5 Best Classic Aftershaves Review

5 Best Classic Aftershaves – Pinaud Clubman – Aqua Velva Ice Blue – Skin Bracer – Old Spice – Musgo Real

When you want to buy best classic aftershaves, there are these five aftershaves that always come up from suggestions. Some people even have three of them. They use them according to the weather and the season.

Some people will love one scent while others hate it. A scent is something that truly yours. These classic aftershaves have that old man (or I say Classy Gentleman) smell.

I think people are wrong by saying that. It just means that these aftershaves have stood the test of time. They have been used by older generations up to this day. Talking about loyalty!  I remember how my father smelled. Yes, thanks to his aftershave. He never changed brand, too.

In no particular order, I will present you Best Classic Aftershaves:


Pinaud Clubman Aftershave Reviewpinaud-clubman-aftershave-review-be-shaved

This is one of the best-selling aftershaves in Amazon. I love to read the reviews for this aftershave. Some of the reviews said that this Pinaud Clubman is a women-magnet. Even better than the popular Axe effect.

The smell is light and herbal with a hint of floral. All the manly smell that you need. Be careful of over splashing yourself with this aftershave. The smell might be too overpowering. This is not a perfume.

This is also an alcohol based aftershave. It will give you the proper sting if you have razor burns. Remember, if it stings, you need to fix the way you shave. Alcohol should give you a chilling sensation rather a stingy one.

It’s a timeless aftershave that has a pleasant, “just left the barber shop” fragrance. It’s not overwhelming (it won’t suffocate people in an elevator like some designer colognes do) but does leave a gentle scent that is noticed…and always liked.

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Aqua Velva Ice Blue Aftershave Reviewaqua-velva-ice-blue-aftershave-review-be-shaved

It has been known as America’s first after shave. So many people love the smell of this classic aftershave. After all, it has been around since pre world war. No wonder people also consider this one of the old man’s smell and classic barbershops.

There is nothing like an AQUA VELVA MAN. This is a tagline that made it into the heart and mind of the young people of 1950’s.

A clean, fresh, manly fragrance that is not overwhelming and still gets lots of compliments from the ladies like, “that’s nice, what are you wearing”. A man doesn’t need a $50 bottle of a fancy product!

By the way, people complain about the plastic bottle that is being used now. They demanded the glass bottle to return. Don’t know if the producer will listen.

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Skin Bracer Aftershave Reviewskin-bracer-by-mennen-aftershave-review-be-shaved

Another historical product that stood the test of time. By Mennen is a tagline that is so simple and so strong, the modern owner can’t just phase it out. Yes, the Mennen family doesn’t own the brand anymore since 1992.

It has a refreshing scent that is not too strong. It feels great on the skin after a bath and a shave.
Not a single review on this product about attracting females. LOL.

It still a memorable product that brings back the memory of your father’s and grandfather’s good old days.

And, yes, like Aqua Velva, people scream to have the glass back to this product container. A plastic container just won’t do.

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Old Spice Classic Scent Aftershave Reviewold-spice-classic-aftershave-review-be-shaved

This aftershave has raised a lot of controversies. After Proctor and Gamble bought the company, they decided to change the formula to suit their plastic bottle.

Older generations scream that the scent change but the younger generations say it still brings back the memory of their father’s time.

But it is still a good aftershave. It has a “warm” feeling while Aqua Velva gives you the cool effect. A lot of people still support and buy this product. They do not care about the changed formula. Mostly because they do not have access to the original formula anyway.

If you are the “new” crowd, you will love this aftershave without any prejudice.

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Musgo Real Classic Scent Aftershave Reviewmusgo-real-classic-scent-aftershave-review-be-shaved

An iconic product from Portugal since 1930s. This unique scented aftershave is something that you should have. There are no other aftershaves that come close. Musgo Real aftershave is the one that you should use during spring time weather.

Its glycerin level makes a good topic for debate. Some people love the smoothness it gives while others feel it makes your face a bit sticky.

Its history as a soap and perfume factory is definitely infused in this aftershave. Its scent can linger subtly for hours, outlives any other aftershave scents.

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What is Your Choice?

I know that some people have all of five aftershaves. They just love the classic scent from the barbershop. Some might even say that these scents are the Gentleman scents. You just can’t go wrong with these classic aftershaves. 

Do you know the benefit of an aftershave? Which one that you have? Why do you love the classic scent?


13 Replies to “5 Best Classic Aftershaves Review”

  1. It’s actually quite interesting to read about aftershavers. I’ve never used nor heard of one before, maybe because it’s not common in this part of Asia.

    After reading this article I might just purchase one and give it a try!

  2. I’m an old timer and the one after shave I remember using from your list is Old Spice. That was many moons ago! Today, I don’t use after shave. Instead I use cologne–Polo. I like the original Polo that comes in a green bottle. I’ve tried some of their other scents but I always come back to Polo in the green spray bottle. My son-in-law uses Polo Sport. That also smells very well! I can conclude that Polo is a great product!
    Thank you,
    Edward Mijarez

    1. Hi Mijareze,

      Cologne is a bit too strong in scent department to be used as an aftershave since you apply it around your nose. But that’s my point of view.

      Shaving is totally a personal experience. You have to choose your own style.

  3. Are there any aftershaves that are sensitive to the skin? I have tried aqua velva and old spice. Unfortunately both of them irritated my skin. I found its a good idea to wait at least 10-15 minutes for your pores to close up before applying. However, I still get a nasty burn and have been turned off by after shaves. Have any pointers for me?

    1. I think aftershaves are fine. They tend to burn because of the alcohol is working to clean your “open wound”.

      So I suspect that your shaving technique needs adjustments. Can you explain how you do your shave?

      What kind of razor that you use? Do you use a shaving soap?

      There are a lot of factors that make shaving enjoyable or a nightmare.

  4. Some classic fragrances here, a blast from the past if you will. As you said in your review, no real need for a fancy cent costing $50 when you can go for an original like Old Spice.

    I live in a hot country, do you know if the smell of aftershave is affected by heat, or cold for that matter?

    1. I think an alcohol based product will definitely be affected by the weather. Hotter climate will make alcohol evaporate faster than in the colder one. But it will not differ that much.

      If you are asking about how long the scent will last, it will depend on how much perfume does the aftershave have.

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  6. None of these reviews includes a single word describing the scent. “Brings back memories” or “refreshing scent” means absolutely nothing.

    1. I agree with your point of view. A scent is actually very subjective. Yes.. I might say this has a scent of jasmine or something but I wouldn’t do that for now. Because it actually brings back memories.

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