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I am glad that you found your way to this Be Shaved website. This is the place where I will share everything I know about the best way of traditional wet shaving (or its modern counterpart but not in the near future, though).Be Shaved - how to clean vintage safety razors

My website is titled A Journey to a Better Shaving Experience. It is because I am on a journey to find a better shaving experience. I had troubles before. No one taught me or led me to the righteous path of true shaving rituals. I had to find it myself.

That’s why I am encouraged to share this journey with you.  I will tell you the story as I am progressing on each step. You may want to check my latest post at the menu above or click right here.

Find Your Gear at Be Shaved.

You will need to find yourself the appropriate gears. You can check them out in each category. I will add products that I searched, researched, and tried.

You will need the best gears possible if you want to have the best shave. It is because you will find shaving a beautiful chore to do every time. (I might already have developed an addiction to shaving).

I have categorized them. You can find them here:

What to Expect or Not at Be Shaved

See the difference of grain direction

I have not put the modern shaving equipment yet. People are keep asking me about the electric razors. I have to consider their inquiries but not now. I might indulge their hunger for a much later part of this journey.

During this journey, I also find some tips and trick that I put on the How To category. Also, I try to match gender preferences on this shaving findings. Although I keep insisting that shaving is not particular to a certain gender, people keep asking if this is suitable for men or women. So I have Man category and Woman category. They may overlap.

I hope you can find this journey of shaving can help you find the best shaving experience. I really do hope you can find your best safety razor or straight razor, your beautiful shaving brush, your matching shaving soap/ cream, your scent of aftershave, and most of all your own satisfaction in shaving.

If you want something to discuss or for me to try, please leave a comment below. I will try to get it as fast as I could and give you an honest review.

Please be mindful that what I share here is definitely my own personal opinion. Your journey and experience may differ a lot from me. What I don’t like may be what you love. I will give you details of why I love or hate a product.

You can also check vendors that provide good shaving products.


So now, let’s start our journey!


24 Replies to “Welcome to Be Shaved! Your Shaving Home!”

  1. First off, I love the picture of those old shavers. I remember I used to use one of those without a blade in to practice with when I was a kid. I used to think having to shave would be cool. These days I’m sick to death of having to shave, so whatever will make the process easier I’m all for. This is a great idea for a website. I will be reading your site with interest.

  2. I have read this page with a smile on my face and that doesn’t happen very often.It was probably sparked by the first image. 🙂 If you have time, glance at the poem “The Man from Ironbark” by A B Patterson and you will know what I mean.
    You certainly have been on the hunt for those old razors. I remember taking of chunks of chin with those old beauties when I was younger and always in a hurry. Nowadays, I use safety razors with about 6 blades and a place where I can insert a battery to work on the more sensitive areas around the mouth. Thankfully these days I am a lot more careful and do not leave too many scars.

    1. That’s a rather scary poem for me. I am about to try a straight razor shaving, you know. Sweeney Todd story has been lingering in my head over and over. And now this poem. I may have to watch another shaving videos to help me get the right images again. LOL.

      You are right that I have been hunting for these vintage razors. I come from a multi-blade cartridge razor but now I am fully content with a Double Edge single blade razor. I am not keen to try another Mach 3 or its peer for now. You should try the traditional wet shaving rather than the “modern” one. It will change your whole shaving experience, Stephen!

  3. It’s crazy how much people can grow to hate shaving and view it as a chore, while others quite enjoy the process and “fresh” feeling afterwards. It’s probably safe to say that the shaving cream, razors, and various other components of saving have a lot to do with the overall satisfaction of the individual.

    Out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on services that have started delivering grooming products right to your door on a monthly basis like Dollar Shave Club?

    1. Hi Matthew,

      I was one of them that hate shaving and viewed it as a chore. But not until I found traditional DE wet shaving. I was the victim of the “modern” shaving commercials.

      The shaving result from “modern” gears was horrible for me. That’s why I avoid any multiblade razors or any electric ones. Maybe later when I fully enjoyed my traditional wet shaving, I will venture again to the “modern” world. 😀

  4. Hi, Arief. Interesting article. I see shaving is a much different experience for men. Not that women don’t take it seriously, I just know many women who use simple ‘soap and water’ and a disposable razor. lol As we age we create our own rituals and traditions, like now you sharing your experiences may help someone else. 🙂

  5. Hello !
    Great information, nowadays every guy is into grooming tips and all that stuff, I think a lot of guys will benefit from your site
    I have been thinking about joining dollar shave club ….do you have any thoughts about their services?

    1. I have not tried Dollar Shave Club because I reside in Asia. I suspect that they will have trouble shipping any items to me. Mostly because of the high shipping fee for such small items.

  6. I have found with so little time having to shave and be ready for work seemed more of a chore than anything enjoyable.

    I do know that I find the older model wet shaving as you display in your Article work better than most of the newer throw aways.

    I would think if I found a better shaver it may not seem like such a chore anymore. I’ll try some of your advice and see about making shaving time better.

  7. Hi Arief,
    I’m myself only use with Gillette Mach 3 Razors, and I always get cut.
    You have a lot of insights of how to shave properly and I surely will use them.

  8. I don’t know how to leave comments on YouTube, so I allowed myself a response to your shaving cream make video here.

    I was amazed at the increase in volume as you manufactured the cream, I had no idea that much could be produced!
    And it has a wonderful, smooth look….

    Thanks for sharing that.

  9. Arief,

    What a great idea, for something so many men do on a near daily basis.
    I too as a child played with my dads stuff thinking how neat it will be when I have hair on my face.

    Careful what you wish for has never been more truly spoken.
    Wow, I don’t dislike the act of shaving as much as I dislike the perpetual grow, shave, grow, shave foreverness!

    I have always found with my coarse thick dark facial hair a sharp manual blade to be far superior to anything electric pulling each whisker out seemingly by the roots.
    Thanks again for this wonderful post Be Shaved,


    1. Hi Gary,

      Thank you for dropping by.

      Yes, be careful with what you wish for. When I started shaving, I found it like walking to the torture chamber. I had to do it but I didn’t want to do it. Until I found the right way to do the traditional wet shaving. Now, I can’t wait to shave again. It is addictive.

  10. Hi Arief,

    What a great website for men! In my years I’ve learned to avoid anything with a cord or batteries when it comes to my facial hair. Cheap blades have always taught me a swift lesson and I could never do without my Badger Hair brush. I’ve been glued to your website for a while now and I must say that I’ve enjoyed your article about your first handmade soap the most thus far. I think you should sell your stuff! It sounds pretty amazing. Keep up the great work and good luck!


    1. Hi Jim,

      Thank you so much for dropping by. I hope you will enjoy great shavings every time!

      BTW, I am currently registering my brand to the authority. I hope I can sell my products in the very near future.

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