Does Shaving Make Hair Grow Faster and Thicker?

People keep asking me: does shaving make hair grow faster and thicker? In my Asian culture heritage, we are supposed to get our 1-month-old baby a clean head shave. At least 1 time. Most people will recommend at least twice. The reason is to let the baby have a thick flourishing hair. So, does shaving really make hair grow thicker and faster?

The Myth of Shaving Make Hair Grow Faster and Thicker

I tend to believe it, though. My niece was never shaven bald when she was a baby and her hair is too thin and less volume. My baby herself was shaven short, army short hair style but not bald. The stylist didn’t have the courage to bald-shave a baby and never had done the job. My baby’s hair is way thicker and has more volume than her cousin.

Not the case with my other niece, though. Surely, she was shaven bald at 1-month-old. Her hair is still smooth like a newborn baby hair. The volume is regular, not thin nor thick. Even her mom uses Aloe Vera on her hair after each shower to promote healthier hair growth.

shaving make hair grow faster and thicker
This is what my baby and my niece use for healthy hair


This is confusing to me. So I asked people around me about the subject. Were their children shaven? Bald or not? How is their children hair now? Do they see the connection between shaving when baby and the hair condition when they are older? Guess what? They do BELIEVE that shaving hair when they are still a baby will make their hair thicker. Some even regret doing it because their children now have coarse and wild hair.

Let’s Get to the Science of It.

What makes hair seems thick or thin? Hair follicle. The more hair follicle you have the thicker your hair will be. The follicle also determines hair color. When you are shaving, you cut away the tapered ends exposing hair follicle to its most thicker part in the bottom. That is why you also have the sensation of having thicker hair after shaving.mickey-mouse

Genes also play a big part in this area. Genes control hormones and how people aged. Some people lose hair faster than others. Some people have straight hair while other curly hair. And yes, some has thick hair while other thin hair.

Boys usually grow thicker hair when they hit puberty. Hormones do that.

How about growing faster? If you don’t mind, do this experiment. Shave only one leg and see the growth of hair on both legs. You will notice that shaving will not temper the speed of growth. Actually don’t do it. Scientists already did that and the result is shaving will not make your hair grow faster.

Given the facts above, it can safely be said that shaving actually does NOT make hair thicker and grow faster.


I will shave (if given) my next baby again. Not because of the myth but because it is just a ceremonial thing that family can gather and be blessed by the young soul that will be looking so cute with its bald head.


6 Replies to “Does Shaving Make Hair Grow Faster and Thicker?”

  1. Hi Arief, agree that babies shaven bald get their hair grow thicker later and this is Asian culture to make it at least once at the babies’ full-moon (1-month old). My niece and nephew had their hair shaven to bald more than once below their age of one proven it works.

    I heard my friend even shave her newborn baby’s eye brown with the intention to make it grow thicker too.

  2. Arief,
    As a non Asian, I have never heard of this before. We were always told as teenagers that when we started shaving our beard would grow in faster. Like your article states, it is more in the genes than in how and when you shave. I have to have my eyebrows trimmed every time I get a hair cut or I would be a shaggy dog over my eyes.

    1. Hi John.
      It certainly is a cultural thing. We were also told to postpone shaving as it will accelerate beard growth. Contrary to non asian point of view but still the same thing. There is a mystified shroud surrounding shaving.

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