Buy Whipped Dog Cheap Straight Razors

Many of you will wonder where to buy cheap but has a good quality straight razor. Whipped Dog is the answer.

I was introduced to Whipped Dog by fellow straight razor users. The community at The Shave Den has a lot of information on everything about wet shaving. You should join there if you have not.

I asked where to get a good quality straight razor. Living in Asia makes you have a few problems.

Where To Buy A Cheap Straight Razor?

There are no nearby straight razor makers. Yes, you can mention China. I searched and found that Gold Dollar is one of the Asian brand. It is one of the cheapest straight razor makers. Our veterans have mixed reviews on this specific brand. But they all conclude that if you buy Gold Dollar, you either will get a gem or a trash. GD straight razors do not have a standard in making their straight razors. I suspect this happens because they produce the straight razor with machinery.

I also found the brand ZY. It even claims that their straight razors have been personally sharpened by a Shifu (master). I asked the community for their insight and they said please never consider this brand. You will waste your money. The master either drunk or non-existent because their straight razors never arrive shave ready.

This perplexed me. A good straight razor will usually cost you around USD 300. This is about a month salary in my country. That is why I was considering to buy a GD or a ZY. Should I spend USD300 + delivery to get a good quality straight razor or I just buy a GD for a tenth + free delivery?

This is where our shaving community, The Shave Den, came to rescue me. They gave a lot of information on where to get the best price on a straight razor. For region wise, the name of James Keegan showed up again. You can contact him for honing your straight razors and buy new ones.

Larry From Whipped Dog

The Full package of Sight unseen Flawed Razor from Whipped Dog
The Full Package That You Will Receive

The majority of the people suggested me to check Whipped Dog website and contacted Larry. They said Larry always have a good stock of shave ready straights. Larry do all the honing so you can be sure that the quality of the shave you are getting.

I was a bit hesitant to reach out to him. Especially considering the fact how expensive it is to send a package from USA to Indonesia. I do not want to buy an expensive straight razor and get another expensive fee from the shipping company. It would drill a big hole in my wallet.

To my surprise, Larry has two lines of very cheap straight razors. It is called Sight Unseen Razor and Sight Unseen Flawed Razor. Of course, since money is the subject here, I will discuss the cheapest possible way to get a good quality straight razor.

First thing that you notice from his website is Larry did not put any picture of what kind of straight razor you are going to get. I was a bit reluctant to immediately purchase one. I love to see beautifully design straight razors. That’s why I wonder around his website thinking about getting a new straight razor that will cost me at least USD110.

Lucky for me, I have a rather strong will. I keep reminding myself that I didn’t have a lot of money to spend. My budget was $50 and that include shipping. Well, you can get that kind of price from eBay but the razor quality is most likely bad.

Sight Unseen Flawed Razor

That’s why I returned to the Sight Unseen Flawed Razor. This is where you can get a shave ready straight razor on a budget. The price is $28 (free shipping within US). I just couldn’t believe my eyes. The price is almost half my budget.

I immediately thought about the shipping fee. I remembered about sending a package to New Zealand and it cost me a big hole in my wallet. Larry stated in his website that each razor will be shipped out to International locations with an additional $5 to the price. The total is $33 for a straight razor, ship from USA to Indonesia. YAY!

Larry from Whipped Dog Straight Razor
Beautiful but still need cleaning

Another warning came to my mind. Would you buy an unknown item? Would you believe a guy from the internet? Especially with a cheap price? I definitely would answer NO.

The shaving communities are here to help you. I joined several shaving communities and Larry’s name was mentioned quite a lot. You can check The Shave Den and Badger and Blade. They mentioned that they have bought straight razors from him and have sent numerous (and expensive) straight razors for honing to him.

This reputation is not achieved overnight. That’s why I immediately dismissed the idea this man is going to scam you. So, go ahead and buy one straight razor from Larry.

My Experience

So I ordered one of the cheapest straight razor Larry can provide. It cost me $33 total. I placed the order on July 5, 2017. Immediately, Larry sent an order confirmation email with a PDF attachment. The PDF is all about straight razor shaving.

Reading it made me want to shave with a straight razor right away. He provided all the information you need on straight razor shaving. From preparing your lather to caring your straight razor. It is a recommended PDF to have.

To my surprise, my straight razor arrived almost immediately. At a regular speed, a mail will take a month to travel from USA to Indonesia and vice versa. It arrived on July 20th. Just two weeks from my order date. It means that Larry immediately process your order and still manage to give additional information.

In the package he sent, you will see:

  • a straight razor
  • a name card
  • a “manual” paper

The straight razor came with a box. I suspect this is not the original box for this straight razor. But it is nice to have a “complete” package.

The straight razor itself is a bit dirty for my taste. It has black thingy almost like a tar. I need to work on it to get it clean. I am not complaining about the state of the straight razor because Larry already mentioned this on his website. You will get a working and shave ready straight razor. Other properties maybe lacking. You will not want to show this beauty at its arrival state.

Is It Shave Ready?

I am not an expert on a straight razor shaving, yet. The razor I received was sharp. It cut down all the hair with no hesitation.

I had a 4 days hair growth on my face. I lather with my own shaving soap. I keep forgetting that when you shave with a straight razor, you need a really wet lather. Someone even suggests a dripping wet lather.

The straight razor was not gliding at the first try. That’s why I needed to fix my lather and made it wetter. After that, this Sight Unseen Flawed Straight Razor was working amazingly.

Yes. I had two small nicks and some razor burns. It was because I was too aggressive on mowing some small stubble. They were too stubborn. Or I was still trying to find a working angle and pressure.

I can assure you that the straight razor from Larry is working wonderfully. I never thought that I can have another beautiful straight razor in my shaving den.

Sight Unseen Flawed Straight Razor cheap
A closer look at the newest straight razor on my den.

Buy Whipped Dog Cheap Straight Razors

Larry from Whipped Dog is one of the highest regard names in the shaving world. If you need a straight razor and has the same limitation on spending for your shaving den as me, Larry can help you.

Besides straight razors, Larry also provides double edge razors, shaving brushes, soaps, and other shaving related items. You can say his place is a one stop shopping store.

Have you bought something from Whipped Dog? Cheap straight razors or other things? How about his honing service?

Please share your experience below!



14 Replies to “Buy Whipped Dog Cheap Straight Razors”

  1. Hey Arief
    That’s a really interesting review and has tempted me into going back to wet shaving. I stopped a few years ago due to not being able to find a razor that was comfortable for my face (always being left with a sore neck was not fun!). You have made Whipped Dog razors appealing to me, so I will give one of them a go.

  2. I like the look when men shave with a straight razor as I noticed it gets much closer to the skin. my question is do the kits come with a how to manual I know my husband shaves and this sounds nice but not sure he knows how to use a straight razor ?

    1. Hi Christina,

      Larry always insert a manual leaflet. It’s his guide for beginners, not from the manufacturer. Your husband can contact him or me to exchange ideas and share our knowledge.

      Shaving with a straight razor is fun.

  3. Hi there, thanks so much for your interesting post. I am thinking of getting a straight razor for my son as a gift. He hasn’t used one before, how long would it normally take for him to get the hang of it? Cheers, Karen

    1. Hi Karen,

      The learning curve is a bit steep. He may have to use it for two months or more to get used to it.
      It took longer for me. I am still awkward at using a straight razor but it is improving.

  4. Arief, I’m so glad to hear how pleased you are with the straight. I truly enjoy being able to help beginners just like yourself get a start with straight razor shaving. I wasted a lot of time and money when I began myself, I try to save others from that frustration! 🙂 You know where to find me if you need anything else! Looks like you’ve got a great blog here btw!

  5. Hi, Arief. I’m from Indonesia too, and also a wet shaver. Yes, it’s very hard to buy a good razors in Indonesia, be it straight or DE. And just like you said, good razors from other countries would drill a big hole in my wallet. I really wanted to try straight razor, but a $100 Dovo is too expensive for my first razor. So my only alternative is to buy the cheap straight razor from China, the Gold Dollar. I’ve read that Gold Dollar razors have good steel, and there are several models. The cheapest one is the GD 66. About $13 shipped, with leather strop and stropping compound. If you only buy the razor, it costs about $8-$10 shipped.

    Bad things first, GD 66 is very rough, it is not a beautiful razor (what can you expect from a razor that costs less than $10?). It has rough fit and finish, the scales are plastic, the forge marks are not ground, etc. And the worse thing, it’s NOT shave ready. It came sharp, but far from scary sharp. Luckily, I also like knives, and I can sharpen my own knives to shaving sharp. But it was my first time sharpening a straight razor and it was really time consuming to sharpen a razor to shaving sharp. I did it in about 2 hours. You were right to buy from an experienced guy.

    Now the good things, It does have a good steel for $10. Hard enough for a razor, so you can sharpen it to shaving sharp. It has carbon steel blade (this is a pro for me), but it will rust easily. So you have to clean and oil the blade after every use, baby oil is enough to keep it from rusting. The edge is thin enough for a cheap razor, I’ve seen more expensive razors with thicker edges.

    So, in my experience, Gold Dollar is really worth the price if you can sharpen and maintain your razor. If you want to buy GD, buy the better models like the GD 208, GD 601, GD 801, etc. From what I’ve read, the 601 and 801 are shave ready, but the edges are not polished. There are also Titan brand from China that produces great razors, they use VG-10 steel (which is great) for about $50-$70. But I haven’t tried it.

    1. Hi Steven!

      It is so rare to find fellow Indonesians here. I am so ecstatic to meet you.
      Your experience helps me to understand more about GD. I hope I can buy one and practice my knife sharpening skill. I only have the common wetstone that you find on the common market, though. I know it is enough to sharpen kitchen knives but I don’t know if it will help me with a straight razor.

      By the way, do you offer your sharpening service to fellow Indonesians?

      1. Hi, Arief. The common whetstone is not fine enough for shaving. You can buy decent whetstone from chinese site. Or you can use sandpaper taped on glass. Buy various grits and practice with cheap knives first. I use sandpaper and leather strop. It wears a lot faster than whetstone so it’s more expensive in the long run. I can help you resharpen, but first I have to see the razor. If I can do it I’ll be glad to help you, if I can’t then you’ll have to find another guy. Because I don’t want to ruin your razor. You can contact me via email.

        1. Hi Steven,
          It will be wonderful to try to sharpen my own straights.
          I think I will buy a cheap razor first to use it as a practice razor. I don’t want to ruin my precious razors yet. LOL.
          I will contact you if I need a help with my razors. Thank you so much.

          1. Here are the list of materials if you want to sharpen it yourself :
            1. Sandpaper with various grits. I use 400 for setting the bevel. Then go to 600, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 5000. You can buy the higher grit sandpaper online, because common stores won’t have them.
            2. Oil (optional). You can use cheap mineral oil like Singer Oil (the ones for sewing machine). You can use this for sharpening (on the sandpaper) and for rust protection. You can even use vegetable oil. I prefer thinner mineral oil for sharpening.
            3. Dialux Red & Green. This is the stropping compound. Red is coarser than green, so use red first. But red is optional. You can buy the black one if you want to skip the 5000 grit sandpaper. The finest one is the white compound, but it is optional. Be careful of the fake ones.
            4. Thick leather for stropping. You can buy online or make it yourself. You can even use a piece of denim or thick canvas stretched over a piece of glass.
            5. Glass for taping the sandpaper on.
            6. 3M lapping film (optional). These are quite expensive, you can use these film if you don’t want to use stropping compound. Both work well for polishing the edges.

            These are the cheaper alternatives. You can buy stones but they are more expensive. Good luck.

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