About Me

Arief Wibowo here.

Hello! I am glad that you stumble Ariefinto BeShaved.com. I know you have some issues on shaving. I know I have tons of them. I hope you will find all you need to know about shaving here! And if you don’t find what you are looking for, tell me. I will try to find the answer for you.  I love this journey to find a better shaving experience.

I don’t have anyone to teach me how to shave when I was a teenager. All I learned, I learned it the hard way by doing all the wrongs. Wrong razors, wrong shaving cream, no brushes, wrong technique and all other wrongs.

The nicks, cuts, and burns all made my shaving time a nightmare. I will always postpone my shaving time to the point my wife had to tell me to shave. That’s how I despise shaving.

But one day I tried wet shaving using a shaving brush and a shaving cream. I shaved very smoothly. No cuts and nicks. I applied aftershave lotion. The whole shaving routine. I loved the experience and want to shave again and again. It is just a beginning.

I found myself in awe of my vast knowledge of nothing. So I made a decision to search for the best shaving experience. I will try all things related to shaving. Brushes, pre-shaves ritual, shaving cream, razors and blades, aftershaves; everything about shaving.

Come join me in this adventure!

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Arief Wibowo

ps: I learned to build this website from a great community at Wealthy Affiliate!  If you want to build a website, I will help you step by step.