Aftershave: For Men Maca Root Razor Relief – A Review

Product: The Body Shop For Men Maca Root Razor Relief – Aftershave

Price: $13.99 USD (100mL / 3.3 US Fl Oz)

My Rating: 8/10

I love this aftershave: The Body Shop For Men Maca Root Razor Relief. I got it with theThe Body Shop For Men Maca Root Razor Relief shaving cream and the shaving brush. A package deal that I couldn’t resist.

I rarely use an aftershave. Mostly because I always forgot to buy one. Secondly, because it stings my skin. Feels like a thousand hot needles just land on my face. No wonder Culkin was screaming in Home Alone. That’s why I always forget to buy one. We tend to forget bad experiences.

Back then I only knew one type of aftershave: Splash type. Splash type usually in liquid form and contains a lot of alcohol. Like the name of the type, you use this aftershave by splashing enough product to your skin. Your newly cut skin. Because of alcohol’s property that gives you antiseptic, you trust it to work by applying generously. And it stings.

Later I learned there are more types of aftershave and more brands. A journey ahead to try more aftershave.

The Experience

Our skins will be so exposed after shaving. It needs protection from a good aftershave. A good razor relief. The Body Shop For Men Maca Root Razor Relief is a great aftershave. The product comes in a tube. It opens easily.

It comes in the form of a lotion. It is a bit runny though. Maybe they design it like that so you can apply it to your face evenly in a matter of seconds. You should press the tube gently or the product will come out too much. You just need to squeeze a little bit to your palm. Apply gently to your face. Finish it with gentle tapping.

The smell of the product is nice. Not strong but nice. Just a hint of smell. I love it like that. I don’t like being overwhelmed by a perfume, either I am the one that is wearing it or other people wearing it.

I was so afraid that after applying the product I will give out another scream. The Body The Body Shop For Men Maca Root Razor ReliefShop For Men Maca Root Razor Relief is not like that. It gives you just tingly sensation. Hints of antiseptic property at work. It also gives a warm sensation.

It spreads easily onto your face and gives calming and soothing sensation after your razor burn. It feels a little bit greasy. I think it feels like that because of its moisturizer. But after that, your skin will feel smooth and toned.

It really does give a razor relief. A good and fast relief. This is what you need if you constantly experience razor burn.

For the Maca Root properties, like any other items in this product range, you can’t feel its effect. My wife just loves the smell of it but does not get affected by the aphrodisiac feature from Maca Root.

Product Description

Cool, calm and soothe his just-shaved skin with a lightweight, silky-smooth lotion that helps minimize any irritation caused by shaving.

Price and Size

$13.99 USD for 100mL / 3.3 US Fl Oz.

Who is This Product For?

Men. Definitely Men. I couldn’t think its warm and tingly sensation are suitable for women. The smell is also a bit masculine.

How Well Does It Work?

Works really well. A bit runny but it makes applying very easy and even. A bit sticky but moisturizes well.


  • Spread easily
  • Warm
  • Moisturizes well
  • Calm and Soothing
  • Fast relief
  • Maca Root
  • A hint of masculine smell


  • A bit greasy
  • Too runny for a lotion

My Rating

I give 8 out of 10.  Even if it is a bit greasy but it gives you protection from elements and a razor relief.

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6 Replies to “Aftershave: For Men Maca Root Razor Relief – A Review”

  1. Hi Arief
    This looks like what I am looking for to buy my husband 🙂 You said it doesn’t have a strong smell, but can you describe it for me?
    I love buying things for my hubby and the first thing I do is smell it! I love buying nice smelling things for him and it is because I just find it so attractive 🙂

  2. Hey Arief, I really like your website. I definitely learned a thing or two! I really needed an aftershave but couldn’t find one which would suit me! Now I have one!

  3. Do you know if this product contains any alcohol in it? I tend to stay away from aftershaves that contain alcohol. I have tried a lot of them in the past and they all sting for like 5 minutes afterwards.

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