Buy Cheap Razor Blades

Why You Have to Buy Razor Blades?

Ever since I started shaving, I always try to buy cheap razor blades. Why? Because money has always been tight to just spend on a disposable cartridge razor that you throw away after 2-3 times usage. Do you know how expensive Mach 3 razor blade refills? Or do you know that Gillette Goal  II was cheap but not that cheap? Gillette Goal II or Gillette Blue is an attempt to make the razor cheaper but the cost will not beat a safety razor.

Alright. I have to make clear on the terms that I am going to use for the rest of this article. I will use a cartridge refill, cart, and disposable for Mach 3 razor blade type. I will use a razor blade, safety razor blade, and DE blade for a double edged safety razor blade.gillette mach 3 razor blade

I have grown restless to see the price on Mach 3 razor blades that keep on rising. I was restless on why I should spend that kind of money and will throw away the cartridge after 3-4 uses. I searched the Internet for an alternative. I remembered that a safety razor blade is way cheaper than current Mach 3 razor blade refills. I found shaving forums. They gave information and advice for free. I was convinced and I turned myself to a traditional wet shaving.

They all recommended me to try a single blade, traditional, the old way, double edge safety razor shaving. The safety razor will need the cost-effective and efficient safety razor blade. A lot cheaper than any cartridge refills available. I have to buy cheap razor blades.

Why Buy Cheap Razor Blades?

You will save tons of money by buying cheap razor blades. All safety razor blades are cheap! YES, they are all cheap! I get a pack of 5 blades for Rp5,000. (With USD1=Rp13,200-the pack only cost me USD 0.38). Isn’t it very cheap?

By the time I write this article, the most expensive safety razor blade is Feather. It comes at $26 for 100 blades.  It costs only $0.26 for a blade. Now I am thinking that I am getting ripped off by my local grocery store.

A common price for Mach 3 razor blade refills (4 cartridges) is around $8.89. This makes a cartridge worth $2.22. With the usage approximately the same, buying a cheap razor blade will save you almost $2 per blade. If you are like me, a blade for a week, you will save over $100 each year.

What other reasons do you need?

They perform better than any cartridges. They are easier to clean. 100 blades can easily give you a 2 years supply. You save the environment by throwing away less plastic and less often.  And did I say it is cheaper? Come on. $26 for 2 years. Mach 3 razor blade definitely can’t beat that.

Different Brand of Razor Blades for Sale

My first razor blade that I use is Dorco ST-300 razor blade. I had no knowledge of how to properly do a traditional wet shaving. The blade gave me a horrible shaving experience. After several months using a single open comb Gillette razor and many other brands of blades, I revisited the Dorco razor blade again last night. It gave me a rather good shave. It still gave me a bit of razor burn, but I was impressed by the performance. It gave an audible feedback. A really loud one compares to other blades that I have used.

I love how Astra Superior Platinum razor blade performs. This is currently my go-to blade after a week of another brand that did poorly. One blade can last a week for me, with 4 shaves. Astra Superior Platinum blade gave a smooth shave for me. Maybe I can go with another shave with this blade, but I don’t like the feeling of tugging and dragging at the 5th shave. So I just threw the blade away and changed to a new one.

I have tried Super-Max Super Stainless. Somehow I am not loving this razor blade. Super-Max Super Stainless gave a decent shave. It tugged a bit. I felt the edge was rugged and harsh to my skin. It was confirmed by the aftershave. I felt a good feedback from my Body Shop Maca Root aftershave cream indicating a proper razor burn.
Shaving Gift Set

On my next to get list:

  • Feather. This brand got a superb rating from many shaving forums. They are sharp and give a very smooth shave. Mind you that there are people that found this razor blade a bit too sharp and they don’t like it. Even though I don’t understand the term “too sharp”. For me, it is sharp or not sharp. There is no such thing as too sharp.
  • Gillette 7 O’clock. This brand also got a superb rating. I wonder why this brand is not readily available at my local drug store. I really wonder and wonder.
  • Dorco ST-301. People say that this razor blade is better than his brother the Dorco ST-300. I have to try this as I am now able to enjoy Dorco ST-300. Before last night experience, I thought I will not hear the brand Dorco ever again.
  • Shark Super Chrome. This safety razor blade is really a bargain. The price is somewhat reasonable with the performance it gives.

Choose One of Cheap Razor Blades to Buy

Which one to get? Get all of them. Get a DE razor blade sampler pack. So you can choose which one to your liking. It is because your style of shaving, your razor, your soaps, your cream, etc may differ a lot from me. Your decision to buy cheap razor blades is going to be the best decision ever!

I might recommend some of the brands and love some of them. You may as well totally disagree with me. It is alright. Your shaving experience is yours alone. You have to get the best shaving experience.

There is no Holy Grail among these safety razor blades. You have to get a blade sampler. Choose the one that comfortable to your shaving style. You may want to try at least 5 different blade brands. Do not give up on your first try if it is bad. Save the rest of the pack and visit the brand again at a much later time. I did it with Dorco ST-300 and now I love this DE razor blade.

Start saving! Buy cheap razor blades only from now on!

How was your shaving experience with your current blade? What brand is it?


24 Replies to “Buy Cheap Razor Blades”

  1. Hi Arief,
    Thanks for this post. I always thought the expensive blades were the best ones. My Dad adored his shaving blades and never allowed us near them. Now my son is beginning to invest in expensive shaving blades. I’ll get him to read your post, I’m sure he will be convinced especially with the savings he is going to be making. Keep up the good work.

  2. Awesome post. I am always looking for cheap but quality razor blades but i find it hard trusting what most online shops have to offer. Now i will be purchasing one or two thanks for the link and the information sir!

  3. I remember a few years back wondering why it should cost almost 40 bucks for a big pack of razors because you get a shock when you pay for them with your groceries and your bill is HUGE ! lol.

  4. That’s good to know that cheap blades still perform well. Honestly, I’m always going for the Gilette ones, they’re awesome, but definitely not cheap. Could use your advice and start buying cheaper ones from know on.

  5. I think after reading your post it has made me change my mind on using automatic shavers since the one I have is breaking down and a good alternative would be to use the old manual razor. I will take a look at the “DORCO ST-300” you recommended with the “DE” blades. 🙂 Keep up the great reviews! I always look forward to reading a few before I make a decision.

  6. Hi and thanks for the article. You are preaching to the converted though as I’ve always used cheap razor blades for shaving my legs – I’ve never really saw the point in expensive ones or those specifically designed for women.


  7. very good advice and information on shaving and purchasing the cheaper razor blades, in the past I too spend more money then I could afford on those fancy expensive razors and blades, since I have been forced by a fixed income I have gone with the cheaper razor blades with very little complaints. I agree with you it is a waste of money spending on those fancy razor blades, when you can get a good shave with the least expensive blades.
    Great Job

  8. Hi Arief

    Oh wow, I never realized that safety razor blades were so cheap!
    I have been using Mach 3 cartridges for years now simply because they have given me the best shave. I have always been disappointed with women’s razors lol.

    I can’t remember the exact cost but for 3 cartridges it was usually just under R200 (R14.50 to 1 USD). So that is really expensive!

    Recently I bought a ladies electric shaver for R250. It is not a great shave but it is worthwhile for me money wise!

    Have you shared any information on electric razors yet?

    1. Hi Lynne.

      Safety razor blades’ price is the main reason that drove me to the traditional wet shaving. It is too crazy to stay with Mach 3.

      I have not touch electric razors, yet. I think I will be reviewing them at a much later time as I prefer people do a proper wet shaving for now. 😀

      Maybe you should check my safety razors for beginners. They are cheaper than electric razor but give better result. 😀

  9. You know your stuff about razors! I hadn’t heard of these safety blades before. Seems like they are more economical and can give you a better shave. I always see ads for Dollar Shave Club on Facebook. Have you heard of it? Do you think that is a good deal?

    1. DSC is still selling disposable multi blades razors with a subscription. The idea of subscription is nice. But I still prefer the single blade of a safety razor. Again, it will be cheaper.

  10. Hello Arief
    I have really enjoyed reading your post about cheap shaving razors.
    Im not the kind to splash out on razor blades as i prefer to use them max 2 times.why is that? well, older blunt razors do give me bumps and razor burns.
    Thanks so much for tips on where to buy cheap razor blades, i always thought i bought them cheap but reading your post, i now know i can buy them even cheaper.
    In the end though, I still believe in quality.will test different razors you mentioned and see where i can save some money.

    1. Of course, higher quality blades are more expensive than the low ones. But they will still be way cheaper than disposable cartridges.

      Buy the sampler pack to find which one suits you best.

  11. Very nice write up! Your thoughts on blades are right on. Expensive is not always best, and blade performance will seem to change as a shaver’s experience and skills increase.

    1. You are right, Bama. The blade performance will differ as a shaver’s experience and skills increase. I have found out several blades that I don’t like before and now they are bearable or even perform rather amazing.

  12. Hi Arief –
    I used to buy expensive razor blades as well and then had a reduction in income. I started buying what ever blades were on sale or the ones I had a coupon for. I then realized I did not notice the difference in the cheap razor blades and the more expensive ones.

    I started ordering my razor blades online from and have been really happy with them. I get 4 blades for $5.00 delivered to my house. Have you tried any of the mail order companies for buying cheap razor blades?

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