Aftershave Vs Cologne

Aftershave Vs Cologne

Can I use regular cologne as aftershave?  Aftershave or cologne? I am just a bit confuse when I came to this battle: aftershave vs cologne.

Let’s find out what is cologne and what is the difference between an aftershave and a cologne.


Difference Between an Aftershave and a Cologne

What is a cologne? Eau de cologne, or EDC, has a much lower concentration of fragrance than Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette. EDC generally has a 2% to 4% percent concentration of fragrance and a high concentration of alcohol. The scent generally only lasts for up to two hours. EDC generally comes in bigger bottles and it is cheaper.

What is an aftershave? Usually, aftershave is a form of liquid that contains antiseptic agents such as witch hazel or alcohol. This is to prevent infection after shaving.

That is the difference between an aftershave and a cologne.


Why The Confusion Then?

It is because of an aftershave ingredients and a cologne ingredients do not differ that much. Some producers are having a product that called aftershave cologne. This product will make the confusion even worse.

You should check your aftershave and cologne ingredients. This will distinguish one another or you can use them alternately. 


What Does Aftershave Do?

Mainly is to care for your razor tormented skin. If you want to read the whole benefit of an aftershave, I have written a whole article just to cover this topic. You can read it here.


What Should I Choose?

I will still recommend you to get an aftershave. The product is designed to care for your skin. It is lightly scented with more protective and caring ingredients.

I have written an article some of the best classic aftershave. You can check the best classic aftershave here.

If you prefer a stronger smell that can last up to 2 hours and think that alcohol is enough to close all the pores, then you can choose cologne. Please put some unscented skin care after this. Alcohol tends to dry your skin out.

For me, the cologne smell is too strong to be used as an aftershave. You put it near your nose and the smell can last “forever”. It is good if the smell is of premium perfume, but usually, cologne has that “cheap” smell.

Don’t shoot me, though. I still use cologne but not for aftershave. Maybe I should try it as an aftershave once in awhile. After all, it is my and your own shaving experience.


Best Men Aftershave Cologne

While researching this topic, I also came across the hybrid. I think this hybrid that made me think that aftershave and cologne are the same.

Just like I said up there, aftershave has the skin care system that cologne has not. Since cologne has the same basic ingredients with an aftershave, the factory just add a little bit of skin care ingredients and transform it into an aftershave. Genius or tricky?

We are now offered aftershave cologne. So here I am listing some of the best aftershave cologne

Jovan Musk By Jovan For Men. Aftershave Cologne 8 Ounces 

This is one of the hybrids that has a good smell. It has been around for decades so you can’t go wrong with this choice. A real classic man smell. 


Aramis After Shave for Men, 8.1 Ounce 

It is a bit hard to find this Aramis aftershave with this size. It still has a glass bottle rather than a plastic bottle that 6.7 oz has. You will also love the price of it. Somehow it is way cheaper than the smaller size.

Royall Lyme By Royall Fragrances For Men. Aftershave Lotion Cologne 8 Ounces 

I love how the producer described this aftershave. It says “It is recommended for romantic wear”. Nothing beats it. 😀

A real man’s aroma that you can smell when you are inches from him, not from across the room.

Clubman Pinaud Special Reserve After Shave Cologne 

One of the classic brands that produces great grooming products. You just can’t get enough from Pinaud. This one has musk, smoky cinnamon, clove and cedar scent. A great scent for a gentleman.

Final Thoughts

No matter what aftershave that you use, either it is just an aftershave or it is an aftershave cologne, you need to care for your skin. Blades hurt your skin no matter how tender you use them.

Since the first thing that you notice from an aftershave or a cologne is the smell, find one that suits you. Do not go for an overwhelming scent. You want to attract people with it, not to drive them away.

Aftershave cologne may just be the one for you:

  • You do not want too many bottles on your bathroom closet
  • You have a small bathroom closet
  • You fancy the quick finish from the combo aftershave cologne
  • You love the smell and it agrees with your skin

What do you use? An aftershave or aftershave cologne? Share with me below.


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