The Best Shaving Brush for You

What is The Best Shaving Brush?

BeShaved will try to find the best shaving brush for you. If you want to learn types of shaving brush, you can read about it here.

There are too many brands and types of shaving brush out there in the market. When I started to learn wet shaving, I thought a shaving brush was not a necessity. I was using canned shave gel all the time. You just push the button and the foamy gel came out. I applied it with my bare hand. That’s why I thought a shaving brush was not a necessity.

After I abandoned the modern (read: useless) shaving gel, I learned how to use a shaving brush. I also had to find a good shaving cream and learned to build a good, rich, creamy lather. A thin lather when applied but would not disappear during shaving session.

You can ruin the lather if you are not using a good shaving brush. A good brush will build an amazing lather. Of course, the lather comes from a good shaving cream or soap. You can find some of good shaving soaps here.

A Definition of The Best Shaving Brush

You should get the best shaving brush that suits you. There are too many variables regarding what is best for you. But here are some tips for you.

A good brush should have a good grip. This is the most important thing. You are working in a wet environment. Not only that, you are working with a slippery substance, too. A good soap or a shaving cream will give you a slick lather. That’s why you should have a good grip.

You also do not want the grip that is too long or too short. It should rest easily in your palm.

A good brush should have a good knot. The knot should be tight enough. You do not want your brush to shed while you are using it. You should expect a few shedding when you are breaking a new brush, though. The shedding should stop after a couple of uses.

The density of the knot also plays a good part. Some people love a thick brush while others think it will waste a good amount of shaving lather. Some people love a thick brush for face lathering while others prefer a thin brush for bowl lathering.

These two characteristics are enough to say that you have the best shaving brush.

Other Factors to Consider

To have the best shaving brush involves many other factors, too. The first thing you should consider is the price. There are tens of dollars shaving brushes and there are hundreds of dollars shaving brushes. I am always looking for functionality rather than a bed of roses.

But people also look for luxury items.

There are shaving brushes with a grip made of ivory. Of course, this is before ivory became a banned item.  Craftsmanship plays a major part in making a shaving grip a luxury item or not. People that collect shaving brush pay attention to the style imparted by the craftsman. Wood, metal, or resin is what people use to construct the grip nowadays.

The other factor you should consider is the hair of the brush.  There are boar hair, badger hair, horse hair, and synthetic hair.

Boar hair tends to have more backbones. It will give a good scratch. It will easily exfoliate dead skin cells. It will take a bit longer to break this kind of hair but when it breaks, you will definitely make this brush one of the best shaving brush.

Badger hair comes from a badger. There are pure badger, best badger, and silvertip hair. The name just an indication from what part of the badger that the hair originates. It is also an indication of the softness level with silvertip is the softest hair of all. Silvertip badger hair is the most expensive part of the badger.

Most badgers come from China as it is not considered an endangered animal there and they are also considered as pests.

Horse hair comes from a horse. People harvest it from the horse’s mane. It will not harm the horse. This is a good animal product that even an animal right defender can use. Horse hair lacks a bit of backbone. Not too suitable for face lathering because of it. Oh… the horse hair takes a bit longer to eliminate its odor than the other animal hair brushes.

Synthetic hair is definitely not from an animal. It tends to hold a little water. You should pay attention to this when you are lathering. Add drops of water accordingly. It is easier to clean and dry than any other type of shaving brush. Perfect for traveling partner.

Will this be the best shaving brush for you?

If you are looking for the best low price shaving brush, then you should choose Omega Shaving Brush PRO 48. This brush is also rebranded by Proraso. You should also check Escali Pure Badger Shaving Brush. It is #1 bestselling shaving brush at Amazon.

If you are looking for the best value for money shaving brush, then you should consider Ambroley Best Badger Shaving Brush or a Parker Pure Badger Shaving Brush.

The best synthetic shaving brush you can choose is Frank Shaving Pur-Tech , The Body Shop’s Shaving Brush or Parker Synthetic Brush.

If you want to travel, bring the best travel shaving brush in the form of Parker Pure Badger Travel Shave Brush.

The best luxury shaving brush you can find:

Have you chosen your own shaving brush from the list above?  If you are really new to wet shaving, I suggest you get the best low price shaving brush or a popular one like Vulfix. Later when you have already experienced the usefulness of a shaving brush, you can pursue the most luxurious one.

I hope you find this article helpful and if you do, please share this article with friends and families!


8 Replies to “The Best Shaving Brush for You”

  1. Hey Arief,
    Wow I have to admit, this is my first time hearing of a shaving brush and it looks pretty interesting. How does it work though?

    I’m currently using those shavers with blades but not sure how the brush works. Do you brush after you shave or before, or does it shave while it brushes. Quite curious, might just get myself one of these 😀

  2. I never even realised how many different kinds of shaving brush hairs there were. I really should know as I actually have some of these hairs on a site of ours producing scanning electron microscope images.
    My husband says there’s nothing like a wet shave but he has actually got a very good shaver which gives him a few days grace before he feels he has to have a ‘proper shave’.
    I’m wondering if you’re going to review some electric shavers in your future posts?
    I like your site, it’s very clear and easy to read and very unusual. I’m sure you will get many visitors looking for the best shaving equipment available.
    I’ve just noticed the article for the best shaving creams for women, I’ll have to have a look at that! Thanks. Ches

    1. Hi Ches,

      Wet shaving is the best experience so far. I was using an electric razor before I was sold out on traditional DE shaving.

      I think I will not touch another electric razor in the near future. Like your husband has experienced, traditional wet shaving gives the smoothest shave ever.

      Go ahead check my recommendation on shaving cream for women.

  3. Hi, Arief! I love the shaving brush tutorial. I have been having a lot of issues with shaving lately. I don’t have very thick or coarse beard, but due to not taking good care of my skin lately I have been having lots of acne on my chin and neck. Do you think using lather instead of shaving gel should help with this (associated with taking better care of my skin)? Also, I have heard that exfoliating before shaving helps with avoiding ingrown hair. Is this true in your experience or knowledge?

    1. Hi Daniel,

      A shaving gel doesn’t do a thing. It is just a glorified foam. You better switch immediately to shaving soaps or creams. They will give you a cushion against the blade, provide slickness, and have better skin nourishment features.

      My friends shared that they have less ingrown hairs when they approached the traditional wet shaving the right way. You should prepare your skin right. Use a hot towel to moisten and soften your hairs. Get a new blade. Get a proper lather. Shave away.

      Oh by the way, you should abandon your multi-blade razors. The main culprit usually is the razor. Get a proper DE safety razor .

  4. I’ve been looking for a really good shaving brush to gift my husband with for his birthday. Thankfully I found your page because I literally am clueless when it comes to finding men’s products, haha! You have some very great suggestions, based on what I’ve read on your sites I’ll be going with the Escali Pure Badger Shaving Brush. Thanks so much for your comprehensive blog entry!

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