Disposable Razors: Who Wants Them?

Disposable Razors: A Friend or A Foe?

I have been circling around the shaving forums and communities. I found out that most people there hate disposable razors. This is a shocking revelation for me. All I ever use for wet shaving is a disposable razor. I have never tried a Double Edge Safety Razor or a Straight Razor.

For your information, when I talk about disposable razors here, I mean both replaceable cartridge razors and non-replaceable razors. You need to dispose of both of them after several uses. The difference only at the handle. Cartridge razors have a good and sturdy grip. It certainly more fashionable to see and you will definitely want to keep the handle.

High Technology

Please watch every other modern shaving equipment advertisements. You will notice that each manufacturer is saying they are using the latest technology. They researched the best angle for the blade, the best materials, the lightest, lubrication strips, etc. Each claims its own product range.

Take an example from Gillette Mach 3. It has:

  • Mach 3 RazorGillette Mach 3 Turbo Disposable Razors
  • Mach 3 Turbo Razor
  • Mach 3 Sensitive Disposable Razor
  • Mach 3 Sensitive Power Razor
  • Mach 3 Smooth Shave Disposable Razor

The official Gillette website does not even say the differences from these Mach 3 types. All I can find is that Power Razor uses a battery. Other than that, I see only color variations. The technology it uses is the same for the product range.

Still, you will see that Gillette claims its razor has a high technology. I fell for it. I love how luxurious the razor feels and the technology it has.

Multiple Blades

I think every disposable razor manufacturers claim that multiple blades give you extra close shave. The advertisement usually portrays that closeness. The first blade will cut most of the hair. The second blade and the third blade will cut the remaining hair. Some even give an illustration of its ability to pull the hair and cut it very near to the skin. When the hair retracts, its height is just below the skin surface. Hence, the very smooth shave.

I, again, fell for it. I love the feel of my smooth shaven skin. I really thought that multiple blades will give me that. They don’t.

On each commercial, they will show you a man is shaving with a proper technique. The preparation, the shaving cream, and finally the shaving itself. The man always shaves with a single swipe. Magically, he will always have a smooth shaven skin. Single swipe, smooth skin. Thanks to multiple blades.

I try it that way but still no smooth skin. I have to pass the razor several times to get a smooth skin. But it comes with a cost. I get razor burn. I never blamed the razor, though. I just have to find it the hard way that the number of blades on a razor has no correlation to the smoothness of your shave.

The Case for Single Blade

Many people are returning to a single blade razor. Mostly because they found that multiple blades are too irritating for the skin. They are looking for a comfortable shaving experience.

Professional barbers always use a straight razor when they are doing the shaving. This pampering experience is what people yearn to have in their daily routine. To go to the barber every day is certainly too expensive.

People then try to recreate those pampering moments at home. They buy pre-shave, brushes, shaving creams, and razors. All the gears to have the best manly me time. Most of all, they invest time to learn to do the shaving all over again.

Using a single blade razor definitely different than using a multiple blades razor. While you can use pressure and less concentration using multiple blades cartridge, you have to be on guard and paying attention to what you do using a single blade.

But all that pays you really well with the results. Here are some benefits of mastering a single blade razor:

  1. Cost less
  2. Less to no irritation
  3. Therapeutic (me time)

Transition to a Safety Razor

All the information I gathered convinced me to try a single blade razor. I am too afraid to go straight to a cut-throat type razor. I remembered that I once used a double edge safety razor. This is my weapon of choice for now. I am ordering one online and expect to receive it in a couple of days.

For this waiting period, I will still use my Gillette Mach 3 or Schick Quattro Titanium 4. Luckily, I have found out the benefits of aftershave.

Your Choice

I know the comfort (time wise) of modern multi blades disposable razors. I have been using my Mach 3 for the last five years. It is durable, give a slick shave, and easy to use. Sometimes I also use Gillette Vector. I even use Gillette Blue II if I forget to bring my razor when I am travelling.

The main reason I am willing to look away from my trusted Mach 3 because of the cartridge refills’ price. They are too expensive.

The other reasons are:Schick Quatro

  1. My skin is actually a bit sensitive. I easily get razor burn while I am trying to get a close shave.
  2. I started using shaving brush-bowl-lather routine. The routine gives a protection layer that made me enjoy shaving even more. Thus, I am willing to risk my skin with a single blade razor.
  3. I tried Schick Quattro Titanium 4 yesterday. I hated the experience. My wife used it too and hated the experience. Will give it another try, though.

I am not abandoning my 5+ years friendship with disposable razors. They have been my friends. They gave me razor burns that I thought was normal. They are expensive friends but alright because of the technology. I am just trying my best to get a better experience.

What about you? Tell me your love and hate about disposable razors in the comment. I want to know more.


4 Replies to “Disposable Razors: Who Wants Them?”

  1. I do not like disposable razors a lot because they always leave me cut marks on my face. They are very cheap but very low in quality.

    I also use the Gillette razors because you can always buy new blades for your razor. They also do not leave a bloody mess on my face after I am finished. This is just my personal experience.

    1. what kind of Gillette razors that you use? The double edge ones? How do you rate your experience compare to disposable razors?

  2. Hi, Like you I have been using the Mach 3 for a few years now and occasionally got some razor burn, but the Mach 3 seems to be the best for me after trying all the others.
    I’ve recently changed to a new shaving gel from Nivea Men, its a sensitive cooling gel with 0% alcohol, I have to say this is working very well at the moment.
    I am interested in trying a single razor but I don’t think I trust myself to try the cut-throat style.
    Can you recommend a single blade product?.

    1. Hi Ian.

      I think you should try a transition to a safety razor first. Cut throat razor might be too scary. But if you want to try it, practice it first on balloons without popping any.

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