Are you a morning shaver or a night shaver?

A Moment To Choose

In this modern busy lifestyle, we always have to rush all over the place. But not for us, traditional wet shaver. We will make time for our beloved manly me time. We will choose between becoming a morning shaver or a night shaver. Scheduling our regular shaving time is important for us.

We do agree that shaving time is an essential part of a daily routine. We make excuses to shave. We will find time to shave. So, when do we shave?

When We Shave

  • Before a meeting
  • Before a date
  • When we bored with our beard
  • After acquiring a new razor/ blade/ brush/ soap/ cream/ aftershave/ bowl
  • Before going to work
  • After work
  • Before going to bed
  • ….. Whenever we can.

A Morning Shaver

A morning shaver is a person that prefers to shave in the morning. The main reason usually is to avoid early shadows. Shadow: the sign that your beard is returning. Some people called it the 5 o’clock shadow as the beard starts to show around 5 o’clock in the afternoon.morning shaver

The pros of a morning shaver:

  • You have a clean face for the whole day.
  • A beautiful relaxing routine to start your day.
  • Your aftershave can wake you up and energizes you.
  • A good cup of coffee is a good companion for shaving.
  • Your after shaving radiant beauty will shine throughout the day.

The cons of a morning shaver:

  • More chance for razor burns to be exposed to the elements.
  • You have to get up early for the routine.
  • You might be too sleepy to handle a sharp blade.
  • You may be rushed by others needing the bathroom.

A Night Shaver

A night shaver is a person that prefers to shave at night. It is a great moment for unwinding and finding peace after a hectic day. You can have the whole process of shaving undisturbed.

The pros of a night shaver:Night Shaver

  • You can unwind and have a Zen moment.
  • The skin has a better time to heal.
  • Aftershave usually has a good conditioner for the skin and it will hydrate the skin during sleep.
  • A good alcoholic beverage while shaving really adds to the unwinding moment.
  • Helps with insomnia. You have this thing to do now.

The cons of a night shaver:

  • You are already tired and have to handle a sharp blade.
  • Your significant other keeps calling you to come to bed.
  • You may have shadows in the morning.
  • Some say the press of the pillow will irritate the skin and causes ingrown hairs.

What About Me

I found myself tend to be a night shaver for the convenient of it. I love taking my time. It does give me a relaxing moment. I also found that aftershave balm indeed gives my skin good hydration for the whole night. My skin became smooth and nice in the morning.

I am also a bit of late starter. I tend to rush my shower in the morning and have no time for shaving. My SWMBO will scream at me if I use the bathroom any longer than I already have. 😀

I don’t shave every day because my whiskers tend to grow at a slower rate. So I shave every two days. I love the feeling of two days growth, too. It will give a good audible feedback when I shave.  The sound of a sharp blade cutting the whiskers… That’s a good meditative sound.

But when occasions come, I am a bit flexible. I can shave in the morning, afternoon, early evening, or at night. I just love shaving. It just depends on what time the occasions will be. I shave before I head out. So the people will see how glowing my clean shaven face is.

But this rarely happens. Who does say how clean shaven your face is? Unless it is your mother, no one else takes notice how BBS your face is. But if you have a week of untrimmed growth, people will take notice. They will ask you if you are growing a beard. That is just a polite question of why haven’t you shave.

The Main Reason

I have to state that the main reason I am a night shaver is to test all the possibilities of my shaving. This will take time.

What possibilities you may ask. Shaving is very YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary). I love to do LEGO with my settings. I have to choose which of my razors that I am going to use. I have several brands of blades. I will try Pre Shave Oils that I made. This will have its own combination ratio of ingredients.

I still only have one shave cream and one aftershave lotion. But I am in for the world PIF boxes. I will have my experiences enhance with these boxes.

PIF Boxes

What are these PIF boxes? These are boxes contain with hardware and software of shaving. These boxes will go around the world, from one person to another person. The rules may apply differently for each PIF, but these two boxes have very simple rules.

The rules are:

  • Acknowledge when you receive of the boxes.
  • Use the items. If you take one, give one.
  • Send the boxes to someone on the next list.

Those boxes are the courtesy of Badger and Blade shaving forum. They have good and kind people there. You may find yourself learning a lot there.

A Quick Poll Results

I did a quick poll at Badger and Blade about their preference time for shaving. I asked are you a morning shaver, a night shaver, both, or whenever they want. Here is a snapshot of the result.

a night shaver or a morning shaver

As you can see the poll is still ongoing by the time this post was written. It can be safely said that people prefer to shave in the morning. They give all their own reasons.

Some would say that it is better to go to work with a clean shaven face but other prefer to shave after work so they can have a clean face before going to bed. Others can shave in the morning and at night.

But all of them agreed on one thing. Shaving time is an important moment and a very relaxing one. They will choose an appropriate time to accommodate it. They do not want to be disturbed.

So, what are you? A night shaver? A morning shaver? Both? Or just anytime you when you feel it?



8 Replies to “Are you a morning shaver or a night shaver?”

  1. You probably will find most people morning shavers just because of work requirements. When I needed to shave regularly, it was in the morning for work requirements.

    Later on, when work had no bearing on whether I shaved or not, I now shave whenever I feel like it.
    It now depends on what and where I may be going that determines when and if I shave.

    For your pole count It use to be morning for work related.

    1. I agree that most people do morning shavings because of work related requirements.

      I am lucky enough to have a non strict regulation on appearance job.

  2. This post looks to be interesting. I never new there are night shavers as always new that men shave in the morning!
    However this is something new to learn and probably man’s preferences for shaving time may give a certain psychological characteristic about him.
    From my point of view morning shaving makes more sense as you are going fresh to work, however as I can see the tastes are different.
    Thank you for the post!

  3. Wow! I didn’t even know this type of razors still exists- this takes me back to the time I was just learning how not to cut myself 🙂
    As to the time- I prefer to shave at night, it just saves me a few minutes in the morning. Given the speed my hair grows it is quite acceptable.

    1. It does still exist. The performance is still way better than multi-blade razors.
      I think the growth speed of my hair is about 1.5 day, for the length to be ideal enough for shaving.

  4. I found your article to be rather interesting. My husband is in th military, so he has to shave every morning. He doesn’t use any kind of aftershave or balm or anything, but his face always ends up smooth, soft, and with no razor burn or ingrown hairs. But, I know that when he gets out of the military, he has absolutely no plans for shaving whatsoever, haha!

    1. Wow!

      Allison, your husband must be a god in shaving. This is the first time that I hear a man can safely shave his facial hair. 😀

      You should let your husband write a how to. A proper shave without irritation is a dream for all men (and women!).

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