Beard Balm VS Beard Oil

Beard Balm VS Beard Oil

There is a growing number of people that grow beards. We are going to discuss beard balms vs beard oils in this article. Beards need treatment like your hair. 


Why Beard?

Facial hair acceptance changes every now and then. We live in the era where people can wear facial hair in the working environment. I remember growing up that my father always had to shave his facial hair in the morning. His working place demanded him to have a clean shaven face.

Some women prefer men that have beards. Of course, not some wild growing beard. After all, women want their men to look at their best. Beards need to be maintained.

Some people think that men with a lot of facial hair have a higher level of testosterone. A higher level of testosterone will reflect a man’s fertility level. But that’s not true. All men have about the same level of testosterone in their bodies.

In the end, having a beard is a personal preference and choice.


What is a Beard Balm?

You can say beard balm is a pomade for the beard. It helps to :

  • Lock the moisture in your facial hair
  • Prevent and cure beardruff
  • Style your facial hair
  • Nourish and soften the facial hair

No more frizzy beard to say the least.


Beard Balm VS Beard Oil

A Beard Balm is different from a Beard Oil. The main function that is different is the styling feature. Beard Balm allows you to style your beard a bit. Beard Oil does not allow you to do that.

Beeswax is the key ingredient for that. Some brands will use Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter instead of Beeswax. This will give a rather different result. Beeswax will “hold” your beard longer than butter.

A Beard Oil is oil based (Duh!). It will not hold your beard but it has the best feature to detangle your beard. It is easier to apply than a Beard Balm, but maybe a little bit messier.


How to Use Beard Balms (or Beard Oils):

  1. Wash your face and your beard.
  2. Keep your beard moist, not dripping wet and not dry.
  3. Put some beard balms on your palm.
  4. Rub the balm between your palms.
  5. Apply the balm onto the beard. Pay attention that you start from the root (aka your skin).
  6. Use brush to help even out the balm and help to shape your beard


Which Best Beard Balms To Get?

Let’s review some of them:

  1. Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner. This Beard Balm is vegan friendly. It will help soften, condition, repair, dry splitting hairs, and nourish new growth. This balm is also a very good conditioner for your skin and will help stop the itching caused by new growth and wild rogue hairs.
  2. Smooth Viking Beard Balm. This beard balm mentions Shea Butter and Argan Oil as their main ingredients. It will help you style your beard with ease. They also claim that this product will encourage beard growth. Mind you facial-hairless people, this will not help you get a beard. It is a genetic thing.
  3. Liberty Premium Grooming Company. This company produces a conditioning beard balm. The beeswax and shea butter will help you to shape your beard. They will also encourage healthy growth. All natural ingredients were mixed together to produce this product in USA.
  4. Wild Willie’s Beard Butter. They claim they have the best formula for the beard balm. Their claim is backed by their 100% money back guarantee. This beard butter will promote a healthier beard growth. No more itch and unruly beard.
  5. Rocky Mountain Barber Company. This beard balm will give you the style and control you want without weighing down or leaving your beard feeling greasy or oily. Shape up and start your day right.


Still Not Sure About Beard Balm?

I just have to say “Try it”. It does not hurt to have a beautiful beard, does it? Itchiness and beardruff are the first things beard balm will help you with.

Regular use of beard balm will help you grow a healthy beard. It will also help to shape your beard. No more fuzzy hair. No matter the season, you will have a beautiful beard.

By the way, I really recommend regular trimming to maintain your beard. You can’t have a “weird” looking beard, can you?


Beard Balm VS Beard Oil Final Words

No matter what you choose between beard balm or beard oil, you need to keep your beard clean and healthy. Both of them are beneficial for your beard.

I may recommend you to bring a beard balm on your travel rather than a beard oil. Oil canister tends to leak its contain. Meanwhile, balm will have a rather firm and stable state. If beard balm “explodes” in your bag, it is easier to clean than beard oil. You just need to scoop it out and clean the remaining residue.


Will you use beard balms? Which beard balm that you choose?


6 Replies to “Beard Balm VS Beard Oil”

  1. I have toyed with the idea of growing a beard, just to see how it would look really. I get 5 days in to growing it and it seems that my beard stops growing!

    Does beard balm help for the hair to grow more quickly and more healthy?

    I have a permanent problem with hair on my head. That stopped growing completely a few years ago.

    Would beard balm help my head hair to grow back??:)

    1. I believe beard balms will help you grow a healthy beard. It will nourish your beard while it grows.

      Sadly, your head hair will not be helped by it. It is written in our genetics that if you have a beard, your hair may stop growing. Vice versa. People that can’t have beard, usually have a thick hair.

  2. I love beards! My husband has a beard and I prefer when it’s long. He doesn’t use any kind of oils or balms out of fear of breaking out. Would you have any recommendations on that? These look like great options. I didn’t know the difference between the balm and the oil, so I appreciate learning that. Maybe I can use this information to convince my husband to try a product. Great post, thank you.

  3. This is awesome!!

    My fiance shaved his beard a month or two ago. He had been growing it for nearly a year but got a job that required him to trim it way back, so he just went ahead and shaved it completely.

    Now, it has grown back a bit, it is in that awkward stage. Would you think the beard oil would help it to look more presentable, or is it geared more towards dudes with longer beards?

    1. Hi Heather,

      I think the beard balm or beard oil will help him to look more presentable. Just remind him to keep his beard well-groomed. A wild beard is like a wild bear. 😀

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