5 Best Double Edged Safety Razors for Beginners

The Best Safety Razors You Can Find for Beginners

As a beginner in wet shaving, I have difficulties to find a recommendation for the best double edged safety razors for beginners. I have no idea where to search and where to buy and what to buy. Of course, because you are here, you have the same problem as me.

By the way, CONGRATULATIONS! You have made a great decision. Traditional wet shaving is the best way to go.

I will help you find your starter razor. You will need to find a mild razor in aggressiveness and a good but a very forgiving blade. What is aggressiveness and what is a forgiving blade? Let’s talk about them and later you can decide which ones are for you.


You have to learn the term of aggressiveness in a safety razor. Most people in wet shaving world will recommend you to get a safety razor for a beginner. They will tell you to find a mild aggressiveness razor.

To understand what a mild aggressiveness, I will have to explain the term aggressive first.

To consider a safety razor is aggressive, it must have:

  1. A rather wide blade gap. A wide gap will allow the blade to eat whiskers easily.
  2. A rather exposed blade. An expose blade will easily find targets to cut.
  3. A very close shave. The razor will cut your hair very close to the skin, giving you a very smooth shave.

Of course all of that just a common ground that people agreed on. There will be others explaining what an aggressive razor is really mean. It will be their versions. You might develop your own idea about the meaning of aggressiveness yourself.

For me, an aggressive razor is the one that could easily cut your hair and YOU. Yes, if you are not careful using it, you will bleed.

After giving you an understanding what an aggressive razor is, I have to agree with the seniors on shaving forums. You need a mild safety razor for a beginner.

Just don’t expect a BBS with a mild razor, though.

The Best Double Edged Safety Razors for Beginners

Without further ado, these safety razors are suitable for a beginner:

  1. Feather Popular. This safety razor is a TTO (Twist To Open) razor with a plastic handle. If you have a budget issue, this one will not drain your pocket out of money. A very good one to have for learning. This is also a super mild safety razor. (Remember, quality reflects in the price)

    Feather Popular
    Feather Popular

  2. Lord L6. This is a three pieces safety razor. The long handle will benefit people with bigger hands. It is a mild razor (not aggressive). And it is cheap! You may want to replace this razor with a better performance razor after you have accustomed to wet shaving. (Again, quality reflects in the price)
    Lord L6
    Lord L6

  3. Merkur 34C. This is a two pieces safety razor. The weight is a bit heavy but good enough to give enough pressure by itself while you are shaving. Because sometimes when you are using a lightweight razor, you may force pressure on your face. This will cause weepers. Merkur 34 C will be your best buddy. It will not disappoint you. You can read my full review on Merkur 34 C here.
    Merkur 34C
    Merkur 34 C

  4. Muhle R89. A good beginner razor. If you are serious enough about getting a good razor, then this is your razor. Still mild enough for a starter in wet shaving. You may also find it beautifully designed. Manufactured by one of the oldest names in the wet shaving world, you can be sure that Muhle R89 will fulfill your demand. Read my full review on Muhle R89 here.
    Muhle R89
    Muhle R89

  5. Merkur Progress. If you really want a progressing razor, the one that allows you to learn as a newbie and progress to an advanced shaver, then this is your razor. You start with a mild setting for learning. Then you can set it to a more aggressive setting to accommodate your newly gained skill. It is like having 6 razors in one. You can go wrong with this one.
    Merkur Progress
    Merkur Progress

For me, I like the Merkur Progress as it will help you to get a more aggressive shaving progressively. If you find it too harsh, dial it down to a milder setting.  If you need a closer shave, dial it up to a more aggressive setting. It is as easy as that.

Remember! Get one of these! Choose Merkur Progress if you want a long lasting razor. Even you can pass it to your child and grandchild. Why? Because You deserve the best!

There you have it. The best double edged safety razors for beginners. You should be able to get a nice shave with any of them. Learn from them. Every razor has its own unique approach.

I still want to try a Muhle R41. This is the most aggressive razor out there. People in Badger and Blade forum rated this savage razor 9.5 out of 10 on aggressiveness scale (10 is the most aggressive). It was downgraded from the scale of 10 – a Muhle R41 (2011 version).

Why do I want to try the most aggressive razor? Well, I found that I fond of a BBS shave. I couldn’t get it from a mild razor.

Blade Factor

After you have purchased your razor, you still need to find a good blade to accompany it. A good razor with a bad blade will ruin your shaving.

A good razor blade needs to be thin and sharp. It will not easily dull. You can shave with it 3-4 times at least. But for best performance, use it twice at most. After all, blades are cheap. Way cheaper than those multi blades cartridge razors, but still gives way better performance.

A mild razor with a good blade can give you a very clean shaven face.

I will also recommend you to get a sampler pack. A sampler pack will consist of several brands of blades. You will try them out and find one that suits you best. Mind you that everyone has their own preferences on blades. I prefer Astra Super Platinum because it gives a good feedback sound and a smooth shave.

Other people will recommend Feather, Wilkinson Sword, Derby, and many other brands of double edge razor blades. This is exactly why I prefer you to get a sampler pack. And also to find a forgiving blade for you. Some blades will easily cut you because of its sharpness. But mostly because you have not mastered DE wet shaving.

But do not ditch your stock right away. Maybe later in your journey, after you have better yourself in technique and skills, you may find your hated blade becomes your new favorite.

Now that you have one of the best double edged safety razors for beginners and some blades, please try and give me reports of how your shave went. Or give me your reasons why your razor is better than the ones on my list. Down there. In the comment section.


50 Replies to “5 Best Double Edged Safety Razors for Beginners”

  1. Hey Arief,
    I like the retro design of double edged razors. I have used the razor once but that was years ago, just out of curiosity. They belonged to my dad. Your post have aroused my excitement for such razors once again. Will buy one soon.


  2. Great post, thanks Arief.

    I’m not sure that this type of razor would be best for women? What’s your take.

    Oh and guess what? I bought myself a woman’s electric shaver and it works really nicely. Yes I have to admit that the shave is not nearly as smooth as with my Gilette razor… but I can shave at any time without bothering to bath.

    So now I shave my legs while watching tv… and I do it quite regularly. Maybe my hubby will stay with me?

    1. Actually, razor has no gender requirement to use it. Man or woman can all use the same razor. But for woman, I really recommend those mild razors above. It is because the hair on woman’s leg is way thinner than man’s. Mild razors will be able to do a nice job.

      I abandoned my electric razor since I found the enjoyment of wet shaving. I don’t think I can be enticed to use another electric razor. I find all the ritual of wet shaving is very relaxing. So.. yeah.. It’s good for you that you can use your electric razor while watching TV, but I think I’m sticking to wet shaving.

  3. Hi Arief, for years I have been using a disposable razor and realized I,m not getting the kind of shave like the ones you highlighted now, the old standard ones are the best so I,m trying it out for a change because my father for years still use the double-edged standard ones and still gets the best shave. ever, nothing like what is out there today

    1. You will not regret your decision on going the old way, Michael. There is really nothing can compare to the smoothest shave you will get with the “old” razor. Modern cartridge razors are scams.

  4. This is a great article. I was looking for a razor for my husband as he was talking about wet shaving and I didn’t know where to start

    As he is a beginner, this is perfect. I have no idea about what to buy or where to buy, so you have massively helped me out! Thanks!

    1. I certainly recommend you get the adjustable. It will help your husband to learn from a mild setting to a more comfortable one.

      For me, a mild razor is not too convenient as I always look for a BBS shave.

  5. As someone who has the coarsest facial hair I have ever seen, it’s hard to get a nice clean shave. I wish this site existed back when I was learning how to shave. It would have saved my neck! (Literally haha) Do you have any reviews on razors for experienced shavers with coarse hair like myself? Thank you!

  6. I may have little knowledge about razor blades but I would prefer the Merkur Progress one. Simply because it’s a progressing razor which allows people to learn, starting from the beginners stage when one is still a newbie and progressing to an advanced shaver. It is amazing how traditional ways always make a big comeback. I guess it’s due to the fact that more people are becoming aware of the advantages using basic ways of shaving.

    1. You are right. I was a bit late on knowing about Merkur Progress when I started DE shaving. An adjustable razor is what I should get for my first razor.

      Traditional wet shaving is definitely making a come back. People love a better shaving experience it gives.

  7. Hello there Arief,
    Apa khabar? I agree with you on the traditional wet shaving as the best way to shave. Its the gentleman way and electronic doesn’t work as good in my opinion.

    I have one electric shaver which costed hundreds but I never touched it as I’m very comfortable with wet shaving and its very clean too.

    I’m actually using a 4-razor blade though, never tried a double-bladed one before. Is it much better in your opinion. I’m very tempted to try.

    1. Hi Riaz,

      You should try traditional wet shaving. Abandon those multi blades razors. You will really thank me later. Go ahead and get one of the razors!

      I will recommend you to get a Merkur Progress This razor has settings that you can adjust.

  8. Hello, Arief, you’ve touched on a subject that is of high interest to me. I have been shaving for many years now (I am 70 years old). (-:
    I have never used a Straight Razor, but I remember observing my Grandfather shaving with one, it looks a little scary to me.
    Thank for the advice on how to buy a Straight Razor, maybe one day, I may try shaving with one. Currently, I am using a Safety Razor, I get a pretty good shave from a Mach3 Razor set. I will take a closer look at some of the Razors you’re promoting on this site. I have bookmarked your site for later reference. Nice work, Arief. Take care.

    1. Hi Prince,

      I am glad you found this information useful. You should try a double edge safety razor for now. I have abandoned my Mach 3 razor a long time ago. A DE razor provides a better shave with less irritation.

      By changing Mach 3 to a DE safety razor alone, I noticed a smoother shave and a better skin condition. Less irritation means my skin did not get scrap too much, hence the better skin condition.

  9. Hey there, it’s Alexey! I know that there are thousands of different razors, and you gathered only the top ones for us – Thank you for that.
    Your article was really good, I remember my first shaving experience, it was strange and exciting..When you don’t know how to hold the razor, how to go with it, is it ok, etc..
    Hah, good old times.

    1. Hi, Alexey.

      I don’t quite remember my first experience that clear. But I remember that I only saw my father shaved several times. I was left clueless and turned to commercials to learn how to shave. It leads me to believe that multi blade razors are the best. How wrong was I?

      I am glad that you found these razors are amongst your top ones, too. Hope you have great shaving experiences!

  10. Hi arief! I never knew razor can be this complicated, lol. I was looking razor for my husband. He’s a beginner I think coz he simply use small scissor to cut his not so thick mustache and beard. I like to buy him some electric razor, what do you think? I don’t know if his into wet shaving.

  11. Great review! This might be a silly question but how are these razors different from the disposable ones? Or are they different? Is this something a woman could use? I really haven’t thought much about wet shaving versus electric shaving but it makes a lot of sense that you would be a much closer and cleaner shave. Great info! Thanks!

    1. No. Not a silly question. Actually, it is a great question.

      People tend to forget that there was a time when people do not throw away the razor. They only change blades. Maybe my other post about cheaper blades might help you with that.

      I know really prefer using a DE safety razor. You just change the DE blade and it is way cheaper. Multiblade cartridge razors are way too expensive.

  12. HI Arief, You wrote a thoroughly educational article as a guide for the young man who just has started off the chore of shaving. I’m now in my late 50’s and remember so long ago when I first began shaving when I was around 14/15 years old – and then only perhaps a few times per week. My father taught me how to do it correctly so that I would not be constantly nicking/cutting my face.

    I personally was not aware, before reading your article of the particular types and brands of razors that you recommended for the beginning shaver.

    As for myself I have a subscription to Gillette’s Fushion shaving blade system (5 blades) which I receive 4 blades every 4 months. They are disposable each lasting a month in how I use them. They work fine for me but each person is different.

    Your article is very useful in presenting different razors for viewers to choose from, instead of only one type of razor and that could possible not be the preference for your readers.


    1. You might want to change from Fusion to one of these. Fusion cartridges are way too expensive while DE blades are so much cheaper. Check the reason here.

      And the reason is DE blades perform so much better than any multiblade cartridge razors.

  13. Hi there,

    some great information here. My nephew is just starting to shave so will send him this information. I have been using disposable shavers but they don’t really help keep the hairs off my legs long enough (don’t like waxing either). Which one would you recommend that would be easy to use for women?

    thanks again

    1. I will recommend you to get Muhle R89 or the Merkur Progress.

      Because they will do a really fine job. You will not be disappointed.

  14. Very interesting article on double edged safety razor, I have tried all types of razors myself to get a better and closer shave. Electric razors does not work well for me at all, the really do more burning my skin then giving me the quality shave I am looking for.

    I have only one question, how would I know how to choose the best double edge razor, does skin type have anything to do with choosing this type of razor? You provide many to choose from , which i appreciate and I like that very much but i am just not sure which one I should purchase which would be the best fit ?

    1. I will recommend you to get Merkur Progress. As you can start with the mildest setting which will accommodate all skin type. Then you can try to find your most comfortable setting and stick to it for your most comfortable shaving experience.

  15. I am one of those kind of shavers that use the disposable razors but in recent years have been thinking of switching to a razor to give me a closer shave. I remember my dad when he was alive always used a double edged razor. It always seemed like shaving was more enjoyable for him when using those kinds of razors. Thanks for this post, it gives me something to consider.

    1. It is more enjoyable using a double edged safety razor. Try it yourself. You will immediately be hooked by the better experience. The smoothness a double edged razor can give is no competition to a multiblade disposable razor.

  16. Hi Arief,
    What a great web post for anyone starting out shaving. You’ve certainly given all the information required here.
    I always wet shave, don’t like using electric shavers. You feel a lot better after after a wet shave.
    I like your article on the Merkur Progress, long lasting and you can use the dial to tone the settings up or down. Sounds like a great starter.
    Great review,

  17. I have always used those typical disposables and would always break out after shaving, I am not sure if it is because of the poor quality of razor or if it is just because I have super sensitive skin. Do you think any of these blades would be able to help me ? I honestly stopped shaving and just grew my beard out because I hate having to deal with the outbreaks every time I have to shave!

    1. Hi Kyle,

      You should avoid multi-blade razors if you have sensitive skin. Try one of those double edged safety razors. They use only one blade.

      Another factor is pressure. Do not use pressure while shaving. I did the mistake before I knew the traditional wet shaving.

      Let the weight of the razor be the only pressure on your skin. Sadly, every multi-blade cartridge is so light that you tend to use pressure while shaving.

  18. oh wow, you really get into the finer points of shaving. I never thought that shaving could be that in-depth. Just always though that the multi-blade gillettes and other brands are just for show and there’s nothing special with shaving. But your review changed my mind on how important the little details can be on a blade. Thanks for the post!

    1. Hi Wing,

      You can expect better results with a good safety razor. A multi-blade razor usually gives you razor burns. I really recommend you get one of these safety razors to enhance your shaving experience.

  19. Safety Razor, the name can be so deceiving. I remember the first time I used a safety razor. The cuts, how they burned.

    I moved from those disposable (and expensive) plastic piece of crap once I got used to using a safety razor.

    An immediate benefit of using a safety razor is you get a much closer and cleaner shave. If you have quite a bit of facial hair, you don’t have to keep washing it away.

    Compared to disposable razors, safety razors save money in the long run but require easier to maintain than straight razors. They are durable too, my dad has been using the same safety razors since the past 20 years.

    You accurately pointed out that with plastic razors you might apply pressure which may lead to cuts. I like your list of 5 best double edged safety razors. It has a decent mix of a budget as well as high performance and quality double edged safety razors.

    1. Hi Josh,

      The name safety razor because it is relatively safer than a straight razor. So it is actually a safety razor.

      You are right that a safety razor is better compared to a disposable one. Every man that shaves should have at least one proper safety razor.

      Can you share with us your shaving setup?

  20. For me manual razors are the best, i can never seem to dig the electric razors, i feel like i want more of a feel when shaving.
    I was in fact looking for a razor lately, you have provided some cracking reviews and I am genuinlely thinking of getting one, your website provides some great shaving tips and I will definitely be re visiting!

    1. Hi Matthew,

      I do have a longing for shaving. It is a wonder how shaving can be so addictive. Electric razors can’t fulfill that addiction. 😀

      I hope you find a good safety razor for you to use. A good investment that can outlast you.

  21. Thanks for a very interesting article. I had no idea that some razors were more “aggressive” or “mild” than other, I had just assumed they were all pretty much of a muchness to be honest.

    I certainly think the idea of using a starter pack to test out the different blades available. I know that some blades have a different cutting edge shape – but you’d probably need to look at them under a microscope to spot the difference. Trying the different blades for yourself is the best way to find out which is best for you.

    1. Hi Jim,

      There a lot of aspects should be considered when choosing a safety razor. One of them is the aggressiveness of the razor. I love to pick an aggressive razor. Why? Because it can cut a lot more closer than the mild ones. I love having a BBS skin after a shave.

      You are right about testing different blades. I am still rotating some samples. You can read about Rapira, Wilkinson Sword Classic, and SuperMax Platinum Double Edged Blades Review here.

  22. Hey Arief,
    I love Gilette but I switched to Schick razor blades since they have the quatro part for 4 blades. I feel that its much easier for me personally since my facial hair grows up fast and rough.

    Could I request you to do a page on 4 razor blade brands? Would be awesome to know what other blades are there to choose from.

    1. Hey Riaz,

      I think I’m going to do that in the near future.


      I am still reluctant. I came from a multiblade razor. I didn’t like the razor burns that I sustained from “multiple” shavings.

      I usually do a 3 passes shaving. If I use a 4 blade razor, it means I do 12x shavings. That’s just too much for my delicate skin. 😀

      That’s why I recommend DE safety razor as your daily razor. A single blade is enough to cut all your whiskers away.

  23. This post is exactly what I needed. I’ve been using the Gillette Mach 3 for quite some time, but find that it gets less and less effective the more I use it. I think the Merkur Solingen looks really great and can give me the aggressive shave that I’ve been looking for.

    There is no better feeling than getting a close shave and based on your description, I think the Merkur Solingen sounds like a great fit. The design is another huge standout factor as well and based on the fact that it’s like having 6 razors in one, makes this almost a must-buy for me!

    1. Hi Peter,

      You experienced what I have experienced. Even to the point that I was scared to shave with a multiblade razor. I think you choose the right one to start with. Merkur is one of the finest shaving brand out there. Just remember to dial the razor setting to your comfort. Too aggressive might hurt your skin. Too mild might not cut your whiskers close enough. 😀

  24. I really liked those who look like from the movies. But with wich one is easier to shave with an old looking or with new technology? Because while I am looking at them it looks like a tough task to get shaved with these ones.

    Now I am current using Gillet fusion.

    1. Hi Gedas,
      They all working just fine. Since you are using Gillette Fusion, I will recommend you to get either a Merkur 34C or a Muhle R89. You will have to remember to use no pressure at all. This is important. Fusion is so light that you need to apply pressure when you are shaving. That’s not the case with these safety razors.

  25. Bang Arief, di Indonesia ada toko yang menjual Safety Razor yang bagus kah? Sulit sekali kalau mau beli dari luar negeri. Terima kasih.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Di Indonesia tidak ada toko yang menjual safety razor yang bagus. Kalau lihat di Tokopedia, mereka tidak mempunyai safety razor yang bagus. Kebanyakan mereka menjual safety razor dari China, Pakistan atau India. Kualitasnya sangat tidak stabil. Kalau beruntung, kamu bisa mendapatkan safety razor bagus dengan harga murah.

      Sebaiknya membeli dari sesama pencukur. Mereka pasti mempunyai beberapa koleksi yang siap dilepas. (seperti saya) 😀

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