The Bunny Razor Project – Part Three

The Bunny Razor Project Continues

I know that I am a bit late on updating the Bunny Razor project. This is due too many great postings about the Bunny Razor on the shaving forums. I enjoyed all the shaving reports.

Yes. You read that right. There are shaving reports. Tom actually managed to send out some of his Bunny prototypes to some packs of hungry wolves.

Yes. You read that right, again. Some packs of hungry wolves. So far I have counted 5 packs. They were found on US West Coast, US East Coast, Canada, UK (Europe), and Australia. Sadly, Asia is too tame to handle the Bunny Razor.

I had some concerns for the lives of our beautifully designed Bunnies.  So had Tom.

The Bunny Razor version 3

As the time progressed, Tom redesigned his razor to its latest look. I really think this latest design was somewhat sexy and beautiful.The Bunny Razor

It is a one piece razor now. It comes with interchangeable combs. Curve lines were added to the head. The body was polished to give a shiny look. The handle looked a bit like a Schick Injector Type F. Well, it is because Type F was the inspiration for the Bunny.

Ready for battle

As you can see now the Bunny are multiplying. They were ready to be shipped out as the agents of change. To the face of the wolves. It is scary, but it is even scarier for Tom. As he put them in the traveling pods, he kept wondering to himself. Would they survive the battle? Would they come home in one piece?Bunnies parts

Their shiny armor would certainly be scarred. The battle would be vicious. Each one of them would face numerous opponents. Some are professionals while others are amateurs. The world of shaving would not be the same. Ever. Again.

The Bunny Razor Version 3

First Battle Reports

The battle cries were heard all over the world (sadly, again, not from Asia). Reports were coming in. The Bunny soldiers were able to stand their ground. One by one, angry wolves were turned to cute puppies.

Weaponized with three combs: Mild, Not So, and Wild, The Bunny Razor cut down all the unnecessary hairs from the wolves. Those puppies agreed that Schick blades were the best weapon combination for it. Other blades were not as convenient or effective as Schick blades. Find your Schick Injector Blades, 7-Count Boxes (Pack of 4).

Some Bunnies were found in trouble when they face much-bearded face. But they were told to change immediately to the Wild Comb. The battle continued with favor for the Bunny’s side. Yes, it was conclusive. They need to fight with Wild Comb against 30+ hours growth of Wolf’s hairs. Changed the comb mid-battle to Not So and Mild. Always finish the enemy with a Mild Comb.

Some areas that The Bunny found difficult to handle are the upper lip and just below the nose. They need to pay attention to those areas. Also, the smooth body armor causes a minor slippery issue for some of the puppies.

So far, as this report reaches you, all puppies agreed that they had the best shave with The Bunny.  Yes, there were hiccups while using The Bunny but it was nothing. Mostly they were angle issues rather than the design.

How to video

You can check how to give your razor a proper blade by watching this video below.

And this is the Bunny in training. Used by Tom’s father. This is his first time ever using an injector type razor. It is still a BV2.


Read the rules before you join. You have to be a real gentleman (or angry wolf). Because you really need to pass the bunny around to let her tame down much-needed-salvation angry wolves.

Or by my standard, you should join The Shave Den forum and post at least 50 comments in (including) your introductory thread and the original The Bunny Razor thread. People should recognize you and be confidence that you are going to give a fair review for this project.

You can check the battle reports and sign up for them here:

You need to read the first part of this project to understand why the project started. The second part is all about the final adjustments. Mind you, that this is not by all means a market-ready model.

The battle is still ongoing. There are five fronts to be handled and reports are coming in daily. Tom, the Chief Commander of The Bunny Razor, is monitoring each progress. He will take notes on things to be adjusted so the battle might be won. We need cute tame puppies rather than angry wolves.

I hope to see you on the Battleground. And if you are not confident about using a single edge, you can find your double edged safety razor for a beginner in here.

the bunny razor


7 Replies to “The Bunny Razor Project – Part Three”

  1. I couldn’t help but wonder if I am in a cartoon show where the bunnies are holding a shaver to fend off the big bad wolves. Those brave enough will feel the wrath of being turned into a puppy.

    Your article is very entertaining and yet also informative to this kind of men’s interest to the art of doing a good shave. The items you showed us looks fantastic and nostalgic. It feels more authentic as a man to shave the old fashion way rather than the new ones we have now a days. I use an electric shaver but I could never getthat very clean look.
    Anyhow, great and fun article.

    1. You should try to get a safety razor. It will be a life changing experience. I have abandoned my electric razor for quite some time now.

  2. That’s an awesome review. I’ve never really been much into tools and working too much with cars, like mechanic stuff, but it’s always good to learn because we’ll never know when we need these tools. Keep up the good work in these reviews and I wish you the best of luck in your future business endeavors!

    1. It is Tom’s baby. It is going around the world to receive reviews so Tom can fine tune it. So far, The Bunny Razor has received multiple excellent reviews. The people who tried it already asking for more time to review (use) it.

    1. Hi Malcolm,

      Sadly, this beautiful Bunny Razor is not in production yet. When it is available for sale, I will definitely post it here. Thank you for your interest. I will forward this to the maker of Bunny Razor.

  3. The Bunny V2 & V3 SE Razor by Tom White.
    Who would be interested in owning one at a reasonable price? If so speak up!!!

    BTW this is NOT a selling thread

    I am thinking of doing a Kickstarter to bring them to the general market at a reasonable price. I have an agreement with Tom himself and indeed I have his personal razors with me.

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