draw mold. You do not want that to happen, do you?

The interior is designed to store your safety razor with ease and with great protection. This is important. During a travel, a small box can experience a very harsh treatment. It will bounce around inside your bag or get banged against something hard. A protection case can prevent something bad happen to your safety razor.

Another thought, if you do not have a travel case, you might injure yourself reaching for your safety razor, especially if a blade is loaded. It is a nice thing to have a travel case.

How to Clean Your Safety Razor

I always clean my safety razor after every use. I will open the butterfly head, remove the blade carefully, and clean the safety razor. I use a soft toothbrush and a mild soap for cleaning it. I do not like seeing hairs inside the head. I even clean the blade using the toothbrush.

Be careful when drying the blade. I always wipe from inside the blade to the edge. I use the softest touch when doing it. I use a separate bowl to store the blade. I never put a blade inside a stored safety razor.

I once hold the wrong side of a loaded safety razor. The sharp edge of the razor blade cut my skin way too easily. Taught me a very hard lesson on safety awareness!

If you need to polish your safety razor, please use Maas Metal Polish. This polish is highly recommended by most of vintage safety razor collectors.

Dorco Prime Starter Set Unboxing Video


Final Thoughts

This Dorco Prime Safety Razor Set is a good beginner set. The set is a travel set. All you need now is a good shaving soap and brush to make it a complete set. If you want to use this as your daily razor, I recommend you to get a good razor stand. Click here if you want to learn how to shave the correct way.

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14 Replies to “Dorco Prime Safety Razor Set”

  1. I to like the preference of a safely razor in comparison to the tradition 4 or 5 blade razors out there on the market.

    Do you know if I would save more using this brand than dollar shave club?

    1. Hi Jessie,
      I would not use a subscription service as I love rotating my soaps, aftershaves, and blades. They are just too many that I love. I just can’t stick to one brand. LOL.

      For saving money? If you are hooked to traditional wet shaving, you might end up having an addiction.

  2. Hey Arief,
    Thanks for this Dorco Prime Safety Razor post.
    I like that it has beautiful set & comes with 30 Dorco Prime razor blades.
    I personally think the product is best bang for the buck.
    I am going to order it soon.

    1. Hi Edy,
      Thank you for stopping by. This Dorco Prime safety razor set will help you start your journey to find a better shaving experience. If you encounter any difficulties or just needing an advice, just contact me!

  3. This is an awesome review on Dorco safety razors, I always tend to cut myself especially when I rush it and when late for work, always end up with blood splash on the collar of my shirt which looks very unprofessional at work, the cleaning tips are also very good, thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Ryan,

      I believe that you might be using too much pressure. When you use a safety razor, always let it glide. The only pressure that is allowed is the weight from the razor itself. If you are in a rush, avoid shaving. It is better to shave at work or the night before. You can also wake up an hour early for shaving. 😀

  4. Hello, Arief. I have found myself coming back to this again in search of a perfect birthday gift. I can’t seem to think there is anything better I could gift someone (who’s obviously is not a woman) other than a shaving razor. I think this shaving set will do. He travels a lot too so that’s a plus.

    1. Hi Ami,

      Thank you for being a loyal visitor.
      This travel shaving set will obviously help your friend… and you know what? This set is suitable for women, too. They shave just like us. 😀

  5. Wow, Arief! What a great set! What really strikes me is the thing that you said about the number of the razor blades! You see, my husband is saving twice a week and it is good to know that this set is all he is gonna need for a year! I just wanted to ask you about how smooth is the saving with this set! I mean my husband’s skin is sensitive enough and I do not want to deal with skin irritations!
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      This razor falls into the mild category. You “can’t” get the smoothest result from a mild razor. But it will help you to avoid skin irritation caused by razor burns. Your husband might want to try a straight razor for his condition. Granted that it might scare him at the beginning.

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